Publication de l equipe EDP et Analyse Numerique
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Publication de l'equipe EDP et Analyse Numerique

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24 pages
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Publication de l'equipe EDP et Analyse-Numerique 2006 a 2009

  • equations

  • shape gra

  • statistical mechanics

  • features using shape

  • analyse numerique

  • contour segmentation

  • methode galerkin discontinu pour la resolution numerique des equations de maxwell

  • nonlinear hyperbolic

  • image processing



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Nombre de lectures 27
Langue English


Publicationdele´quipe EDPetAnalyse-Num´erique 2006a`2009
Ann´ee2006 E.d.p.etAnalysenum´erique,ACL2006: 1. G. Aubert, M. Barlaud, E. Debreuve, T. Roy, Segmentation of a vector field : Dominant parameter and shape optimization, Journal of Mathema-ˆ tical Imaging and Vision, Vol 24, NA˚2, mars 2006. 2. G. Aubert, M. Barlaud, S. Duffner, A. Herbulot, S. Jehan-Besson, Segmen-tation of vectorial image features using shape gradients and information measures, Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Vol 25, Issue 3, October 2006. 3.G.Aubert,L.BlancF´eraud,RiccardoMarch,Anapproximationofthe Mumford-Shah energy by a family of discrete edge-preserving functionals, Nonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods and Applications, Vol 64, Issue 9, May 2006. 4. O. Rivoire, J. Barre. Exactly Solvable Models of Adaptive Networks.Phy-´ sical Review Letters, 97(14) :148701–+, October 2006. 5.J.Barre´,A.R.Bishop,T.Lookman,A.Saxena.Oscillatingelasticdefects: Competition and frustration.Phys. Rev. B, 74(2) :024104, Jul 2006. 6.G.L.Celardo,J.Barr´e,F.Borgonovi,S.Ruo.Timescaleformagne-tic reversal and the topological nonconnectivity threshold.Phys. Rev. E, 73(1) :011108, 2006. 7. J. Blum, G. Dobranszky, R. Eymard, R. Masson, Identification of a strati-graphic model with seismic constrainstsInverse Problems22, 2006, 1207-1225 8. V. Dolean, F. Nataf, “A new domain decomposition method for the com-pressibleEulerequations,ESAIM-M2AN(Mod´elisationMath´ematiqueet AnalyseNume´rique),vol.40,No.4,pp689-703,2006. 9. P.E. Jabin, J. Soler. A kinetic description of particle fragmentation.Math. Models Methods Appl. Sci., 16(6) :933–948, 2006. 10. L. Jaafar-Belaid, M. Jaoua , M. Masmoudi, L. Siala Image restoration and edge detection by topological asymptotic expansion,C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Ser. I, 342 (2006), 313 - 317 11. S. Junca, C. Bourdarias, M.Gisclon Some mathematical results on a system of transport equations with an algebraic constraint describing fixed-bed adsorption of gases.J. Math. Anal. Appl., 313(2) :551–571, 2006. 12. N. Sadowski, A. Razek, L. Santandrea, F. Bouillault, O.J. Antunes, J.P.A. Bas-tos, F. Rapetti. Torque calculation with conforming and non-conforming movement interface.IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 42(4) :983–986, April2006.Present´eparO.Antunes`aCOMPUMAG2005,Shenyangen CHINE.
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