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My work experience : a wrangler  This is a présentation of the job of a wrangler 



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Publié le 28 mai 2013
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My work experience : a wrangler
This is a présentation of the job of a wrangler
In my presentation I intend to cover 3 points :
st 1point : this job consist in
nd 2point : the studies
3 point : the salary ,and my opinion
1. Thisjob consists in cleaning boxes and stalls . Taking out horses in the carousel and the fields . Giving hay at 4 p.m , it’s works of 9 hours to 12 without stopping in boxes ; afternoon is cleaned the stalls . 2. Youwill need 3 years of study , pass a test to get the CAPA ( Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle Agricole ) 3. Abeginner will earn the minimum wage : 1425 euros . I have chosen this job because later I would like to do a job related with animals , I especially want to practice a profession related with horses . This job appeals to me because I like to be in contact with horses and people . To do this job you need a lot of physical qualities ( to have strong arms) and to be very patient too . To practice this job you need to be independent and have basic knowledge about horses .
 MoineauCamille 3ème .