rapport de stage linguistique

rapport de stage linguistique


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rapport de stage concernant un stage d'immersion linguistique en anglais. le stage a été effectué au British Council pendant 6 semaines.



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Publié le 02 mars 2012
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H.E.M The Graduate School of Business
Internship report Linguistic Immersion English
Done by:  Benkaddour Mouna                  Supervised by:  Ali Elquammah
Internship venue:  British School
Tutored by:   M. Robert Morris
Academic Year: 2008-2009
First of all, I thought that it was necessary to start my report by thank ing HEM and all the people who participated directly or not  -especially the DRPE -for giving us the chance to live this great experience through their support during all the training period.
I also want to thank the British Council for their hospitality and the way they treated us during this period and specially Mr. Robert the director who have done all they can to satisfy our needs and to assure our security.
I want to give a special thanks to Mrs. Eileen Murphy and Mr. Robert V. Morris for their availability and for all they taught us during those six weeks.
Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Ali ELQUAMMAH who supervised me in HEM during the elaboration of this report.
Introduction: Why did I choose British Council? Explaining my choice.
 Chapter one: SWOT of the English Center (British Council).
 Chapter two: SWOT of the English course in HEM .
 Chapter three: Comparative analysis between internship-centres and HEM
 Chapter four: The before and after analysis (English level)
 Chapter five: Companies visits
Each year, HEM offers to its 2 nd years students the possibility to approach the world of work by doing a training period which helps them to complete what they have learned during their courses and to be well prepared for the future by collecting as much as possible of information to complete the building of their personality of future manager.
The main objectives of this training period are to allow the students to consolidate and improve their level in English by a total immersion in this language and also to form open minded managers offering them the possibility to learn how to communicate by using the most spoken language in the world. To achieve it, the students had the choice between many destinations: ~ The British Council ~ Calliope ~ The English Language Academy in Malta ~ The Thames Valley University In England
For my part I choose “The British Council” for one reason:  
Well, at first, I choose to go to Malta because my best friends choose this destination but unfortunately, I came a little bit late so I didn’t find any free place. In another hand, I didn’t choose England because I was there before so finally I prefer to stay in morocco and I opted for the best English center here in Casablanca and of course it was British council. That’s the real reason why I choose BC.
Chapter I:  SWOT of the English language center
The British Council is one of the non-ministerial Departments of the United Kingdom Government which specializes in educational and development opportunities. It is a non-departmental public body; a public corporation incorporated by royal charter, and is registered as a charity in England. Founded in 1934, one of its patrons is Queen Elizabeth II and its Chair is Lord Kinnock, the former leader of the UK Labour Party. Its 'sponsoring department' is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, although it has day-to-day operational independence. Martin Davidson is its Chief Executive.
Organization and progress of the courses: ·  Business English, writing an  d reading with Mr. Robert Moris :  
During this course, Mr. Robert tried to teach us some new business words using the support book that the British council gave us at the beginning of the training period. We studied a lot of cases and we had oral examinations and writings about the cases that we studied with him. We had course with Mr. Robert from Monday to Friday in the morning. The duration of each course was about three hours.
·  Presentation skills and report writing wit  h Mrs. Eileen  :
The aim of this course was to teach us how to write a report and also how to do a good presentations because at the end of our training period we were invited to do a presentation about a project that we have chosen.
We had courses with Mrs. Eileen on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday.
The duration of each course was about two hours.
Our shelters: 9 - 11 - 12’30 12’30 – 13 13 - 15 10’30 Monday Business Business English English Tuesday Business Business English English Wednesday Business Business
English English Thursday Business Business English English Friday Business Business
English English
Lunch Lunch Lunch
Lunch Lunch
Report Writing Report Writing Company
Visit Report Writing
16 - 17
Like everything in this world, British council has one or two weaknesses the most important one was the fact that we can eat there we have to go to eat out and is not useful at lunchtime especially we have just 30min for that. Secondly, our teachers weren’t young: Robert was cool and open minded but Eileen was a little bit strict.
To be more competitive, British council should improve on the followings domain:
· To think about a more joyful administrative staff. · To hire young teachers it will be very interessant especially for your groups. · To diversify they courses and make it more pleasant and attractive because some times books are annoying and to introduce new as courses to develop our general culture.
As you know it certainly, the competition become rough between the language centers here to Morocco. Each one tries to differentiate itself to become in an advance statue in comparison with the others and the leader in the domain. As for me I can say that in the matter of the British council well left. We can say now its principal competitors are for the moment The Amercian institute and Amideast and I don’t think that calliope can be a reel competitor that can face it. Therefore to continue his ascension it has always to aim the better everything better.
My Marks Detailed results Marks ( /5)
Contribution to class
Chapter II:  SWOT of the English courses in HEM
Nowadays, HEM knows very well that English became the more important language and the most spoken one everywhere in the world. That reason why, it tries to consolidate their English program and offers to their students the possibility to do training in English at the time of their second year of study.
In the second year as in the first one, the direction of study makes sure to separate the oral English and the written one. This initiative allows to the teachers to concentrate efficiently on certain domain.
Concerning the oral English, we have two séances on a week with Mr Lahlou and we use to speak about a lots of interesting subject which in a close relation with the business world and also about the actuality … the purpose of this course is to develop our vocabulary, but more important, our communication and our way of pronunciation and speaking in general. In the written English, we have just one séance a week with Mr Abboussawira and we use it to improve our grammar and our way of writing.
Unfortunately the classrooms are not homogenous, and that’s causes some difference of understanding between students and makes teachers unable to satisfy each student so we have to create different group with different level by this way everybody can improve efficiently.
HEM has to improve it system to be more competitive. This consists of:
· Dividing classrooms by level · Doing some tasks in English: psychology or accountancy. · Make student more interested by the English courses: watching movies, listen to music, make company’s visit ...
We all know that HEM is one of the famous and well known business schools here in Morocco, and we find that there is a lot of young people who want to do business in the future specially with the first economical country in the world: USA. So HEM has to attract all this persons in order to don’t go to join other schools which are continually improving their system, but why?
HEM has to create some interessant conventions with schools in Uk or USA and also with multinational companies which is very attractive and interesting for its students.
Chapter III:  SWOT of the English language center
-What are the good practices in the language centers that we can be beneficial here in HEM?
If British Council is considered as one of the most famous language school here in Morocco is due to their serious and good work’s organization.
HEM should adapt some new method to it study system: first, to proceed to a first test of English levels to divide us to homogenous classrooms. That could be benefit for the students and also for the teachers.
Secondly, HEM should improve their way of treating its students, I think that they should be more closes to them and to considerate them as adult not as children who must be survived all the time.
And finally, to try to organize some events for its students as companies visits to give us the chance to assist to English conferences …
What are the good practices we have in HEM that we can suggest to the language centers for our future collaboration? In general HEM has a good level in English which is due to some techniques used it there as:
· Make the difference between oral English and written English. · Doing a continual evaluation of student. · Make student doing some presentations using new technologies.
If we do two small tables of each one of the two schools we will have something like that:
Comparative evaluations HEM & British Council