List of videos to train
1-Trash of a human lifetime A2/B1’59
2-Ecological footprint in plain English B2/B2+ 3’04
3-What is the Kyoto protocol ? B1’15
4-Climate challenge B1+’02
5-What is climate change ? B2/B2+ 2’06
6-Liana Werner-Gray- Best environmental speech at Miss Earth Australia 2009 A2/B1 2’25
7-President Obama addresses the nation on the BP oil spill B1/B2 (length)’05
8-Canada post-Copenhagen B1/B2’33
9-Obama’s intervention on the Copenhagen accords B1’10
10-Environmental tips: how to go green. B1+’16
11-Ecoman!! Global warming for kids A2’48
12-Polar bears discussing global warming B1’31
13-Seven big ideas. Meet the Greens B1/B2’42
14-Tell me why-environment and ecosystems A2/B1’15