Cell Phone Usage at Gas Stations
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Cell Phone Usage at Gas Stations


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7 pages
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  • redaction
Failure Analysis Associates Cell Phone Usage At Gasoline Stations
  • gasoline vapors
  • ignition
  • use of cell phones at gasoline service stations
  • simultaneous failure of electric equipment
  • gasoline vapor
  • cell phone
  • mixture
  • fuel
  • air



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“Here comes summer Here comes summer Chirping Robins, budding roses Here comes summer Here comes summer Gentle showers, summer clothes Here comes summer Here comes summer Whoosh shiver thereit goes
ENGLISHTHE TASK:Read the supplementary book ‘SWAMI AND FRIENDS’ thoroughly for the Supplementary Test to be taken held the vacation.(5 marks) OBJECTIVES: 1. To enable the students to develop a taste for reading.  2.To enable the students to enrich their vocabulary. 3. To familiarize the students with the Indian ethos. 2.To enable the students to analyze the text, the style of writing, and also to develop an understanding of the characters. SUGGESTED READING FOR THE VACATION 1.The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 2.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 3.The Adventures of Rusty
FRENCH Q.1 Readthe passage carefully and answer the following questions:  Jem’appelle Dupont. J’habiteà Lyon.J ‘ai 19 ans. Je suis etudiant.Il y a quatre membres dans la famille.Mon père, ma mère, ma soeur, et moi. J’aime écouter de la musique, regarder la télé.J’ai deux amis . Q.1 Ils’ appelle comment? Q.2 ILhabite où? Page2of7
Q.3 Quelâge atil? Q.4. Quelleest sa profession? Q.5 Combiende membres dans la famille? Q.6 Qu’estcequ’ilaime? Q.7 Combiend’amis atil? Q.2 Makea table of adjectivepossessif and makea sentence with each (mon, ton, ta, tes  ).  Eg.Ma – J’ aime mavoiture  Leur Ilsaiment leurmaison Q.3. Pastea map of France and locate all the neighbouring countries and oceans (Refer to the Map in book of Class7) Q.4 Writethe conjugaisons être, avoir, manger, aimer, regarder. Q.5. Dothe exercises of get ready elementary book (exercises done in previous class). GERMAN Question 1Schreiben Sie die plural formen. (1)Auge (2)Hand (3)Ohr (4)Bein (5)Fuss Question 2Bilden sie ‘Imperativ’ mit ‘du’ und ‘ihr’ (1)Nehmen sie den platz! (2)Machen sie die Hausaufgabe. (3)Essen sie obst! (4)Seien sie geduldig! (5)Warten sie auf mich! Question 3Antworten sie mit personalpronomen. (1)Gehört das Auto dem Direktor? Ja, das Auto gehört _____________________________ (2)Hilfst du deinen Freunden? Ja, ich helfe _____________________________ (3)Gehts deiner Mutti gut? Ja, __________________geht es gut. (4)Gehört dieses Handy deinem Bruder? Ja, das Handy gehört _____________________________  (5)Wie geht es _________________________, kinder? Page3of7
MATHEMATICS Q.1. Answerthe following: a)Find a Pythagorean triplet one of whose member is i)156 ii) Also construct the right angled triangles corresponding to the above triplets. Find theperimeterandareaof these triangles. b)Solve the following using distributive property : 13 12 13 11i)    8 5 8 5622 266 6 16ii)  + 55 9 55 9 55 921 1 8 3 2iii)     5 7 4 5 6 5Page5of7
2 6 7 7 4 iv)      710 2 2 5  Q.2. MATHMAZE The following box contains some perfect squares and perfect cubes 9614317 108993025 0.000324 1521 169 ENTER  911256859 2016.019.26115625 216 27000  10000474552 0.003969250.047 1806.25 10609 117 1728729000529 12100 343 841 1024 38.4443681 7174090.0441 201601 Now try and find your way out of the maze passing only through perfect cubes! (Show the path by coloring the boxes with any color) SCIENCE I.Make a project on the topic “Plastics – Boon or Bane”.  Itshould cover the following heads: a)Plasticsa product of polymerization. b)Properties of plastics. c)Types of plastics. d)Advantages e)Disadvantages f)Plastic pollution The last page of the project file should have a suitable poster on “ Say no to plastics” & a slogan. The project should be made on A4 size pastel sheets ( 1215 sheets). Computer generated printouts will not be accepted; only pictures can be taken. Project should be written neatly by hand. II.Collect science related news & paste them in the project file. COMPUTER SCIENCE Page6of7
I Draw a form to book airline tickets for your family from Delhi toMalaysia using appropriate Visual Basic controls from the toolbox and label each control on an A4 size colored sheet.Add fields like:1.Total number of passengers. 2.Name of passengers. 3.Age of passengers. 4.Gender of passengers. 5.Destination. 6.Departure and arrival date and time. Note: Use a colored A4 sheet and paste in the computer notebook. SOCIAL SCIENCE Design stamp on world peace for the following countries: 1)Class 8Aand B (ONE STAMP ON EACH COUNTRY)India and Srilanka 2)(ONE STAMP ON EACH COUNTRY) India and U KClass 8C and D 3)(ONE STAMP ON EACH COUNTRY)India and USAClass 8E and F 4)(ONE STAMP ON EACH COUNTRY)India and ChinaClass 8G and H The stamp should have the following 1)Size of stamp 5inches x 5inches. 2)Colorful illustration to depict the world peace. 3)Handmade design and no pasting of print out. 4)Write creatively on the stamp design. 5)Related with the country. *****************************************************************************
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