Do More Economic Development Incentives Result in More Jobs?

Do More Economic Development Incentives Result in More Jobs?


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Do More Economic Development Incentives Result in More Jobs? An examination of the influence of the economic development incentives environment on county jobs in the US 1970-2000 By Carlianne Patrick1 1The Ohio State University Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics 2120 Fyfe Road Agricultural Administration Building Room 103 Columbus, OH 43210 Phone: 001+ (770)328-1960 October 2011 Draft
  • low probability that employment expectations
  • growth effects
  • economic development incentives
  • tax incentives
  • incentives
  • jobs
  • effect
  • results
  • programs



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Celebrating the
2011 New Orleans
Service Trip


In March 2011, eleven Tufts students took an inspiring and eye-opening service trip to
New Orleans. This book is dedicated to Lisa Schlakman, AG07, the faculty and staff of
the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Development and the numerous members of the
New Orleans community who made this experience possible.

Your support and care made a meaningful and lasting impact on the participating
students, and we deeply appreciate your ongoing commitment to inspiring a passion for
public service in Tufts students.
Through your efforts, Tufts undergraduate students provided needed services in
partnership with the teachers and students at Langston Hughes Academy (LHA). They
explored a new city, met with alumni, staff and students from Tulane University and
learned firsthand how to enter a new community and engage as responsible citizens.
Though these students arrived hesitant and unsure of what to expect, they left with a
greater understanding, appreciation and insight of New Orleans and its culture. They
developed the skills to navigate within a new community, experienced the value of
teamwork and realized their capacity to make positive impact in a community.
Tisch College is thankful to have partnered and collaborated on this wonderful initiative.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication. We look forward to our continued
participation in your outstanding efforts.

   Discovering New Orleans
Our first true experience in New Orleans was a tour of the city, led by Carol Wise. I think this
was a grounding experience for all of us; we had flown in the night before and seen the dazzle
of the French Quarter but not much else. Seeing the Lower Ninth Ward, with houses still
boarded up and water lines still visible, was difficult for us because most of us had only seen
this destruction on the news or in the documentaries we had watched in preparation for the trip.
The tour helped us focus and reminded us that the purpose of our trip was to help.
Mollie Stolzer, A14
                       (left to right) Marian, Mollie, Kaleigh, Anushay, Kayla, Patrick, Joey, Shaylagh (top) Lydia, Pan, LA


I thoroughly enjoyed the culture of New Orleans. From the very first person I interacted with in
the hotel elevator to the flight attendant on my return trip, southern hospitality was everywhere.
LA Creech, A12 

Super Sunday was the perfect introduction to the city of New Orleans. The array of color at the
festival, the different hand-made suits and the dancing and celebration really embodied the spirit
of New Orleans. One of the best parts of the trip was joining the parade, listening to the bands,
singing and dancing as we truly took part in the culture of New Orleans!
Anushay Mistry, A14       


I found Mardi Gras World to be a shining example of the culture of New Orleans. This is
especially reflective of the strong desire of the community to hold onto the culture. I was initially
surprised to learn that even after Hurricane Katrina, parades carried on. I believe that this kind
of spirit makes New Orleans the city that it is.
Pan Chhum, A13

Dancing at Tipitina’s
I loved Tipitina’s; that old style dancing was great and it was something I would love to do in the
Marian Younge, A13

An exciting blend of salsa and square dancing, Tipitina’s is a landmark in New Orleans for
promoting the vast musical culture of the community. From the moment we stepped into the
venue, we were enveloped into the syncopated rhythms and camaraderie of it all. We all left
with a certain spring in our step.
Patrick Donnelly, A14


LA Line Dancing at Tipitina’s


I enjoyed the Cajun food, jambalaya, grits, RAW OYSTERS - the list really goes on. I also think
that the people down south are the nicest people I have ever met.
Pan Chhum, A13

Mollie and Joey Eating Crawfish at Frankie and Johnny's

Tulane University, Dinner at Hillel

I really enjoyed meeting all the various people in New Orleans, like the staff and students at
Tulane University. It was nice to see all the different things people in New Orleans have done to
help the city after Katrina.
Anushay Mistry, A14


Langston Hughes Academy
It was so wonderful to feel welcomed by the students and teachers of Langston Hughes
Academy. It is always hard as outsiders to come in on a trip like this where we are ostensibly
helping out at the school. Well, I think that this was more of a learning experience for all of us,
but the Langston Hughes Academy community, not just the faculty but the scholars as well,
always made us feel validated and valuable, which I really appreciate.
Joey Herman, A13
Shaylagh Painting a Welcome Sign for the Kindergarten