Reveries of Well-being in the Shih-p in: From Psychology to ...
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Reveries of Well-being in the Shih-p'in: From Psychology to ...

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  • cours - matière potentielle : maturation
Reveries of Well-being in the Shih-p'in: From Psychology to Ontology Louise Sundararajan Sundararajan, L. (1998). Reveries of well-being in the Shih- p'in: From psychology to ontology. In A-T.Tymieniecka Ed.),Analecta Husserliana (pp.57-70), Vol.LVI, Netherlands: Kluwer. According to Bachelard, poetic reverie is intimately connected with the state of well-being.
  • structured assemblies of cognitive fragments
  • cognitive structures
  • shih
  • ssu
  • emotional nuances
  • coarse structure ecs
  • following image of the mountain path
  • rudimentary stage of emotional development
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H O N O R S / A P / E L E C T I V E S
• Each genre features visual chapters that Literature Literature
show how artists visually interpret that
Approaches to Fiction, Poetry, Reading Fiction, Poetry, and Drama genre.
and DramaSixth Edition, 2007 • Nine writers are featured in their full
DiYanni Second Edition, 2008 social and historical context: Poe,
DiYanniO’Connor, and Cisneros in fi ction;
Student Friendly Dickinson, Frost, and Hughes in poetry;
Compact Versionand Sophocles, Shakespeare, and Ibsen in Literature features student-centered
drama. approaches to literature—from experience Like its larger counterpart, the compact
to interpretation to evaluation—and an Literature: Approaches to Fiction, • Students are introduced to the
emphasis on making connections between Poetry, and Drama features student-fundamental concerns and perspective of
texts and thinking critically about literature. centered approaches to the three genres literary criticism and include important
of literature—fi ction, poetry, and drama. critical writing throughout history, from Known for its clear presentation of the
It also features a three-part pedagogy that Plato through David Henry Hwang.formal elements of literature and literature
presents each genre in light of a reader’s analysis, this anthology effectively balances • Student papers can be found throughout experience, interpretation, and evaluation. classic, modern, and contemporary works the text to provide a wealth of examples New additions include 15 short stories, across the three major genres, blending of the different ways of writing about over 80 poems, and two plays.well-known writers with a diverse gathering each genre.
of newer, international fi gures. This literary • ARIEL CD-ROM contains 28 interactive
• A complete guide to research and MLA breadth is supplemented by extensive author casebooks (biographies,
documentation helps students write coverage of writing about literature, making interactive texts, timelines, and
research papers, including how to this book an excellent text for introduction bibliographies related to a single writer)
evaluate and document literature courses as well as literature- and a collection of readings of poems,
based composition courses. • ARIEL CD-ROM contains 28 interactive dramatizations of stories, and brief
author casebooks (biographies, video lectures by McGraw-Hill authors • T he introduction explains the importance
interactive texts, timelines, and and other experts. Complete cross-of thinking critically and helps develop
bibliographies related to a single writer) references in the text indicate which strategies that promote thinking critically
and a collection of readings of poems, authors are featured on ARIEL.about literature. The critical thinking
dramatizations of stories, and brief video component is reinforced in Questions for For more information, go to
lectures by McGraw-Hill authors and Critical Thinking and Writing that appear
other experts. Complete cross-references throughout the text, for works in every
in the text indicate which authors are genre. Student Text (softcover)
featured on ARIEL. with ARIEL CD-ROM 978-0-073-25212-4• Unique Chapter on literary nonfi ction
asks students to compare the similarities
of important autobiographical nonfi ction
with the fi ction elsewhere in Part 1: For more information, go to
• Critical thinking is reinforced in
Student Text (NASTA hardcover) Questions for Critical Thinking and
with Ariel CD-ROM 978-0-07-327896-4
Writing that appear throughout the text,
Advanced Placement Instructor Manual 978-0-073-25691-7
for works in every genre.
To see more titles and for current prices, please go to or call 1-800-334-7344.
1-800-334-7344NEW EDITION
H O N O R S / A P / E L E C T I V E S
The American Tradition in Literature
Twelfth Edition, 2009
Perkins • Perkins
Available Spring 2009
Popular text has new technology
resources NEW
Widely known as the anthology that
best meshes tradition with innovation,
The American Tradition in Literature
continues to provide the background so
central to student understanding.
◆ Blends classic and newly discovered
voices, while maintaining a keen eye for the
contemporary moment
◆ Places American literature into a broader,
international context in popular and unique
closing section on globalization
◆ Emphasizes writers who have made a signifi cant
impact on American culture and society,
including new selections that enhance the
diversity and variety of the book
◆ Online Instructor Resources include additional ◆ ARIEL CD-ROM contains 28 interactive author
information on more than 150 authors, guidance casebooks (biographies, interactive texts,
in integrating the ARIEL American CD into timelines, and bibliographies related to a single
the course, sample quizzes and exams, writing writer) and a collection of readings of poems,
assignments, a folder with images from across dramatizations of stories, and brief video
American history that can be used to illustrate lectures by McGraw-Hill authors and other
lectures and handouts, illustrated lecture experts. Complete cross-references in the text
launchers, and the option of the Classroom indicate which authors are featured on ARIEL.
Performance System.
◆ Online student resources, include links for
For more information, go to authors and selected works, guidance on
writing about literature, interactive exercises
on evaluating online sources, a tutorial on
Text (hardcover) with CD-ROM 978-0-07-338489-4
avoiding plagiarism and a tool for formatting
To see more titles and for current prices, please go to or call 1-800-334-7344. O N O R S / A P / E L E C T I V E S
John Langan’s writing
materials use “the four
bases” approach or four
principles that are keys
to effective composition:
unity, support, coherence,
and sentence skills. These
principles are reinforced
throughout his books. The
English Skills College Writing Skills author’s conversational
Ninth Edition, 2008 Seventh Edition, 2008
tone and clear coverage of Langan Langan
the skills and process of Rhetoric/worktext that helps Builds essay-writing skills
students master paragraphs This rhetoric/handbook is ideal for courses writing helps students of
that focus on the essay. Edition with This book features Langan’s wide range all levels learn how to write readings includes thirty concise reading of motivating activities for the basic skills
selections that model good writing as well course emphasizing paragraphs. English effective paragraphs and
as material for critique.Skills with Readings is identical in content
essays. and also includes a number of readings. For more information, go to more information, go to Student Text (softcover) with
User Guide/Student CD-ROM 978-0-073-38409-2
Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-338410-8
Annotated Instructor Edition 978-0-073-32720-4
Annotated Instructor Edition 978-0-07-335010-3
Available Spring 2009
College Writing SkillsEnglish SkillsSentence Skills with ReadingsNEW with Readings
with Readings Seventh Edition, 2008 Seventh Edition, 2008
Fourth Edition, 2010 LanganLangan
Langan John Langan’s College Writing Skills One of the most comprehensive and
with Readings focuses on the essay Best seller on sentence skills well-respected books of its kind, this
using Langan’s renowned clear writing best-selling rhetoric/reader/handbook is This sentence-level worktext helps students
style, as well as his wide range of writing designed for developmental writing courses master the essential grammar, mechanics,
assignments and activities that reinforce that focus on paragraph writing skills in punctuation, and usage skills needed for
the four bases of effective writing: unity, preparation for essay writing. English clear, thoughtful writing.
support, coherence, and sentence skills. For Skills with Readings features the author’s
For more information, go to the seventh edition, John Langan has added crystal-clear explanations and his wide a variety of fresh elements to his proven range of motivating activities and writing
approach.assignments that effectively reinforce Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-353326-1
the Four bases of effective writing: unity, Annotated Instructor Edition 978-0-07-723740-0 For more information, go to
support, coherence, and sentence skills.
For more information, go to Student Text (softcover) 978-0-073-38408-5 Faculty Development Passport 978-0-073-34396-9
Annotated Instructor Edition 978-0-073-34393-8Student Text (softcover) 978-0-073-38411-5
Annotated Instructor Edition 978-0-073-35014-1
To see more titles and for current prices, please go to or call 1-800-334-7344.
2 1-800-334-7344H O N O R S / A P / E L E C T I V E S
Catalyst 2.0
Catalyst is the premier online resource for NEW
writing, research and editing. Catalyst is
available with McGraw-Hill AP*/Honors/
Elective language arts textbooks. This fully
integrated online resource includes a new
state-of-the-art course management and
peer review system.
Catalyst empowers students to:
• Consistently apply the writing process.
• Effi ciently fi nd and accurately document
Available Spring 2009 sources.
• Develop a keen sense of audience Reading and Study SkillsEnglish Brushup awareness.
Ninth Edition, 2010 Fourth Edition, 2007
• Effectively apply rhetorical strategies.
LanganLangan • Goldstein
• Employ grammatically correct style and
Wide range of reading and study Quick and practical guide to usage.
skills coveredgrammar, punctuation, and usage • Apply effective document design.
skills The highly versatile organization divides
topics into focused, self-contained modules Online ResourcesThe text’s three-part format highlights
that can be covered in any order with the the 16 most vital grammar skills up front, • Interactive Tutorials for document result that the text can be adapted to fi t any leaving the rest of the text for secondary design and visual rhetoricteaching or learning situation.topics and additional grammar activities.
• Guides for Avoiding Plagiarism and A self-teaching approach enables students For more information, go to
evaluating see exactly what they need to brush up
on, and gives them focused examples and • Electronic Writing Tutors for Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-337164-1
practice exercises to speed them to mastery. composing informative, interpretive and Annotated Instructor Edition 978-0-07-727568-6
argumentative papersFor more information, go to • Bibliomaker software for the MLA,
APA, Chicago, and CSE styles of Student Text (softcover) 978-0-073-12376-9
documentationAnnotated Instructor Edition 978-0-073-12377-6 Ten Skills You Really
• Over 4,500 exercises in grammar, Need to Succeed in usage, punctuation, and mechanics, with
feedback for each responseCollege
English Essentials For more information, go to First Edition, 2003
Second Edition, 2010
This book is a guide to the essential NEWLangan
skills necessary for students to make the
What every student needs transition from high school to college.
to know about grammar For more information, go to to use, inexpensive, and engaging,
English Essentials helps students master Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-281955-7
the grammar, punctuation, and usage skills
they need most.
For more information, go to
Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-337160-3
To see more titles and for current prices, please go to or call 1-800-334-7344. O N O R S / A P / E L E C T I V E S
A Writer’s Resource McGraw-Hill Guide Read, Reason, Write
Second Edition, 2009 Writing for College, Writing for Life An Argument Text and Reader
Maimon 1st Edition, 2009 Eighth Edition, 2008
Easy-to-use reference book Roen, et al. Seyler
Teaches students to write more effectively Readings and analysisWith the 2008 MLA Update edition, A
Writer’s Resource continues to set the The McGraw-Hill Guide combines a This comprehensive text presents clear
bar for contemporary handbooks. With fl exible reader, rhetoric, research guide, instruction on critical reading and analysis,
integrated coverage of technology and and handbook. It shows students how to argument, and research techniques, along
visual rhetoric, hallmark coverage of writing set goals for their writing, to use effective with a collection of current, incisive
across the curriculum, and brief, tabbed composing strategies to reach those goals, readings appropriate for practicing those
format, A Writer’s Resource has been and to assess their progress toward achieving techniques. New features include an
designed to provide today’s students with a them. The McGraw-Hill Guide emphasizes expanded visual program, new chapter
compact, easy-to-use resource for writing in the skills established by the Writing Program opening visuals and two full-color inserts,
college and beyond. Administrator’s Outcomes tatement; these and a newly revised and updated reader. Of
For more information, go to skills form the basis of the instruction in each the 111 readings plus seven student essays, assignment chapter and throughout the text. 56 are new.
For more information go to For more information, go toStudent Text (spiral-bound) 978-0-07-332769-3
Student Text (hardcover) 978-0-07-249647-5 Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-353320-9
Rules of Thumb
The Student WriterA Guide for Writers Patterns for a Purpose
Editor and Critic Seventh Edition, 2008 A Rhetorical Reader
Seventh Edition, 2008Silverman, et al. NEWFifth Edition, 2009
ClouseEasy to use! Seylor
Expanded research coverage
Brevity and practicality are the hallmarks Teaches writing strategies
Written with a supportive tone, this three-of Rules of Thumb. Refl ecting the Patterns for a Purpose is a rhetorical
in-one rhetoric/reader/handbook puts most current MLA, APA, and Chicago reader that shows students how to use
students in control of developing their documentation styles, this edition remains the rhetorical patterns—either alone or in
own writing processes by teaching them the ideal handbook for improving grammar combination—to achieve various writing
how to become critics and editors of their without overwhelming student writers with purposes. It emphasizes critical reading and
work. Now in full-color, it offers new specialized terminology. thinking, offers detailed coverage of the
chapters on research, enhanced coverage
writing process and provides a rich variety
of visual rhetoric, including a new appendix
Handbook (spiral-bound) 978-0-073-53319-3 of writing opportunities.
on document design, new and enhanced
Good Measures Rules of Thumb For more information, go tocoverage of plagiarism, and more.Exercise Book 978-0-073-28862-8
For more information, go to Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-353315-5
Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-312481-0
Annotated Instructor Edition 978-0-07-329478-0
To see more titles and for current prices, please go to or call 1-800-334-7344.
4 1-800-334-7344NEW EDITION
H O N O R S / A P / E L E C T I V E S
Available Spring 2009
The Short Prose Reader The McGraw-Hill Reader 75 Readings Plus
Twelfth Edition, 2009 Eleventh Edition, 2010 Issues Across the Disciplines
Muller • Wiener Buscemi •SmithTenth Edition, 2008
Wide-range of current topics Muller Best Seller
Cross-curricular favoriteThis rhetorically organized, student-friendly This rhetorically-arranged text is a version
reader includes short essays on a range of the best-selling 75 Readings that The McGraw-Hill Reader addresses
of topics. Substantial and engaging, these supplies additional guidance for students. the liberal arts tradition, cross-curricular
selections– usually 1-3 pages in length– The readings represent a wide variety of ideas, and diverse viewpoints through more
allow teachers plenty of fl exibility, including authors, disciplines, issues, and interests. than one hundred quality prose works
the option of assigning several essays for a Additional readings include such authors from prominent writers and thinkers. A
class session. as Martin Gansberg, Alan Lightman, Bharati range of readings from both classic and
Mukherjee, Bailey Wrhite, William Zinsser, contemporary sources and from across the • Material on interpreting images is located
and Michael Byers.disciplines provoke critical thought and in the chapter on reading critically.
effective writing. For more information, go toImages in the “From Seeing to Writing” throughout allow students • Paired Classic & Contemporary Essays
additional ways of exploring rhetorical and Visuals in each chapter present Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-338385-9
strategies. an older essay or visual (such as a
photograph, painting, or political • Powered by Catalyst, this text provides
cartoon) with a more recent one so that click paths that direct students to special 75 Readings NEW
students can compare the ideas, follow online resources, such as interactive An Anthology
the history of contemporary debates, and writing tutors for each of the modes.
Eleventh Edition, 2010 gain new perspectives on issues and the Other features include an online grade
Buscemi • Smithways in which they develop over time. book and course management utilities,
peer review capability, and tutorials in • A four-color insert for Media and Popular Available Spring 2009
visual rhetoric and document design. Culture encourages students to respond
comparatively to visual and written texts. 75 Readings offers an outstanding • Selections address a wide variety of
collection of the most popular essays for issues, themes, and perspective including • Integrated Technology Resources,
fi rst-year writing. The readings represent a the World Trade Center attacks and powered by Catalyst 2.0, give students
wide variety of authors, disciplines, issues, global warming. access to special online resources.
and interests. At an affordable price, this For more information, go to For more information, go to text offers an excellent value for students. A chapter is dedicated to mixing modes
Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-353314-8 and helping students understand how to Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-353313-1
combine patterns of writing to best achieve
their writing goals.
For more information, go to
Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-338385-9
To see more titles and for current prices, please go to or call 1-800-334-7344. O N O R S / A P / E L E C T I V E S
The Art of Public Communication Works Human Communication
Ninth Edition, 2008 Third Edition, 2008 Speaking
Gamble • Gamble Pearson, et al.Tenth Edition, 2009
For the discussion-oriented class Innovative and practicalLucasorks presents Human Communication is an engaging Leading speech textbook of our time
communication principles, interpersonal refl ection of the contemporary fi eld of
Every student will learn how to be a communication, and public speaking in an communication studies. The authors’
better public speaker through Lucas’ clear engaging and highly interactive manner. writing mantra -- “Make It Smart; Keep
explanations and thorough coverage. By far Recognizing the challenges that the world It Real” -- leads to a text that strikes a
the leading speech textbook of our time, presents for the communication students practical balance of defi nitive content and
The Art of Public Speaking has defi ned of the 21st century, the text includes everyday application.
the art of being the best for more than six enhanced coverage of ethical, cultural, and To “make it smart,” the authors read million students and teachers. The Lucas technological issues, while maintaining its hundreds of articles from mainstream Learning Tools Suite offers even more tools focus on skill-building. communication journals. To “keep it real,” and study options to fi t the active lifestyles
The ninth edition has been updated and the authors synthesized their fi ndings so and diverse learning/teaching styles of
streamlined to enhance the text’s friendly that they resonate with the challenges today’s students and instructors.
language to promote ease of usability and and goals of today’s typical basic course.
• Creative activities, vivid examples,
help students focus on the most relevant Every chapter features skill-building,
annotated speech samples, and a
aspects of communication. critical thinking, innovative pedagogy, 21st
foundation of classic and contemporary
century examples, and lively writing that is • Coverage of culture and globalization rhetoric provide students with a strong
respectful of the student reader. including methods for developing the skill understanding of public speaking.
For more information, go toof “seeing through the eyes of persons • The Lucas Integrated Teaching System other cultures.” continues to be one of the main reasons
for the popularity of this text. Stephen • Listen to Me, View Me, Read Me, and Tell Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-338501-3
Lucas writes the entire Annotated Me features give students the opportunity Annotated Instructor Edition 978-0-07-332883-6
Instructor Edition, Instructor Manual, and to demonstrate their learning while DVD Communicating Everyday
and Public Speaking Videos 978-0-07-332882-9 Test Bank. These materials, as well as the applying it to content such as popular
CDs and the Online Learning Center that music, movies, and books.
accompany the text, are cross-referenced
• An interactive approach engages students
to produce an outstanding integrated
through an intriguing, inquiring style.
teaching system.
• Media literacy skill-building promotes an
For more information, go to
understanding of how media reshapes the
communication landscape.
Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-338515-0 For more information, go to
Student Workbook 978-0-07-726231-0
Course Support DVD 978-0-07-726235-8
Student Text (softcover) with Introduction, Conclusions
CD-ROM 4.0 978-0-07-329702-6& Visual Aids DVD 978-0-07-726234-1
Annotated Instructor Edition 978-0-07-333501-8Instructor Manual 978-0-07-726226-6
Student CD Guidebook 978-0-07-326618-3Instructor Resource CD-ROM 978-0-07-726227-3
Test Bank 978-0-07-726233-4
To see more titles and for current prices, please go to or call 1-800-334-7344.
6 1-800-334-7344H O N O R S / A P / E L E C T I V E S
Public Speaking for Melvin Mencher’s News Inside Reporting
Second Edition, 2010 College and Career Reporting and Writing
Eighth Edition, 2008 Eleventh Edition, 2008
Direct and practicalGregory Mencher
Inside Reporting emphasizes the basics Real-world applications Classic text
but also provides a wealth of information
With its wealth of student and work- More than a quarter of a million students on online reporting and packaging stories
oriented examples, Public Speaking for have learned the craft and ethics of in more visual, interactive ways. It includes
College and Career offers a practical, journalism from Melvin Mencher’s News useful information on feature writing.
accessible, and non-intimidating approach Reporting and Writing. This text shows Tim Harrower is an award-winning editor,
to public speaking. This trusted text students the fundamentals of reporting and designer, and columnist who has previously
shows students how to achieve clarity and writing and examines the values that direct taught at Portland State University and
confi dence during the speeches they must and underline the practice of journalism. currently conducts journalism workshops.
give in college classes, in career settings, This edition features current developments Distinctive pedagogical features and and in their communities. in all areas of reporting including updated examples reinforce the book’s practical
The text emphasizes audience-centered coverage on the War in Iraq and the approach. These include checklists,
communication, addressing how to analyze questionable use of photos; dozens of tips, annotated news excerpts, idea fi les,
listeners; how to be sensitive to their needs new Internet sources and how journalists questionnaires, exercises, and Press Room
and interests; and how to talk to and with use them; updated campaign and election quotes from more than 100 professional
them, rather than at them. coverage; reporting tips from Pulitzer Prize journalists. Key topics are presented in
winners; and an examination of recent libel For more information, go to concise, well-illustrated, magazine-style spreads. It also includes more useful
The companion CD-ROM offers interactive information on feature writing—from
Student Text (softcover with CD) 978-0-07-330272-0
exercises, audio and video clips, and more. stories to reviews and column-writing—
Annotated Instructor Edition
than any other text in the fi eld.(with CD-ROMs) 978-0-07-329805-4 For more information, go to
Speeches for Evaluation VHS Video 978-0-07-329528-2 For more information, go to
Instructor DVD-ROM 978-0-07-329526-8
Student Text (softcover) with Brush-Up
SpeechMate CD-ROM 4.0 978-0-07-329530-5
CD-ROM and PowerWeb 978-0-07-351193-1 Student Text (Softcover) 978-0-07-337891-6
Audio CD Set 978-0-07-329521-3
Speeches for Evaluation DVD Video 978-0-07-329531-2
Instructor Manual/Test Bank 978-0-07-329525-1
Course Tools Suite 978-0-07-331511-9
To see more titles and for current prices, please go to or call 1-800-334-7344. O N O R S / A P / E L E C T I V E S
Theater The Theater Experience Acting One
Eleventh Edition, 2009 The Lively Art Fifth Edition, 2008
Wilson CohenSixth Edition, 2008
Wilson • Goldfarb Encourage theater appreciation Best seller!
Up-to-date and exciting for students A continual best-seller, this is the Acting One covers the basic elements of
introduction-to-theater-appreciation realistic acting in twenty-eight lessons – all Created for theater appreciation courses
text that emphasizes the experience of based on experiential exercises. The text that cover both history and elements,
participating in and attending the theater. covers basic skills such as talking, listening, Theater: The Lively Art remains a
The part openers have been expanded to tactical interplay, physicalizing, building comprehensive introductory theater text. It
provide a rich, interdisciplinary introduction scenes, and making good choices.serves as an introduction to the audience’s
to theater elements. Photos have been experience of theater, an investigation of • Each lesson is a self-contained
included to remind students of the theater the elements of theater, and a study of the exploration of one acting concept or
elements that they may come across in important developments in the history of skill, allowing students to concentrate
everyday life. theater. on one specifi c area of acting at a time
• Getting Started in Theater boxes and creating an assured sequencing for • Getting Started in Theater boxes
summarize personal interviews with well- teachers.incorporate fi rst-person descriptions by
known performers, directors, or designers actors, designers, directors, and others • Students are up on their feet and acting
to illustrate the unique talents involved in of their introduction to, fi rst jobs in, and immediately. More than 100 exercises
theater and the sometimes surprising road love for the theater. keep students acting rather than reading.
to success.
• Brief timelines of each historical • Cohen’s long experience as a professional
• Over 260 color photos include dramatic period at the start of each history director of both realistic and classical
images of recent and important Broadway chapter give students a quick overview. dramas and the selected quotations from
productions, such as Spamalot, Hairspray,
more than fi fty distinguished actors, For more information, go to Wicked, Avenue Q, The Light in the Piazza,
directors and playwrights precisely and Doubt.
matched to the book’s exercises and
Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-351411-6 • Play Synopses in the Appendix offer a commentary lead the student toward the
Instructor Resource CD-ROM 978-0-07-328781-2 fl exible format for individualized use, and highest standards of professional acting
include questions to encourage critical artistry.more information, go to
thinking of the plays discussed.
For more information, go toFor more information, go to
Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-351416-1
Student Text (softcover) 978-0-07-338214-2
To see more titles and for current prices, please go to or call 1-800-334-7344.
8 1-800-334-7344

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