20030329-01A Pharma and Life Sciences
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20030329-01A Pharma and Life Sciences


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LIGHTHOUSE WORLDWIDE SOLUTIONS WWW.GOLIGHTHOUSE.COM Particle Counting and Environmental Monitoring In Pharmaceutical / Life Sciences
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Roxbury High School One Bryant Drive Succasunna, New Jersey 078761697 Telephone: 9735841200 Fax: 9735847584 http://www.roxbury.org  LindaBowles, Ph.D.Alexis S. Korsak Assistant PrincipalJeffrey W. SwansonAssistant Principal Principal EricRenfors KerstinA. Stewart Assistant PrincipalAssistant PrincipalMay 28, 2010 Dear Seniors and Parents: Throughout the past four years, the Class of 2010 has achieved success in all aspects of high school life: academics, athletics, activities, and the fine arts.We have served as positive role models for future classes.We have exceeded both the accomplishments of prior classes and the expectations of the administration.The class intends to continue this standard of excellence through graduation. The graduation ceremony is a privilege that acknowledges the successful completion of the academic requirements of Roxbury High School.The ceremony marks the end of our public school education and the beginning of adulthood with new responsibilities.Thus, it is with joy that we invite family, friends, and faculty to the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2010 on Monday, June 21, at 6 pm. In order to have a successful ceremony, students have joined in partnership with staff, parents, and the administration to establish a set of standards for behavior.These standards are intended to preserve our superior reputation, continuing our tradition as role models.Unfortunately, inappropriate behavior of a few can mar the dignity of the ceremony for all.Therefore, we would like to see graduation behavior that reflects the tradition of excellence our class has established.Congratulations to all seniors and thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely, Cory YounghansPaul Buonomo Student Council PresidentSenior Class President Jeffrey W. Swanson Principal
Roxbury High School One Bryant Drive Succasunna, New Jersey 078761697 Telephone: 9735841200 Fax: 9735847584 http://www.roxbury.org  LindaBowles, Ph.D.Alexis S. Korsak Assistant PrincipalJeffrey W. SwansonAssistant Principal Principal EricRenfors KerstinA. Stewart Assistant PrincipalAssistant PrincipalMay 28, 2010 Dear Parents/Guardians of Seniors: Congratulations! Thirteenyears of hard work, perseverance and dedication have resulted in your son's/ daughter's upcoming graduation from Roxbury High School.You and your family are to be commended for this outstanding accomplishment. The Class of 2010 and I need your help in providing for an appropriate graduation ceremony.Past ceremonies have been held with respect, dignity, and decorum.We intend to maintain those expectations for this year’s graduation. Celebration with beach balls, Silly String, noisemakers, balloons, bubbles, etc., during the ceremony would detract from the exact purpose of the exercise, which is to recognize the accomplishments of the graduates. A collaborative approach by students, parents, staff, and the administration has been developed to assure that the graduation ceremony proceeds without interruption and that proper decorum is maintained during the exercise.The plan includes a list of expectations and a statement of participation with a student behavior contract.The administration and senior student representatives have developed this plan for all graduating seniors.Enclosed you will find an important document for your review and action; the Behavior Contract with the Statement of Participation.This form needs to be signed by a parent/guardian and student and returned to the main office by Friday, June 4.Additionally, I have included a June calendar of events that notes final examination dates and other important senior events. Here are the graduation particulars: June 19, Friday 10:30 to 12:00Seniors report to gymnasium for final clearance.Caps/gowns and tickets will be issued. June 21, Monday 8:30 am  12:30Report to auditorium for graduation rehearsal on football field (gymnasium if necessary). 5:00 pmSeniors report to auditorium. 6:00 pmGraduation ceremony on football field (weather permitting). Let's hope for a beautiful afternoon of cool weather and sunshine on June 21. Sincerely, Jeffrey W. Swanson Principal
Roxbury High School  GraduationCeremony Contract for ParticipantsGraduation Ceremony ChoiceThe Class of 2010 will graduate on Monday, June 21, 2010, at 6:00 pm.The decorum and pageantry of the ceremony are indeed traditional and beautiful.To most graduates, it represents the culmination of a challenging and rewarding experience.We extend to all graduates and their parents thechoiceof participation or non participation. Sothat we may prepare properly for the graduation ceremony, seniors are to return this form personallyto the main office no later thanJune 4. Pleasenote that a signed/returned form is required from each senior, whether choosing to "participate" or "not participate" in the graduation ceremony. Graduation Tickets Each senior will receive five (5) tickets, all of which are valid whether the ceremony is held outside on the football field or inside the gymnasium (in case of inclement weather).The graduation tickets allow a person admittance to the gymnasium for an indoor ceremony or to be seated in the stadium bleachers at an outside ceremony. Beadvised that one does not need a ticket to stand at the fence during an outside ceremony. Because this is a large graduating class, extra ticketswill not be availablefor groups larger than five. Senior Clearance and Graduation Practice  Seniorclearance, tickets, and gown distribution will take place on Friday, June 18, from 10:30 to noon in the auxiliary gym.No tickets or caps and gowns will be distributed to pupils with outstanding obligations. Graduation practice will occur on Monday, June 21, from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. Students should report to the auditorium for the practice session by 8:30 am.The graduation practice session is mandatory and must be attended in order for a student to be included in the ceremony. Graduation Gowning  Seniorswill report to the auditorium at 5:00 pm on June 21 to dress for graduation. Attire  Appropriateattire for graduates includes: Women: dressesor blouses and skirts, no heels smaller than 2 inches square, flats preferred. Men: fulllength trousers, white shirt with tie. Both women and men:sensible shoes for walking up/down bleachers or on turf football field.Unacceptable attire includes:athletic footwear, work boots, platform shoes, spiked heels, flip flops, jeans, or shorts. Expectations for Pupil Behavior at the Graduation Ceremony It is expected that all graduates and spectators will conduct themselves in a manner that exhibits respect for the Class of 2010.Unacceptable behavior mars the dignity of the graduation ceremony and/or endangers the safety of all, including graduates, administration, and board of education members. over Specific examples of unacceptable behavior include but are not limited to: use of alcohol, illegal substances,
fireworks, tobacco products, beverages or food, use of inflatables of any type, water pistols, use of noisemakers, bubbles, Silly String, any rude, disruptive, or distracting behavior during the ceremony including loud cheering or yelling of pupil names. ConsequencesAny senior who becomes disruptive or fails to meet accepted graduation behavior guidelines will be escorted off the field by a Roxbury Township police officer and will not be allowed to continue in the graduation ceremony. Heor she will not receive his/her diploma until after the school year concludes.If the school administration observes disruptive behavior caused by numerous students which becomes uncontrollable, the administration will terminate the ceremony and all graduates will receive their diplomas at a later date. The Board of Education, the administration, and the faculty desire the ceremony to be the appropriate culmination of the teachers' and students' efforts.We want the most enjoyable ceremony for the graduates, and we request your cooperation. Pleaseinitialyour preference below, sign the form, and return it to the main office. ________I wish to participatein the school's graduation exercise as discussed in the enclosed letter and will participate in all rehearsals.I have also reviewed and understand this contract for participants concerning behavior and dress.(By choosing to participate, I agree to abide by the guidelines listed on the Graduation Ceremony Contract for Participants.)________I do not wish to participatein the high school graduation exercises as outlined.Therefore,I will not participate as a graduate or as a spectator at graduation. Iwill make an appointment to receive my diploma following the exercises. Regardless of your participation choice above, please respond to the following: _____ Iplan to attend Project Graduation. _____ Ido not plan to attend Project Graduation. Graduate's Name (please print): __________________________________________________ Graduate's Signature: ___________________________________________________________ Parent's Signature: _____________________________________________________________ Return this signed form to the main office by Friday, June 4, 2010.
June 2010 Monday TuesdayWednesday ThursdayFriday May 2425 2627 28 EOC Algebra I ExamRenaissance DayFestival of the ArtsSophomore Ring Breakfast Senior BreakfastShakespeare / WildlifeSymphonic Band ConcertClass Elections/Meetings Garden DedicationBand Awards Dinner May 31June 12 34 Memorial DayVal/Sal DinnerClass of 2011 VolleyballSenior Trip 92 School ClosedTournament 7 89 1011 Senior Week – PromSenior Week – Sign ASenior Week –Senior Week – CollegeSenior Week – Ice Cream and Weekend WearSenior White TShirtRoxbury DayDay SeniorShirt Day Faculty MeetingLocker Clean OutSenior Awards CeremonyTop Ten Dinner 6:00 pmReview Day Senior Athletic Night 5:30 pmSenior Yearbook Signing5:30 pm dinner 6:00 pm7:00 Ceremony 14 1516 1718 Review DayExams Per 2, 8, 7Exams Per 1, 4, MakeUpExams Per 9, 5, MakeUpExams Per 3, 6, MakeUp Early Dismissal 12:18 pmEarly Dismissal 12:18 pm Senior Portraits in HealthEarly Dismissal 12:18 pmSenior Clearance 10:30 to noon Senior Portraits inSenior Portraits in Health Quad 128 pm– Aux Gym Health Quad 128 pmQuad 128 pmEarly Dismissal 12:18 pm EMS StepUp 21 2223 24258:30 am Graduation PracticeLast Day for Staff Full Day RHS StaffTeacher SignOutGraduation Ceremony 6 pm Project Graduation Exam Session I7:27 to 8:58 Exam Session II9:08 to 10:38 Exam Session III10:48 to 12:18
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