68A8 Multimedia DataBases Information Retrieval-Exercises
20 pages

68A8 Multimedia DataBases Information Retrieval-Exercises


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20 pages
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68A8 Multimedia DataBases Information Retrieval - Exercises Marco Gori May 31, 2004 Quiz examples for MidTerm (some with partial solution) 1. About inner product similarity When using the Boolean model, the similarity based on the inner product reduces to: (a) Finding the longest document (vector) aligned withe the assigned query; (b) Finding the longest document (vector) with the highest angle with respect to the query; (c) Counting the number of terms which are in common between the query and the document; (d) Neither of the previous answers.
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Langue English


Goodlyburn Primary School

School Handbook
Academic Session 2012/2013

Education & Children’s Services 1 Introduction

In accordance with the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 and the Education (School and
Placing Information) (Scotland) Regulations 1982, Perth & Kinross Council Education
& Children’s Services’ schools produce handbooks covering the following three
categories of information:

1 School Information
2 Local Authority information
3 Statistical information

Whilst the information contained in this school handbook was accurate at the time of
publication (December 2011), further changes may have occurred since then.
Education & Children’s Services 2
Section 1 Contents
1 Delineated Area 4
2 Factual Information
3 School Vision 7
4 School Aims
5 Visiting Specialists 8
6 Organisation of School Day
7 Uniform/Clothing
8 Curriculum for Excellence
9 Extra Curricular Activities 13
10 Positive Behaviour Management 14
11 School Rules 15
12 Attendance and Absence
13 Health Care
14 Parent Council
15 School & Community Links 16
16 Attendance Rates – Authorised & Unauthorised absence 16
17 School Costs
18 Nursery 17
19 Arrangements for Emergency Closures
20 Other information 18
Education & Children’s Services 3 1 Delineated Area
Amulree Road Angus Court (nos 1 - 5)
Amulree Court Birnam Crescent
Appin Terrace Bruce Crescent
Brahan Terrace (all nos 1 - 57) Crieff Road (nos 21 - 101 & 62 - 126)
Cargill Place Douglas Court
Dalreoch Place Fairfield Avenue (nos 1 - 3)
Dunsinane Drive (nos 1 - 79, 2 - 86) Goodlyburn Place
Firbank Road Grampian Court
Goodlyburn Terrace Hawarden Terrace
Hamilton Court Kingswell Place
Jeanfield Road (north side & odd nos) Kinloch Place
Kingswell Terrace Lawers Place
Kinloch Terrace Logie Crescent (nos 1 - 31 & 2 - 42)
Letham Road McIntyre Court (nos 1 - 3)
McDonald Court (nos 1 - 5) Malcolm Co30)
McKenzie Court (nos 1 - 5) Mercer Terrace
Marlee Road Rannoch Road (nos 1 - 223 & 2 - 118)
Moulin Crescent Tibbermore Gardens
Strathord Terrace Tweedsmuir Rd (nos 1-171 & 2-140)
Tulloch Road Wallace Place
Wallace Crescent Westgrove Avenue
Wellshill Terrace

2 Factual Information

Address: Crieff Road Perth PH1 2NT
Tel No: 01738 454230
Fax No: 01738 620730
Email headteacher@goodlyburn.pkc.sch.uk
Roll: 206 primary + 36 nursery

Goodlyburn Primary School is an Integrated Community School and is situated in an
open area between Perth College and Rannoch Road on the south side of Crieff
Road. We are fortunate to have a large playing field and playground space for the
children to play on. Our children also have access to our Eco Garden and Woodland

The school was opened in April 1958. This year we have a Nursery Class, ten
Primary Classes plus a Gaelic medium class, a Nurture Class and a Behaviour
Support/Support for Learning class. We have a large hall, which is used for weekly
assemblies, PE/Drama and after school activities, a dining area, ICT room, Learning
Resource Centre, stage, some small rooms for group work and a medical room.

We work hard to ensure that the children who come to Goodlyburn Primary feel safe
and happy in school and feel that their opinions, ideas and efforts are valued. Staff
make every effort to ensure that children work to the best of their ability, are polite
and caring towards others and are developing skills for life. Parents are also
involved in developing their skills and learning through partnership working.
Education & Children’s Services 4
Parents are always welcome to come and meet staff to discuss their child’s learning
and well-being throughout the year.

Our Annual Standard and Quality Report for 2010-2011, outlines the work of our
school over the last session and is available on our website
www.goodlyburn.pkc.sch.uk and on request, from Mrs Smith in the office.

Gaelic Medium
We have a Gaelic medium class, which is available to all children. It is not necessary
for children to have attended a Gaelic Nursery or come from a Gaelic speaking
home. The Gaelic Unit has children from Primary 3 – 7. From Primary 1 – 3 the
children in the Gaelic class are taught all curricular areas in Gaelic. In Primary 4,
English is introduced and the children are taught in both languages, to Primary 7. If
you would like further information, or you would like to enrol your child in the Gaelic
class, please contact Mrs McKay, Mrs McGregor or Mrs Thomson on 01738 454230.
Our Gaelic class are working in partnership with the Gaelic class at Whitehills
Primary in Forfar to share good practice and create opportunities for our teachers
and children to work together and develop their learning and teaching.
Education & Children’s Services 5 Our School Staff

Head Teacher Mrs Irene Thomson
Depute Head Teacher Ms Tara Harper
Class Teachers Miss Jennifer Martin
Mrs Lesley Jack/Mrs Claire Mitchell
Mrs Annette Jolly
Miss Emma Killan Mrs Jennifer Anderson Ms Vicki Cruickshank Miss Amanda Rawlings Mr Kenneth Watson Ms Gail McLaren Miss Catherine Thoms
Gaelic Mrs Shona McKay
Mrs Christina McGregor
Nurture Class Mrs Patricia Barnes
Nursery Teachers Mrs Irene Robb
Ms Terri Scott
Additional Support for Learning Miss Louise Brown
Mrs Diana Bruce
Mrs Helen Shaw
Reduced Class Contact Teachers Mrs Jacqui Bean
Early Years Practitioners Mrs Jane Wilson
Ms Nicky Elder
Mrs Tracy McKillop
Mrs Dorothy Brannigan
Clerical Assistants Mrs Gayle Smith
Mrs Ruth Salman
Auxiliary Mrs Norma Crockart
Classroom Assistants Mrs May Riva
Ms Moira Fernie
Support for Learning Assistants Mrs Brenda Strachan/Mrs Sandra Smith
Ms Sevena Jones Mrs Pam Gray Mrs Janice Watkinson
Janitor Mr Niall McAllister
Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs Sandra Smith
Community Learning Worker Mrs Muriel Craig
Clerical Mrs Jane Hughes Link Worker Mrs Christine Cattanach
Community Mr Marco Allen Learning Worker Mrs Rhona Thom
Family Learning Worker Mrs Jane Westall
Community Learning Assistant Mrs Fiona Adams

Service Manager (Interim) Mrs Gillian Thomson
Education & Children’s Services 6
3 School Vision
Children, staff and parents worked on the ‘vision’ for our school and we came up
with the following:

• A stimulating and innovative learning environment encouraging everyone to
reach their full potential.

• Everyone behaves in a safe, respectful way.

• Everyone is valued and actively involved in the life of the school community.

4 School Aims
At Goodlyburn Primary, we aim to:

• Provide high quality learning and teaching which motivates everyone to learn
for life

• Provide opportunities for working in partnership with parents, our community,
local businesses and globally

• Foster an ethos of pride in our school community where everyone is valued
and encouraged to reach their potential

• Encourage our children to work independently, enjoy new challenges and
work towards achieving individual targets

• Provide effective communication links between staff, children, parents and the
wider community
Education & Children’s Services 7
5 Visiting Specialists
In addition to our school teaching staff we also have visiting specialists as detailed below

Music Mrs Davina Lindsay
Peripatetic Gaelic Teacher Ms Bridget McPhee
Speech & Language Therapy Ms Fiona Spence

6 Organisation of School Day
P1-7 (including Gaelic class)
Children line up in their classes in the playground when the bell rings and are collected by their class

Lunch time P1 - P2/3 12.30 - 1.15 pm
P3/4 - P7 12.15 - 1.00 pm
School finishes P1-P7 3.00 pm
[Note: P1 children are in school for half a day only for the first two weeks.]

Our Nursery Handbook has been updated and copies are available from Mrs Smith in the office. We
encourage all parents in Nursery to be fully involved in developments and we welcome helpers and visits
from parents. If you would like more information about Nursery, please contact Mrs Robb or Ms Scott.
Morning Nursery starts at 9 am and finishes at 11.30 am.
Afternoon nursery starts at 12.30 pm and finishes at 3.00 pm.

7 Uniform/Clothing
Our children wear school uniform as below:

Navy/grey skirt or trousers Navy sweatshirts with logo
White shirt or white polo shirt School tie (optional)

School sweatshirts are ordered in January and June. Order forms are sent out to every family. Children
need gym shoes, shorts and a t-shirt (no football colours please) in school for weekly PE/drama. For
safety reasons, children should not wear earrings at gym time. An ‘art shirt’ is useful

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