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HOW TO KILL CREATIVITY Keep doing what you're doing. Or, if you want to spark innovation, rethink how you motivate, reward, and assign work to people. BY TERESA M. AMABILE W H E N I CONSIDER all the or- ganizations I have studied and worked with over the past 22 years, there can be no doubt: creativity gets killed much more often than it gets supported. For the most part, this isn't because managers bave a vendetta against creativity.
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The Physics of Music  Physics 15 University of California, Irvine
Lecture 13 § Woodwinds: air reeds § Brass Instruments
Instructor: David Kirkby (dkirkby
Air Reed Examples of air reed instruments include the flute, recorder, and whistles.
In an air reed instrument, a thin jet of air plays the role of the cane reed(s) of other woodwind instruments.
The air reed has two main components:  Airjet  Sharpedge
Physics of Music, Lecture 13, D. Kirkby
Air Jets and Edges An air jet striking a sharp edge will be deflected to one side of the edge.
If the jet is centered on the edge, turbulence can cause it to switch back and forth between sides in a chaotic way.
The coupling of an air jet with an edge produces sound of its own, which we describe as wind whistling or aeolian tones. These tones are inharmonic and noisy.
Physics of Music, Lecture 13, D. Kirkby
Instructor: David Kirkby
Miscellaneous I will be traveling on Nov 26 (Tuesday before Thanksgiving). There will be a guest lecture, Prof. David Casper.
Problem Set #7 (the last one) will be handed out next Thursday (Nov 21) but not due for two weeks.
No office hours 1011am on Wednesday Nov 27 (afternoon hours are still OK).
Physics of Music, Lecture 13, D. Kirkby
Air Jets and Turbulence As fast air is forced out through your lips, it comes in contact with the stationary surrounding air. This contact triggers turbulent eddies to form, which in turn disturb the flow pattern.
Physics of Music, Lecture 13, D. Kirkby
When an air jet and edge are coupled to a resonator (such as an air column), the frequency selectivity of the resonator can harness the chaotic jetedge vibrations to store energy at harmonic frequencies.
The jetedge (air reed) vibrations are reinforced and synched to the air columns vibrations by a feedback mechanism (similar to the other reed instruments).
In this case, the feedback relies on the direction of air flow in the standing wave rather than pressure pulses.
Physics of Music, Lecture 13, D. Kirkby
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