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Ao.Library.Dissertations 26/07/2011 1 SOUTH WALES DOCTORAL COURSE IN CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY DISSERTATIONS Submission Year Author Dissertation Title 1995 Hannah Connell An investigation into the relationship between coping styles, social support and distress in couples where the husband has survived myocardial infarction. 1995 Hugh Dafforn The cognitive mediation of anger in pathological arson. 1995 Lisa Gotch An investigation of men who use anabolic steroids: knowledge, beliefs, risk taking and attitudes towards, ‘Masculinity'.
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University of Pennsylvania, Folklore & Folklife Dissertations
Year Full Title Author
4 1963 Guide for field workers in folklore. Goldstein, Kenneth S
Diaries of John Gregory Bourke: their anthropological and folklore content / Bourke, John Gregory, 1846-
5 1964
edited by Edwin Van Valkenburg Sutherland. 1896
Two voices of tradition: the influence of personality and collecting influence of
6 1965 personality and collecting environment upon the songs of two traditional Stekert, Ellen Jane, 1935-
7 1965 Badmen, black and white: the continuity of American folk tradition. Turner, Frederick William
Evolution of the traditional calypso of Trinidad and Tobago, a socio-historical
8 1966 Elder, Jacob Delworth, 1913-
analysis of songchange.
9 1968 Proverb and the superstition defined. Forster, Eleanor Anne
10 1968 Biography of ballads from selected collections of Scottish ballads and songs. Lewis, Mary Ellen Brown
11 1968 Medieval metrical Saints' lives and the origin of the ballad. Mackey, Julie Reich
Philadelphia Mummers parade, a study in history, folklore, and popular
12 1968 Welch, Charles Edgar
13 1968 Last minstrel: folklore and the poetry of Sir Walter Scott. Zug, Charles, Gordon
14 1969 Ghostlore of the British Isles and Ireland. Beck, Jane Choate
15 1969 Black folklore from the Mississippi Delta. Ferris, William Reynolds
16 1969 Pattern in the material folk culture of the eastern United States. Glassie, Henry Haywood
17 1969 Recorded American coal mining songs. Green, Archie
18 1969 Harmonists, a folk-cultural approach. Kring, Hilda AdamMelodic contour in White Anglo-American traditional narrative song in North
19 1969 Murphy, William Robert
20 1970 Ex-slave narrative as a source for Folk History. Morgan, Kathryn Lawson
21 1971 Solid sufficiency", an ethnography of yeoman foodways in Stuart England. Anderson, Jay Allan
"Goin' down the road feelin' bad", John Steinbeck's The grapes of wrath, and
22 1971 Kagan, Sheldon S
migrant folklore.
Movie star woman in the land of the Black angries: ethnography and folklore
23 1971 Perdue, Charles L
of a Negro community in rural Virginia.
Hermanos Penitentes, historical and ritual aspects of folk religion in Northern
24 1971 Weigle, Marta
New Mexico and Southern Colorado.
25 1972 Tobaccuary, a study of tobacco curing sheds in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Barakat, Robert Abraham
Such stuff as dreams, a folkloristic sociology of fantasy in the Okefenokee
26 1972 Cothran, Kay Lorraine
Rim, Georgia.
Narrative rhetorical devices of persuasion in the Greek community of
27 1972 Gizelis, Gregory
28 1972 Proverbs and the structure of metaphor among the Haya of Tanzania. Seitel, Peter Isaac
29 1972 Rural square dance in the northeastern United States: a continuity of tradition. Winslow, David John
Children's play and games in rural Thailand, a study in enculturation and
30 1973 Anderson, Wammi Wibulswasdi
Musical tradition and woodsmen singer-critics in Northwestern New York
31 1973 Bethke, Robert Davis
Age, language, culture, previous knowledge, and the proverb as social
32 1973 Brewer, Patricia Jane
metaphor, a study in relationships.
33 1973 History of Anglo-Irish ballad traditions. Johnson, Helen Sewell
34 1973 Folkloric communication among Filipinos in California. Meñez, Hermina Quimpo
Historical development of organized storytelling to children in the United
35 1974 Alvey, Richard Gerald
36 1974 Threshing methods in the Pennsylvania German Area. Borie, Beauveau37 1974 Development of spiritualist mediums apprenticeship to a tradition. Freeman, Bonita Ann
38 1974 Eighteenth-century Scottish precursors of folklore research. Grobman, Neil Richard
39 1974 Folklore studies and health, an approach to applied folklore. Hufford, David John
From folklore to mass culture: Dynamics of acculturation in the games of
40 1974 Mathias, Elizabeth Lay
Italian-American men.
Individual systems of verse-making activity among working-class people in an
41 1974 Renwick, Roger deVeer
industrial region.
42 1974 Popular attitudes to mental illness in Southern Chile. Roth, Julia Anna
43 1974 Votive offerings among Greek-Philadelphians: a ritual perspective. Teske, Robert Thomas
44 1975 Black religious folksong, a study in generic and social change. Raichelson, Richard M
45 1975 Geographical themes in medieval Celtic and Italian folklore Thomas, Juliette Marie
Down on bugger run, family group and the social base of
46 1975 Baldwin, Lois Karen
Running rabbits and talking shit, Folkloric communication in an urban Black
47 1975 Bell, Michael Joseph
48 1975 Pop Ziegler, fiddler, a study of folkloric performance. Feintuch, Burt, 1949-
Many voices, a study of folklore activities in Canada and their role in
49 1975 Henderson, Margaret Carole
Canadian culture.
50 1975 Korean rituals of ancestor worship, an ethnography of folklore performance. Janelli, Roger Louis
51 1975 Santos, the household wooden saints of Puerto Rico. Lange, Yvonne
52 1975 Black religious folksong, a study in generic and social change. Raichelson, Richard M
53 1975 Geographical themes in medieval Celtic and Italian folklore. Thomas, Juliette Marie
54 1975 Folklore in Anglophone West African literature. Umeasiegbu, Rems Nnayelugo55 1975 Dynamics of folklore in interpersonal conflict: a Sinhalese village case study. Virasinha, Amaradasa
Gangways, an expressive culture approach to understanding gang
56 1976 Brown, Waln Karl
Movable feast, the picnic as a folklife custom in Chester county,
57 1976 Craigie, Carter Walker
Pennsylvania, 1870-1925.
Gossiping; or, the creation of fictional lives, being a study of the subject in an
58 1976 Yerkovich, Sally Marie
urban American setting drawing upon vignettes from upper middle class lives.
Mandolins in the United States since 1880, An industrial and sociocultural
59 1977 Hambly, Scott
history of form.
60 1977 Logical contradictions in Korean learned fortunetelling. Janelli, Dawnhee Yim
Slave folklife on the Waccama Neck antebellum Black culture in the South
61 1977 Joyner, Charles Winston
Carolina Lowcountry.
62 1977 Folklore in Mary Webb's novel, Precious Bane. Moreley, Linda
Differential perception of a dramatic event, interpretations of the meaning of
63 1977 Workman, Mark Elliott
professional wrestling matches.
64 1978 America eats, Toward a social definition of American foodways. Camp, John Charles
65 1978 Performed African-American Sermon. Davis, Gerald Lewis
Shared history, Change and continuity in a Welsh-Argentine Andean ethnic
66 1978 Edwards, Jane Spencer
Continuity and change in traditional architecture, folk housing on Virginia's
67 1978 Herman, Bernard L
eastern shore.
68 1978 Aural thinking in Norway, the lore of the harding fiddle. Hopkins, Pandora
69 1978 Storytelling among schoolchildren, A folkloristic interpretation. Levitt, Andrew
Aesthetics of stress in 'Olelo and Oli: Notes toward a theory of Hawaiian oral
70 1978 Perkins, Lily Leialoha Apo Mark
71 1978 Outlaw emotions: workers' narratives from three contemporary occupations. Santino, John Francis72 1978 Nonsense: Aspects of intertextuality in folklore and literature. Stewart, Susan (Susan A), 1952-
73 1978 Americans imagine their ancestors: Family stories as a folklore genre. Zeitlin, Steven Joel
74 1979 American folklore society and folklore research in America, 1888-1940. Dwyer-Shick, Susan A
75 1979 Wisdom and power, Yeats and the commonwealth of Faery. Hirsch, Edward
76 1979 Calvert, a study of artifacts and spatial usage in a Newfoundland community. Pocius, Gerald Lewis
77 1979 Expressive behavior as adaptive strategy among American gypsies. Silverman, Carol Tina
78 1979 Interrelationship of work and talk in a Newfoundland fishing community. Small, Lawrence George
Color terms in British folk tales and legends: a computerized analysis of their
79 1979 Thorsen-Collins, Karen H
grammatical functions and symbolic attributions.
80 1979 Charles Godfrey Leland: the eclectic folklorist. Varesano, Angela-marie
81 1980 One life in Black music, an ethnography of a Black jazz musician. Closson, David L
82 1980 Women's folklore and health care: traditions at work. Phipps, Etienne Juarez
83 1980 Last stand: on the transformation of symbols in modern Israeli culture. Zerubavel, Yael
84 1981 Bryn Mawr College traditions, women's rituals as expressive behavior. Briscoe, Virginia Wolf
Gardener's story and what came next, a contextual analysis of the Marshfield
85 1981 Lichman, Simon
Paper Boy's mumming play.
86 1981 Retellings: storytelling and writing among urban adolescents. Shuman, Amy
87 1982 Storying and changing, an ethnography of speaking in consciousness raising. Bromberg, Joann Berlin
Effect of performer-audience interaction on performance strategies: "Moose-
88 1982 Broudy, Saul Frederick
Turd Pie" in context.
Statistical consideration of data revealed by gravemarkers in Delaware
89 1982 Edgette, J Joseph
County, Pennsylvania, spanning three centuries / J. Joseph Edgette.90 1982 Aspect of the fair : aesthetics and festival in Illinois County Fairs. Prosterman, Leslie Mina
Powwowing in Union County : a study of Pennsylvania German folk medicine
91 1982 Reimensnyder, Barbara L
in context.
You can sell your body but not your mind : a sociolinguistic examination of the
92 1982 Sandler, Richard Lyle
folklore on the automobile factory assembly line.
Retreat from the wilderness : pattern in the domestic environments of
93 1982 St George, Robert Blair
Southeastern New England, 1630-1730.
"It's really tomato sauce but we call it gravy": a study of food and women's
94 1982 Theophano, Janet
work among Italian-American families.
Making Judaism meaningful: ambivalence and tradition in a Havurah
95 1982 Weissler, Lenore Eve
96 1983 Market report, a folklife ethnography of a Texas livestock auction. Boeck, George Albert
97 1983 Art of creole expression in Argentina. Cara-Walker, Ana Cristina
98 1983 Theatre of the streets : parades and ceremonies in Philadelphia 1800-1850. Davis, Susan Gray
99 1983 Myths of tradition and modes of exchange in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Dorst, John Darwin
100 1983 Jazzology, a study of the tradition in which jazz musicians learn to improvise. Fraser, Wilmot Alfred
101 1983 Beyond the rules of the game, girls gaming at a Friends' school. Hughes, Linda Anne
102 1983 Jaime De Angulo, An intellectual biography. Leeds-Hurwitz, Wendy
Ethnicity and Italian opera, a processual analysis of ethnic expression in the
103 1983 Liberkowski, Ida Donata
performing arts.
Land and legend, the role of place in the folk narrative of Chester County,
104 1983 Moss, James Callaway
105 1983 Study of a song and its community "The Chapeau boys". Posen, Ira Sheldon
Beyond folktype and stereotype: (American cultural history throught the eyes
106 1983 Robinson, Beverly Jean
of Edith Wilson).
Festive malaise and festive participation, a case study of Christmas
107 1983 Samuelson, Susan Camille
celebrations in America.108 1983 Early days:" narrative symbolism of logging life in the inland Northwest. Schrager, Samuel Alan
109 1983 Taleworlds and storyrealms: the phenomenology of narrative. Young, Katharine Galloway
110 1984 Style in the novels of William Carleton. Cohane, Mary Ellen
111 1984 Painted screens of Baltimore, Maryland, decorative folk art, past and present. Eff, Elaine
112 1984 Pennsylvania German hex sign, a study in folk process. Graves, Thomas E
Traditional culture and revolutionary society, the development of Soviet
113 1984 Howell, Dona Prescott
folkloristics in Russia, 1918-1938.
Ethnic foodways in everyday life creativity and change among contemporary
114 1984 Kaplan, Anne R
Evolution of the black image in white consciousness, 1876-1954.: a popular
115 1984 Mercier, John Denis
culture perspective.
116 1984 Oral narratives of the experience of disability in American culture. Phillips, Marilynn J
117 1984 Boundaries of orthodoxy, a folkloric look at the UFO phenomenon. Rojcewicz, Peter M
Landscape of enculturation: the vernacular of elementary school buildings
118 1984 Rosenberg, Janis
and playgrounds 1840-1930.
119 1985 Wedding songs as regulators of social control among the Hausa of Nigeria. Bichi, Abdu Yahya
Daniels, Theodore Tudor de
120 1985 Grammar of kindness: the exchange of homemade gifts in folklife.
121 1985 Bynum: the coming of mill village life to a North Carolina County. De Natale, Douglas Paul
122 1985 Speech into print: a structural account of Mark Twain's use of folklore. Kasser, Stephen J
123 1985 Traditional African secretary of state. Odoi, Okyeameba
Folkloristic study of ethnic boundaries: the case of Yemeni Muslims in New
124 1985 Staub, Steven David
York City.
Homeplace: the social use and meaning of the folk dwelling in Southwestern
125 1985 Williams, Michael Ann
North Carolina.Springtown New Jersey : explorations in the history and culture of a Black
126 1986 Boynton, Maria
rural community.
127 1986 At intimate distance : playfighting, manliness, and social order at boys' home. Horan, Robert James
Singing in the spirit : an ethnography of gospel performance in New York
128 1987 Allen, Ray
City's African-American church community.
Subtle craft in several worlds : performance and participation in Romani
129 1987 Andersen, Ruth Elaine
Invented lives : adolescent vernacular writing and the construction of
130 1987 Camitta, Miriam Pitchon
Sharing in the one : an ethnography of speaking in a mystical religious
131 1987 Goldstein, Diane E
"It was a world" : the rhetoric of tradition in the occupational nostalgia of hot
132 1987 Holtzberg, Margaret
metal printers.
133 1987 Food eating and appetite : three case studies. Rashap, Amy
134 1988 Cycle of transformations in the houses of Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania. Bergengren, Charles Lang
Lore of the traditional Malam : material culture of literacy and ethnography of
135 1988 Hassan, Salah El Mohammed
writing among the Hausa of Northern Nigeria.
136 1988 Lake association carnival : festival and play at a resort community. McHale, Ellen Elizabeth
Knowing women : narratives of healing and traditional life from Kodiak Island,
137 1988 Mulcahy, Joanne Burke
138 1988 Playful work : avocation and the commemoration of a mechanical worldview. O'Connor, Malachi S
139 1988 Toward rhetorical immunity : narratives of alcoholism and recovery. O'Reilly, Edmund B
140 1989 Enterprising women : television, folklore, and community. Bacon-Smith, Camille
Deaf club is like a second home": an ethnography of folklore communication
141 1989 Hall, Stephanie A
in American sign language.
When the words roll and the fire flows: spirit, style and experience in African
142 1989 Hinson, Glenn D
American gospel performance.
Sound and the story : the construction and maintenance of a canine
143 1989 Hufford, Mary
symphony.Misfortunes which have befallen me" : the performance and communication
144 1989 Johnson, Benedicte Grima
of emotion gham among Paxtun women.
For want of a nail' (or how a study of the Allen's Neck clambake leads to the
145 1989 Neustadt, Katherine D
demise of Western epistemological imperialism).
Greeting performance in Eueland : ethnographic approach and cultural
146 1990 Afokpa, Kodjo Jb
analysis with a historical survey of folklore scholarship in French West Africa.
"Fascinomas" and "horrendiomas" : the occupational language, humor, and
147 1990 Burson-Tolpin, Anne Caroline
speech play of American physicians.
Growing up in education : an ethnography of Southeast Asian adolescent life
148 1990 Dubois, Thomas A
in Philadelphia schools.
149 1990 Ways of speaking : an ethnopoetic analysis of Ojibwe narratives. Ghezzi, Ridie Wilson
150 1990 Personal legitimation in contemporary alternative healing practitioners. Goodman-Waechtler, Lili
151 1990 Dramatic structure of a Hakka seance : on being convinced. Miska, Maxine
152 1990 Vernacular health belief systems and their implications for clinical care. O'Connor, Bonnie Blair
153 1990 From the heart and the mind : creating Paj Ntaub in the context of community. Peterson, Sally
154 1990 Joke narratives as a world of conversation : a Gricean analysis. Poirier, Charline
155 1990 Family farm : an ethnography of dairy farming in Vermont. Sharrow, Gregory L
Steelband movement in Trinidad and Tobago : music, politics and national
156 1990 Stuempfle, Stephen
identity in a new world society.
Celebrating the American Thanksgiving : an experience-centered approach to
157 1991 Freund, Hugo Allen
meaning formation in a New England family.
Pots, potters, and patrons : the ethnography, history, and meaning of
158 1991 Isaacs, Susan Lynn Freund
contemporary Pennsylvania redware.
159 1991 Alex Mulligan and his "stubble jumpers" : a "true" folk artist. Morrison, Sheila Skye
Heroic poets, poetic heroes : composition and performance in an Arabic oral
160 1991 Reynolds, Dwight Fletcher
epic tradition of Northern Egypt.
161 1992 Stetson Kennedy : applied folklore and cultural advocacy. Bulger, Margaret Anne"You gotta lean a bit into the decorative" : transformations of the coastal New
162 1992 Carroll, Thomas David
Jersey duck decoy.
First and best sort" : Quakerism, brick artisanry, and the vernacular aesthetics
163 1992 Chiarappa, Michael J
of eighteenth-century west New Jersey pattern brickwork architecture.
"Being a christian is like playing duplicate bridge" : Presbyterian women and
164 1992 Davie, Jody Ann
the articulation of belief.
165 1992 Home in the woods : summer life in the Adirondacks. Dietz, Karen Ann
166 1992 Catfish, man of the woods : a study of a West Virginian folk healer. Eilertsen, John
167 1992 Bub's exchange and talk of change among oldtimers in the mother lode. Frank, Russell
Consuming devotions : the negotiation of tradition in contemporary New
168 1992 Kalb, Laurie Beth
Mexico Santos.
Women in the marketplace : transitional economies and feminine discursive
169 1992 Kapchan, Deborah A
domains in Morocco.
"To be happy" : narrative, ritual play and leisure in an annual Bengali religious
170 1992 Korom, Frank J
Dancing bears and purple transformations : the structure of dance in the
171 1992 Leibman, Robert Henry
Colcha embroidery along the northern Rio Grande : the aesthetics of cultural
172 1992 MacAulay, Suzanne
inversion in San Luis, Colorado.
173 1992 There are other ways to get happy : African American urban folklore. McGregory, Jerrilyn
174 1992 Wilderness and tradition : power, politics, and play in the Adirondacks. McMahon, Felicia R
175 1992 Irish music in America : continuity and change. Moloney, Michael
History of Mexican folk foodways of south Texas : street vendors, offal foods,
176 1992 Montaño, Mario
and barbacoa de cabeza.
Mule and the giants : struggling for the body social in a Catalan Corpus Christi
177 1992 Noyes, Dorothy
178 1992 "To shoot, burn, and hang" : folk-history from a Kentucky mountain family. Rolph, Daniel Nelson
179 1992 Rules of fools : carnival in southwest Germany. Tokofsky, Peter Ian

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