The Screwtape Letters
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The Screwtape Letters

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  • exposé - matière potentielle : about human nature
  • cours - matière potentielle : the book
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HarperOne Reading and Discussion Guide for The Screwtape Letters For more reading and discussion guides like this one, visit 1 The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis IntroductIon Originally published in The Guardian from May 2 to Novem- ber 28, 1941, Lewis conceived of The Screwtape Letters in the summer of 1940. On the evening of July 20th, he heard a broadcast speech by Hitler and later wrote to his brother, Warnie: “I don't know if I am weaker than other people, but it is a positive revelation to me that while the speech lasts it is impossible not to waver just
  • workings of human psychology
  • uncanny sense of human nature
  • perspective of a devil
  • insistence on change
  • retired devil to a young devil
  • precise nature of the forces of darkness
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General Freshman Admission Curriculum Code Sheet
CUNY Four-Year Colleges All four-year college programs lead to a Bachelor’s degree unless otherwise indicated. The City Collegecontinued... Baruch College02 Liberal Arts0137 Accountancy 0202 Mechanical Engineering0142 Advertising 0273 Music 0151 Computer Information Systems0220 Optometry 0139 Economics 0208 1 Publishing 0159 Finance and Investments0208 Sciences 0139 Industrial/Organization Psychology0208 Teacher Education0111 Liberal Arts and Sciences0237 Management 0273 Marketing Management0273College of Staten Island07 Public Affairs0278 Accounting0702 Real Estate and Metropolitan Development0289 Business0708 2 Retailing and Sales0273 Business0708 Statistics 0220Computer Science0796 Computer Science/Mathematics0796 2 Computer Technology0796 Brooklyn College05 2 Electrical Engineering Technology0723 Accounting 0502 Engineering Science0724 B.A. Medical Program0537 2 Engineering Science0724 Brooklyn College Scholars0537 Information Systems0720 Business Administration0508 Liberal Arts0737 Business, Management, and Finance0573 2 Liberal Arts0737 Computer and Information Science0537 Medical Technology0744 Engineering 0524 2 Nursing 0747 Film - Bachelor of Arts0562 1 Performing Arts-Cinema-Drama-Music0751 Film Production0509 Sciences 0739 Film Production0537 2 Sciences 0739 Liberal Arts and Sciences0537 Social Work0787 Music 0505 Teacher Education0737 Teacher Education0537 Theater 0551 Hunter College03 Community Health Education0391 The City College01 Computer Science0337 Architecture 0184 Engineering 0324 Biomedical Education0179 Liberal Arts and Sciences0337 Biomedical Engineering0124 Medical Laboratory Sciences0391 Chemical Engineering0116 Music 0305 Civil Engineering0172 Nursing 0347 Computer Engineering0125 Nutrition and Food Science0391 Computer Science0120 Teacher Education0311 Electrical Engineering0123 Electronic Design and Multimedia0127 Environmental Earth System Science0139John Jay College16 Environmental Engineering0153 ComputerInformation Systems1620 Film/Video 0109Correctional Studies1660 1 2 FOOTNOTES: Certificateprogram. Two-yearprogram leading to an Associate degree. Discover the solution.
John Jay Collegecontinued... Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Admin. and Planning Criminology Deviant Behavior and Social Control 1 Dispute Resolution Economics English Fire and Emergency Service Fire Science Forensic Psychology Forensic Science Gender Studies Global History Government International Criminal Justice Judicial Studies Justice Studies Legal Studies Police Studies Public Administration Security Management
Lehman College Accounting Business Administration Computer Information Systems Computer Science Dietetics, Foods, and Nutrition Economics-Business Management Engineering Health Education and Promotion Health Services Administration Liberal Arts Nursing Performing Arts-Dance-Music-Theater Recreation Education Sciences Social Work Teacher Education
Medgar Evers College Accounting Applied Management
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1680 1698 1639 1697 1603 1637 1637 1693 1688 1694 1690 1674 1669 1637 1664 1657 1692 1668 1638 1689 1673
04 0402 0408 0420 0437 0432 0437 0424 0437 0476 0437 0447 0451 0482 0439 0487 0437
19 1902 1914
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CUNY Four-Year Colleges
General Freshman Admission Curriculum Code Sheet
Medgar Evers Collegecontinued...New York CityTechcontinued... 2 Biology 1939Dental Laboratory Technology1322 2 Business 1908Electrical Engineering Technology1323 2 2 Business Administration (Accounting)1908 ElectromechanicalEngineering Technology1371 2 Computer Applications1920 EntertainmentTechnology 1363 2 Computer Information Systems1996 EnvironmentalControl Technology1395 Computer Science1906 FacilitiesManagement 1306 2 2 Computer Science1925 FashionMarketing 1383 Education 1911Graphic Arts Advertising Production1327 2 Management English 1937 Graphic Arts Production Management1327 Environmental Science1953 1 Heating Equipment Technician1395 2 Liberal Arts1937 Hospitality Management1329 Liberal Studies1937 2 Hospitality Management1329 Mathematical Sciences1915 Human Services1314 1 Practical Nursing1943 2 Human Services1314 Psychology 1937 2 Industrial Design Technology1370 Public Administration1989 Legal Assistant Studies1357 2 Public Administration1989 2 Legal Assistant Studies1357 Religious Studies1937 2 21337Liberal Arts Science 1939 1 Lighting Systems Technology1363 Social Work1987 2 21373Marketing Management and Sales Teacher Education1911 2 Mechanical Engineering Technology1342 2 Microcomputer Business Systems1345 New York CityTech13 2 2Nursing 1347 Accounting 1302 2 11367Ophthalmic Dispensing Air Conditioning Equipment Technician1395 2 Radiologic Technology, Medical Imaging1348 Applied Mathematics1315 1 Scenic Construction1363 Architectural Technology1384 2 2Sciences 1339 Architectural Technology1319 1 2Show Control1363 Art and Advertising Design1317 1 Sound Systems Technology1363 Building/Housing Superintendent1309 1 Technology Technology Teacher Education1313 Career and Technical Teacher Education1313 Telecommunications Technology1341 2 Chemical Technology13162 Telecommunications Technology1341 2 Civil Engineering Technology1372 Communication Design1317 Queens College06 Computer Aided Advertising and1359 Accounting 0602 1 Publishing Actuarial Studies for Business0608 Computer Engineering Technology1371 2 Computer Science0639 Computer Information Systems1320 2 Engineering 0624 Computer Science1325 Computer Systems Technology1396 Finance0608 1 Construction Management Technology1310 InternationalBusiness 0608 2 Construction Management Technology1318 LiberalArts - Humanities0637 2 Dental Hygiene1321 LiberalArts - Neuroscience0637 1 2 FOOTNOTES: Certificateprogram. Two-yearprogram leading to an Associate degree.
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Queens Collegecontinued... Liberal Arts - Social Sciences Liberal Arts - Sociology Liberal Arts - Studio Art Liberal Arts - The Arts Mathematics Natural Sciences Performing Arts - Dance Performing Arts - Music Performing Arts - Theatre Psychology Sciences Teacher Education
York College Accounting Aviation Management 1 Aviation Management Business Administration Business Administration, Mortgage 1 Finance Child and Youth Workers Communications Technology Community Health Education Computer Science Engineering Environmental Health Science Gerontological Studies and Services Health Education Health Promotion Management Information Systems Management Journalism Liberal Arts Marketing 1 Marketing - Survey Research Medical Technology Occupational Therapy Pharmaceutical Sciences Physical Education Physician Assistant Studies Sciences Social Work Spanish for Professional Purposes Teacher Education
0637 0637 0637 0637 0639 0639 0651 0651 0651 0639 0639 0611
15 1502 1599 1599 1508 1510
1512 1517 1531 1596 1524 1553 1565 1511 1576 1520 1562 1537 1573 1509 1544 1554 1516 1582 1566 1539 1514 1501 1537
General Freshman Admission Curriculum Code Sheet
CUNY Community Colleges All community college programs lead to an Associate degree unless otherwise indicated. Bronx CCcontinued... Borough of Manhattan CC12 Education Associate/Child Care0811 Accounting 1202 Electronic Engineering Technology0823 Bilingual Childhood Education1275 Energy Services and Technology0818 Business Administration1208 Engineering Science0824 Business Management1273 Environmental Technology0853 Child Care/Early Childhood Education1211 Forensic Science0890 Childhood Education1211 Human Services0814 Computer Information Systems1220 Liberal Arts0837 Computer Network Technology1281 Marketing Management0873 Computer Science1225 Mathematics 0815 Criminal Justice1280 Media Technology0856 Engineering Science1224 1 Medical Assistant0849 Forensic Science1290 Medical Laboratory Technology0844 Health Information Technology1286 Medical Office Assistant0843 Human Services1214 Nuclear Medicine Technology0833 Liberal Arts1237 Nursing 0847 Mathematics 1215 Office Administration and Technology0836 Multimedia Programming and Design1227 Ornamental Horticulture0834 Nursing 1247 Paralegal Studies0857 Office Administration, Office Automation1245 1 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology0816 Office Administration, Office Automation1210 Radiologic Technology0848 Office Administration, Office Operations1236 Sciences 0839 Respiratory Therapy1230 Telecommunications Technology0841 Science 1239 Small Business/Entrepreneurship1226 TherapeuticRecreation 0882 Theatre 1251 Video Arts and Technology1262 Hostos Community College14 Writing and Literature1237 Accounting 1402 Business Management1473 Bronx Community College08 Chemical Engineering Science1416 Accounting 0802Civil Engineering Science1472 1 Animal Care and Management0804 CommunityHealth 1431 1 Assistant of Children with Special Needs0875 CriminalJustice 1480 1 Automotive Mechanics0809 DentalHygiene 1421 Automotive Technology0828 DigitalDesign and Animation1417 1 Bilingual Early Childhood Assistant0875 DigitalMusic 1452 Business Administration0808 EarlyChildhood Education1411 Community/School Health Education0831 ElectricalEngineering Science1423 Computer Information Systems0820 Gerontology1465 Computer Science0825 LiberalArts 1437 Criminal Justice0880 Mathematics1415 Dietetics and Nutrition Science0832 MechanicalEngineering Science1442 Digital Design and Computer Graphics0817 MedicalOffice Management1449 1 Early Childhood Assistant0875 Nursing1447 1 2 FOOTNOTES: Certificateprogram. Two-yearprogram leading to an Associate degree.
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Hostos CCcontinued... 1 Office Assistant Office Technology - Administrative Assistant 1 Practical Nursing Public Administration Public Interest Paralegal Studies Science for Forensic Science Sciences
Kingsborough CC Accounting Alcoholism and Substance Abuse 1 Counseling Biotechnology Broadcasting Technology and Management Business Administration Community Health Computer Information Systems Computer Science Criminal Justice 1 Culinary Arts and Food Management Early Childhood Education/Child Care Education Studies Engineering Science Entrepreneurial Studies Exercise Science/Personal Training 1 Exercise Science/Personal Training Fashion Design Fine Arts 1 Food Service Operations 1 Gerontology Graphic Design and Illustration 1 Hospitality and Meeting Planning Journalism and Print Media Liberal Arts 1 Marine Mechanic Maritime Technology 1 Maritime Technology - Deck Specialist Mental Health and Human Services Nursing Office Administration and Technology - Legal Office Administration and Technology - Medical
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1410 1481 1443 1489 1457 1490 1439
10 1002 1014
1079 1063
1008 1031 1020 1039 1080 1029 1011 1000 1024 1010 1082 1009 1073 1039 1029 1065 1027 1029 1066 1037 1001 1099 1099 1087 1047 1036
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CUNY Community Colleges
General Freshman Admission Curriculum Code Sheet
Kingsborough CCcontinued...LaGuardia CCcontinued... Office Administration and1043 EngineeringScience - Electrical1824 1 Technology - MedicalEngineering Office Administration and1036 EngineeringScience, Mechanical1824 Technology - Office AdministrationEngineering Office Administration and1045 FineArts 1851 Technology - School Human Services, Gerontology1814 Performing Arts1051 Human Services, Mental Health1814 Physical Education, Recreation and1082 Liberal Arts1837 Recreation Therapy Liberal Arts/Teacher Education1811 Physical Therapist Assistant1035 Mathematics and Science1839 Retail Merchandising1083 Microcomputer Systems and1845 Sciences - Biology1039 Applications Sciences - Chemistry1039 Mortuary Science1804 Sciences - Mathematics1039 Music Recording Technology1852 Sciences - Physics1039 New Media Technology1827 Speech Communication1062 Nursing 1847 Surgical Technology1091 Occupational Therapy Assistant1854 Tourism and Hospitality1074 Paralegal Studies1857 Tourism and Hospitality - Aviation and1074 Cruise OperationsPhilosophy 1837 Website Development and Administration1017 PhysicalTherapist Assistant1835 1 Practical Nursing1843 Programming and Systems1820 LaGuardia CC18 Radiologic Technology1848 Accounting 1802 Spanish Translation1837 Administrative Assistant1836 Travel and Tourism1874 Business Administration1808 Veterinary Technology1840 Business Management, Business Finance1873 1 Word Processing Specialist1810 Business Management - Entrepreneurship1873 and Small Business Writing and Literature1837 Business Management - International1873 Business Queensborough CC09 Commercial Food Service Management1826 Accounting 0902 1 Commercial Photography1809 Business Administration0908 Commercial Photography, Digital Photography1817 Computer Engineering Technology0996 Commercial Photography, Fine Art1817 Photography ComputerInformation Systems0920 1 Communications 1837Computer Information Systems0910 Computer Operations1881 Computerized Architectural and0919 Industrial Design Computer Science1825 Computerized Architectural Design and0919 Computer Technology1896 1 Drafting Criminal Justice1880 Computerized Manufacturing0959 1 Dietetic Technician1807 Technology 1 Digital Media Arts1828 CriminalJustice 0980 1 Education Associate: Bilingual Child1875 DayCare Assistant0912 Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic1885 DigitalArt and Design0917 Engineering Science, Civil Engineering1824 ElectronicEngineering Technology0923 1 2 FOOTNOTES: Certificateprogram. Two-yearprogram leading to an Associate degree.
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Queensborough CCcontinued... Engineering Science0924 Environmental Health0953 Fine and Performing Arts0951 Forensic Science0990 Gallery and Museum Studies0963 1 Health Care Office Administration0943 Health Sciences0991 Laser and Fiber Optics Engineering0941 Technology Liberal Arts and Science, Math and Science0939 Liberal Arts and Sciences0937 Management 0973 Massage Therapy0982 Mechanical Engineering Technology0942 1 Medical Office Assistant0943 Microsoft Office Application Proficiency0901 Preparation Music Electronic Technology0952 New Media Technology0927 1 New Media Technology0927 Nursing 0947 Office Administration and0936 Technology - Administrative Secretary Office Administration and0936 Technology - Office Technology Office Administration and0936 Technology - Word/Information Processing 1 Photography 0909 1 School Secretary0945 Teacher Education/Liberal Arts and0911 Sciences Telecommunications Technology0981
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