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Enterprise policy news and reviews25, June 2007
Enterprise policy
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Championing the free movement of goods
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ENTREPRENEURSHIP BUILDING ON THE STRENGTHS OF THE SMALLEST ENTERPRISES The fourth European Conference on Craft and Small Enterprises, held in Stuttgart on 16 and 17 April under the German EU presidency, provided an opportunity to analyse the sector’s overall competitiveness and identify its needs. A wideranging set of policy priorities was adopted by the participants, addressed to all political levels, to help firms confront the challenges and benefit from the opportunities ahead. The presence at the conference of the German Chancellor and EU President, Angela Merkel, and Commission VicePresident, Günter Verheugen, as well as several ministers from EU Member States, bears testimony to the importance of the high profile event, which attracted over 1,000 participants. Stuttgart is to be seen as a step in strengthening the craft and small enterprise dimension in the Union’s modern SME policy.
SECTORS BRINGING SPACE DOWN TO EARTH The contribution the space industry makes to our daily lives is far more significant, and tangible, than merely providing us with a better understanding of the universe – important as that is. The sector plays a crucial role in ensuring Europe has a high level of technological and industrial capability and makes its presence felt in areas as varied as environment, transport, communications, humanitarian aid and financial markets. If the EU does not wish to become dependent on others, notably the US, in this area, it must develop a truly European Space Policy. The Commission and the European Space Agency, working together, have shown how this could be achieved and EU governments have recently given their political support to the strategy.
Enterprise Europe N°25 | June 2007