Indian palmistry

Indian palmistry


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AMRS J. B. DALUCSB LIBRARYINDIANBYMRS. J. B. DALE.LONDON :THEOSOPHICAL PUBLISHING DUKESOCIETY, 7, STREET, ADELFHI, W.C.NEW YORK:THE MADISON* AVENUE.PATH, 144,MADRASPROPRIETORS OF THE ADYAR.THEOSOPHIST,1895-PLATE I. THE HAND.REFERENCEPREFACE.the art of the eventsCHEIROMANCY, foretellingof life the lineaments of the derived itshand,byname from the Greek word the andchciros, palm,to whence it has beenumnteia, foretell, vulgarlyas it is incalled named a recent ActPalmistryof Parliament to forbid its for orpractice gainreward. In Coleman's theMythology of Hindoos,isit written: "On the Buddha's foot is thep. 202,mark called the wheel or'chakravarti,' discus,which should been on thehave of thepalm hand,which the at his birth divined that heby sageswould rise to considerable eminence." He says"Various data have been to the(p. 19): assignedof Buddha's existence. The most correctperiodseems to be about as the550 B.C., whence, sagesat Buddha's its exist-practised cheiromancy birth,ence must have been much earlier known among"the Indians." In the writes Zadkiel,year 1652,""the celebrated Geo.astrologer, Wharton, Esq.,a translation of 'a matchless aspublished piece'VI PREFACE.he terms on the written in Latinit, subject, byDr. Rothman." Since that the art ofJ. periodhas fallen intocheiromancy gradually disuse,from the extensive nonsense bychiefly publishedrecent writers. One of the writers makes ashallow to the connection whichattempt ...


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