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Framework Programme 7 (2007-2013) Researc nrastructures projets
Summary:he Cyprus nsttute s preparng to bud a Computaton-based Scence and Tecnoogy Researc Centre (CSTRC) tat w ncude a g-perormance computng (HPC) acty wose scae s expected to be o te order o tens o teralops. he CSTRC w be a regona supercomputer centre o sgnIcant sze desgned prmary to serve the needs of Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean region. It will have an associated researc and educatona centre devoted to te support o appcaton codes n scence and tecnoogy. hs Support Acton ams to ensure tat, n ts pannng and eary de-veopment pases, te CSTRC deveops strong ancors wt bot te European CT infrastructure and the Eastern Mediterranean scientic community, thereby helping to build scientic and technological bridges between Europe and the Middle East and to narrow the digital gap between the Eastern Mediterranean and the Western World.
Objectives:he objectves o te Support Acton are te oowng: 1. hentegraton o te Cyprus nsttute CSTRC nto te European g-perormance computng and computatona scence envronment 2. heorganzaton o remote and trans-natona access by vrtua communtes o us-ers from the Eastern Mediterranean region 3. heexecuton o a easbty study or te creaton o a regona researc network interconnecting the Eastern Mediterranean countries with each other and with Cy-prus 4. Outreacactvtes, n order to ensure te dssemnaton o te outcome o studes and actions included in the LinkSCEEM project among decision makers and the researc and educatona communtes
Action plan: Severanes o actvty w be deveoped to aceve te objectves de-scrbed above, wt dferent partners takng te ead n eac:
1. Assessngte needs o te regon (ead: UCC, srae). hs actvty w ocus on two areas. Frst, to denty scentsts n te area wo woud be abe to mprove ter researc practces  tey ad easy access to a g-perormance computng center and to knowedgeabe staf abe to gude tem n ts use. Second, to make an nven-tory o te computer actes n te regon and o ter pattern o usage, n order to avod dupcaton o efort as we as te setup o an nrastructure tat woud not meet regona needs.
2. Coordnatono resources and access o users (ead: SARA, Neterands). here are aso two acets to ts actvty. Frst, te HPC acty n Cyprus w be optmay n-tegrated nto exstng European ntatves, n partcuar PRACE, te EU-wde con-sortum or very arge scae computng, EGEE, te European Grd nrastructure, and GEANT, te researc and educaton network. Second, t w ensure tat users are abe to connect to te center, to transer ter data tere, and to receve proper tranng on ow to use te acty. A peer-revewed project management system aso w be put nto pace.
3. Computaton-basedscence educaton and researc prospectve (ead: NCSA, USA). he man trust o ts actvty w be to estabs a detaed researc and educatona agenda or te CSTRC tse, based on te mode o te nsttute or Advanced Computng Appcatons and Tecnooges at te Unversty o nos. he educatona agenda w be taored n order to meet regona weaknesses n te tranng o scentsts on te use o supercomputers.
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Project acronym:LinkSCEEM
Contract n°:R-222904
Project type:CSA-SA
Start date: 01/04/2008
Duration:18 monts
Total budget:864 519 €
Funding from the EC:569 938 €
Total funded effort in person-month:72
Web site:www.
Contact person: C. Vctor Jongenee ema: c.v.jongenee@cy te.: +357 22406516 ax.: +357 22406521
Keywords: HPC, Middle East, e-infrastructures, EUMed
Collaboration with other EC funded projects: EUMedconnect PRACE EGEE 2 DESA