Culture and Cooking - Art in the Kitchen
40 pages

Culture and Cooking - Art in the Kitchen


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40 pages
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The Project Gutenberg EBook of Culture and Cooking, by Catherine OwenThis eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and withalmost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away orre-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License includedwith this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.orgTitle: Culture and CookingArt in the KitchenAuthor: Catherine OwenRelease Date: September 14, 2009 [EBook #29982]Language: English*** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK CULTURE AND COOKING ***Produced by Turgut Dincer and the Online DistributedProofreading Team at (This file wasproduced from images generously made available by TheInternet Archive/American Libraries.)Note:Discrepancies between chapter names in CONTENTS and in chapter headings have been retained as shown in theoriginal book. CoverCULTURE AND COOKING;OR,ART IN THE KITCHEN.BYCATHERINE OWEN"Le Créateur, en obligeant l'homme à manger pour vivre, l'y invite par l'appétit et l'en récompense par le plaisir."—Brillat Savarin. CASSELL, PETTER, GALPIN & CO.,NEW YORK, LONDON, AND PARIS.1881Copyright,1881,By O. M. DUNHAM.PRESS OF J. J. LITTLE & CO.,NOS. 10 TO 20 ASTOR PLACE, NEW YORK.PREFACE.This is not a cookery book. It makes no attempt to replace a good one; it is rather an effort to fill up the gap between youand your household oracle, whether she be one of those exasperating old friends who maddened our mother with theirvagueness, or the newer ...



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Produced by Turgut Dincer and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at (This file was produced from images generously made available by The Internet Archive/American Libraries.)
 Cover CULTURE ANDCOOKING; OR, ART IN THE KITCHEN. BY CATHERINE OWEN "Le Créateur, en obligeant l'homme à manger pour vivre, l'y invite par l'appétit et l'en récompense par le plaisir." Brillat Savarin.
Note: Discrepancies between chapter names in CONTENTS and in chapter headings have been retained as shown in the original book.
or good things little known, or supposed to belong to the domain of a Frenchchef, of which I have introduced a good many. Should I succeed in making things that were obscure before clear to a few women, I shall be as proud as was Mme. de Genlis when she boasts in her Memoirs that she has taught six new dishes to a German housewife. Six new dishes! When Brillat-Savarin says: "He who has inventedonenew dish has done more for the pleasure of mankind than he who has discovered a star." CONTENTS CHAPTER I.  Page Preliminary remarks1 CHAPTER II. on bread Sponge for bread.—One cause of failure.—Why home-made bread often has a hard crust.—On baking.—Ovens.—More reasons why bread may fail to be good.—Light rolls.—Rusks.—Kreuznach horns.—Kringles.—Brioche (Paris Jockey Club recipe).—Soufflée bread.—Anovelty12 CHAPTER III. pastry. Why you fail in making good puff paste.—How to succeed.—How to handle it.—To put fruit pies together so that the syrup does not boil out.— Ornamenting fruit pies.—Rissolettes.—Pastry tablets.—Frangipane tartlets.—Rules for ascertaining the heat of your oven22 CHAPTER IV. what to have in your store-room. Mushroom powder (recipe).—Stock to keep, or glaze (recipe).—Uses of glaze.—Glazing meats, hams, tongues, etc.—Mâitre d'hôtel butter (recipe).—Uses of it.—Ravigotte or Montpellier butter (recipe).—Uses of it.—Roux.—Blanc (recipes).—Uses of both.—Brown flour, its uses28 CHAPTER V. luncheons. Remarks on what to have for luncheons.—English meat pies.—Windsor pie.—Veal and ham pie.—Chicken pie.—Raised pork pie.—(Recipes). —Ornamenting meat pies.—Galantine (recipe).—Fish in jelly.—Jellied oysters.—A new mayonnaise luncheon for small families.—Potted meats (recipes).—Anchovy butter.—Anew omelet.—Potato snow.—Lyonnaise potatoes35 CHAPTER VI. a chapter on general management in very small families. How to have little dinners.—Hints for bills of fare, etc.—Filet de bœuf Chateaubriand (recipe).—What to do with the odds and ends.—Various recipes.Salads.Recipes47 CHAPTER VII. frying. Why you fail.—Panure or bread-crumbs, to prepare.—How to prepare flounders as filets de sole.—Fried oysters.—To clarify dripping for frying.— Remarks.—Pâte à frire à la Carême.—Same, à la Provençale.—Broiling55 CHAPTER VIII. roasting62 CHAPTER IX. boiling and soups. Boiling meat.—Rules for knowing exactly the degrees of boiling.—Vegetables.—Remarks on making soup.—To clear soup.—Why it is not clear. —Coloring pot-au-feu.—Consommé.—Crême de celeri, a little known soup.—Recipes65 CHAPTER X. sauces. Remarks on making and flavoring sauces.—Espagnole or brown sauce as it should be.—How to make fine white sauce70 CHAPTER XI. warming over. Remarks.—Salmi of cold meats.—Bœuf à la jardinière.—Bœuf au gratin.—Pseudo-beefsteak.—Cutlets à la jardinière.—Cromesquis of lamb.— Sauce piquant.—Miroton of beef.—Simple way of warming a joint.—Breakfast dish.—Stuffed beef.—Beef olives.—Chops à la poulette.— Devils.—Mephistophelian sauce.—Fritadella, twenty recipes in one72 CHAPTER XII. on friandises. Biscuit glacée at home (recipes).—Iced soufflés (recipes).—Baba and syrups for it (recipe).—Savarin and syrup (recipes).—Bouchées de dames.—How to make Curaçoa —Maraschino.—Noyeau84 . CHAPTER XIII. french candies at home. How to make them.—Fondants —Vanilla.—Almond cream.—Walnut cream.—Tutti frutti.—Various candies dipped in cream.—Chocolate creams. . —Fondant panaché.—Punch drops91 CHAPTER XIV. for people of very small means. Remarks.—What may be made of a soup bone.—Several very economical dishes.—Pot roasts.—Dishes requiring no meat96 CHAPTER XV. Afew things it is well to remember105 CHAPTER XVI. On some table prejudices108 CHAPTER XVII. a chapter of odds and ends.
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