Tutorial - Reading ePub files with or without DRM
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Tutorial - Reading ePub files with or without DRM


Le téléchargement nécessite un accès à la bibliothèque YouScribe
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5 pages
Le téléchargement nécessite un accès à la bibliothèque YouScribe
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All you need to know to read files (with or without DRM) with Adobe Digital Editions!



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Publié le 16 décembre 2011
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Reading ePub files with or without DRM
The free software
Adobe Digital Editions
allows you to read your files in ePub and PDF format.
If these files are
protected by DRM, you will need an Adobe ID account to view them.
Here's how you proceed to installing Adobe Digital Editions, create an Adobe ID account and read your files
with DRM on other devices.
Installing Adobe Digital Editions
To do this got to the address
, click on "Download now" and
then click the install badge. (Note that to use Adobe Digital Editions, you must have Adobe Flash Player 7
or a more recent version installed on your computer, and the Javascript function must be enabled on your
The installation wizard will open.
Click "Continue".
CASE 1: the file that you want to read on your computer is not protected by DRM:
select "Do not allow the computer" (this action is not irreversible). The installation will stop at this
point. To open your ePub file in Adobe Digital Editions, you can simply double-click on it.
CASE 2: the file that you want to read is protected by DRM:
In this case you have to
authorise your computer
. To do this, you will need an Adobe ID account. It's
free to create. If you haven't done so yet, click on the corresponding link:
You will be directed to the Adobe website. On the page that appears,
click on "Create an Adobe
Fill the fields
in the account creation form (this account is independent of your YouScribe account).
Skip the heading "Adobe questionnaire" located below.
After having filled out this form and set your preferences,
click "Continue".
In the page that opens,
click on "Continue"again
to finalise the creation of your Adobe ID account.
Now that you have an Adobe ID account you can authorise your computer.
Enter the login and the
password that you just created, and then
click the button "Activate".
The installation procedure for Adobe Digital Editions is complete!
Downloading and reading your document
Once your payment has been made, go to your library: your publication has been classified in the
section My purchases.
Open this section and click on the thumbnail for the publication to be directed to your YouScribe page.
Here, click on
: this will trigger the download of the file that will automatically open in Adobe Digital
Edition. (alternatively, you can open it by right-clicking on the name of the file and selecting
and finally
Adobe Digital Editions
Transfer your file under DRM to another computer
To be able to view your file on other devices, you must authorise each of these devices by repeating
the procedure above (note that you can only authorise one computer only for each Adobe ID account).
If you want to read your DRM protected file on another computer, you first need to install Adobe
Digital Editions on this computer. During installation, you can enter your login and your Adobe ID
password to authorise the computer.
Once the computer allows it, you can read your file (that you have previously transferred by mail or via
a USB stick) simply by double-clicking on it.
Transfer your file with DRM to a mobile device
(reader, tablet, etc.)
No mobile devices will permit you to read files protected by DRM.
The first thing to do is therefore ensure that the software Adobe Digital Editions is compatible with your
device. To do this, see the list which is located at this address:
Start by installing the driver to use your reader on your computer
Connect your reader to your computer. Adobe Digital Editions will automatically detect it: the icon for
your reader appears in your list of libraries (left column).
You have to
authorise your reader.
Once you have authorised your reader by using your Adobe ID
account you will not have to do this again for subsequent file transfers.
Then in the right column select the title that you want to transfer and drag the slider to the icon for
your reader. The transfer is complete!
For more detailed help go on the Adobe Digital Editions support page.
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