Tutorial - Selling on YouScribe
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Tutorial - Selling on YouScribe


Le téléchargement nécessite un accès à la bibliothèque YouScribe
Tout savoir sur nos offres
5 pages
Le téléchargement nécessite un accès à la bibliothèque YouScribe
Tout savoir sur nos offres


All you need to know to sell your digital publications on YouScribe!



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Selling on YouScribe
YouScribe is currently in the beta version. During this initial phase,
selling documents is only available to users
living in the United States, Canada, the European Union and Switzerland.
Choosing to sell on YouScribe is an assurance of freedom:
Set your prices.
On YouScribe, you set the sales price for your publications yourself. YouScribe will pay
you 60% of the price excluding VAT for each of your sales, minus a fixed amount of €0.15
corresponding to the technical costs and the banking transaction costs.
Stay in control.
In terms of terms of sale, you are the only master on-board: you determine the prices,
access terms and the size of the extract from your publication. YouScribe is not a publishing house, you
therefore remain the full owner of your copyrights.
How do you sell on YouScribe?
Do you want to sell your publications? Join the largest French language digital publications store! To do
this, you just have to apply a few recommendations and to follow the procedure below:
Rules and tips
Before selling a document on YouScribe, please check the rules and tips below. These rules have been
created in your interest: they will help you to maximise sales of your document.
To begin, here are a few tips…
Help your readers find you
: To ensure that your publications are read, your readers need to be able
to find them easily. To achieve this, we recommend you provide as much information as possible
about your document. Choose appropriate tags, select your topic and sub-topic carefully and, above
all, use a clear and precise title.
rst impressions count…:
in a traditional bookshop, people are often attracted by a cover. On
YouScribe, it is the same thing: a well chosen cover can often make a difference. If you choose to
decorate this cover with an image (photo, illustration), make sure however that it is free of copyright.
Know how to attract your readers
: The first thing that buyers read is the description of your
publication. Take the time to write it. Similarly, select the extract which will be presented on the
website with care: is it representative? Does it show the text off? Is it relevant? Ask yourself the right
Take care with the presentation
: it is enough to trigger a purchase. Put all the chances on your side,
you should take care over the details: use a clear page layout, organise your text, choose an
enjoyable to read typography. Not forgetting the golden rule of the online publisher: take the time to
use the spell checker. It's always a worthwhile investment!
Finally, you need to ensure that your publications comply with the following points:
To publish on the YouScribe shop, you must be the author of the document that you want to put up
for sale, orfailing that own the rights to use the work if it is not yours. In case of doubt, we will ask
you to prove that you hold these rights.
You can sell
virtually everything
, but not anything:
YouScribe conforms to French law in the field of
publication. In this capacity, we will exclude any document justifying crimes against humanity,
inciting racial hatred or violence, or constituting a violation of human dignity. Child pornography is
obviously prohibited.
For more information, see the general terms of sale for the website, the heading
Copyright and our Copyright FAQ and Copyright law.
Create an account / Login
To publish on YouScribe, you must be registered and logged in.
If it you have not already done so, begin by creating an account.
If you already have an account, login.
Click on "Publish"
at the top of any page and then
select the option "Publish and sell"
Register as a seller
For you to be assigned the status of seller, we need some additional information.
Carefully fill in each field of the form to which you are redirected. You are in a secure area and this
information will remain strictly confidential.
how you want to be paid
(by credit to your Paypal account or by bank account transfer) and enter
the corresponding information.
Read and agree to the
general terms of sale
Load your publication file
and describe its contents by completing a new form which is displayed on the
screen. Remember that a well-presented publication is more visible, and therefore is more likely to sell.
Determine the access conditions for your document.
By default, your publications can be freely downloaded and printed on YouScribe. However, if you want
to suspend the access to one or the other of these features, you only need to specify in this heading
"Your publication options".
Choose your price
The price that you set is the
sales price incl. VAT
. This is the one that will appear on the website. It must
be greater than or equal to €0.90. From that price, we automatically calculate the price excluding VAT.
The amount that you will be paid for each sale corresponds to 60% of the price excl. VAT.
Note that YouScribe
charges a fixed amount of €0.15 for each sale. This amount corresponds to the technical costs and the
banking transaction costs.
Determine the size of your extract
Books are more easily bought when you can leaf through them! That is why each publication for sale on
YouScribe has a freely accessible extract. By default, the size of this extract is determined automatically
by YouScribe, but
you know your text better than us!
We recommend that you select the passages
yourself that are the most representative of your publication.
To sell a file on YouScribe, you must be the author or own the rights allowing you to use it commercially.
YouScribe therefore ask you to certify that you are legally entitled to profit from the document that you
are about to sell.
For more information: see our heading Copyright and Copyright FAQ and Copyright law
Putting online
At this stage, you just have to complete the sale by clicking on
You will then be redirected to your
personal shop:
the heading in your personal area dedicated to
managing and monitoring your sales (detailed below). You are the only person who has access to it.
We then proceed to integrating your publication in the general YouScribe shop, depending on all the
options that you have defined. Due to the large number of requests that we receive daily, this step may
take a few days.
During this period, your publication will appear in your shop, but with the status "Publication in
As soon as your publication is on sale in the YouScribe shop, we will send you a message to your
YouScribe account and to your mail inbox to inform you.
And after?
Promotion yourself!
Is your publication on sale? Now, you talk about it! YouScribe offers several tools to increase the
dissemination and visibility of your publications. Please use them, they have been designed for you.
Embed the extract from your publication in your website or to your blog.
In this way, your readers
will be able to browse online, just as on YouScribe.
For more information, see our tutorial Embed the
YouScribe reader in your blog or website
Link your account with Facebook and/or Twitter!
As soon as your publication is on sale, your
followers and your friends will be informed of it.
For more information, see our tutorial Share more with
Encourage comments!
When you promote your publication, encourage your contacts and buyers to
leave a comment: recommendations by other readers is the best form of advertising.
Manage your paying publications and follow the progress of your sales
In your shop, you can:
Monitor the progress of your income and the performance of your sales via the Scoreboard.
Edit the terms of sale for your publications via the tab Managing my publications.
View and edit your personal data and your payment options (if you change your bank or address for
example) via the tab Payment information.
Monitor the progress of your sales
(Scoreboard tab)
You can monitor your document's sales in real time from the scoreboard: the number of sales, net
income, date of your next payment, etc.
Summary since your last payment
: at a single glance, go to a summary overview of your sales (in
quantity and in turnover) since your last payment.
Publication details
: here, you can follow the individual performance of each of your publications, for
a period of your choosing.
Payment history
: this table lets you track your payments, month by month.
Manage your catalogue
(tab Managing my publications)
By going to the tab "Managing my publications", you can edit the terms and conditions of sale for your
documents at any time:
In the list of your publications, click on the one for which you want to edit the terms and conditions of
sale. A box unfolds with the terms and conditions of sale originally defined (access mode, sales price,
classification, etc.). To edit them, click on
In the page that opens, you can change the access mode for your publication (suspend or authorise
downloading and printing), its sales price, the size of the visible extract and its description.
If you want to remove the publication from sale, click on
Edit your contact information or your payment method
(Payment information tab)
The personal information for your seller account and your choice of payment can be changed at any
time. To do this, click on the tab "Payment information".
The first box contains the personal information that you entered when you registered as a seller.
The second part contains the details of the account (bank or Paypal) to which we will credit your
Receiving your first income!
Your net income will be paid to you 30 days from the end of the month following your sales.
For example: if the net income for the month of February is €65, this amount will be credited to your
account on 31 March.
For us to proceed with the payment, your net income has to be over €50.00. Otherwise, the payment is
deferred to the next month, unt
il the total exceeds €50.00.
For example: your net income from the month of February is is €25.00: this amount is not sufficient to
trigger the payment on 31 March.
The net income from sales made in the month of March is €30.00: the total of your account f
or the
month of March is therefore: €25.00 (February total) + €30.00 (March total) = €55.00. This total is
higher than €50.00. Therefore, it will be credited to your account on 30 April.
You will be paid into your Paypal account or your bank account, according to the preferences you set in
your seller profile.
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