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Little cities of Italy

588 pages
! 'i 11 I • I II ' ;; I f lie GitiesiniinMMMHiwnniniininni!:ii:ni[H!ii!'!!;;ii':!(M;n!:i!!!i!!Miii iiihtii:!:!!!!:!!!î^^^^^^^M_^îlutU . A.^yi/Mz.LIBRARYTHEOFTHE UNIVERSITYOF CALIFORNIAANGELESLOSM^^-By Andre MaurelTranslated by Helen GerardLittle ofCities Italy2 voh. Beautifully Illustrated(For complete description see end of volume)—Little Cities ofItalyByMaurelAndréTranslated byHelen Gerard"Author of THe Story of tHe XHirteen Colonies"With Portrait and Biographical Sketch ofthe Jfuthor——Milan—Pa-via Piacenza—Parma—ModenaPesaroBologna Ferrare—Ra-venna—R.imini—— —Spell —Monte-—Urbino—Perugia v\ssisi oViterbo, etc.falco—Spoleto—Or-vieto^—IVith 40 IllustrationsPutnam'sG. P. SonsNe-w YorK and LondonJLbe Iknicfterbocfter press1913Copyright, 1913BYG. P. PUTNAM'S SONSUbe Htnfclterbocliec iprese, mew ffîotft2)G-MADAME PIERRE MAURELin token ofBrotherly AttachmentA. M.4S9428ANDRE MAURELS novelist andjournalist,a asaliterarycritic and connoisseur in painting,sculpture, and architecture and asa keenand charming writeronwhatma}^ be called the world's Italy, Monsieur Maurelstands among the most distinguished of the classi-cal-bred, yet altogether modern, French men ofletters.The first work from his pen to be presented inEnglish, the volume to which the present book isa companion, won an international reputationbecause of its universal appeal. Monsieur Maurelis not a man who as he writes keeps in mind thepossible ...
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! 'i 11 I • I II ' ; ; I f li e Gities iniinMMMHiwnniniininni!:ii:ni[H!ii!'!!;;ii':!(M;n!:i!!!i!!Miii iiihtii:!:!!!!:!!! î^^^ ^^^^M_^ îlutU . A.^yi/Mz. LIBRARYTHE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ANGELESLOS M^^- By Andre Maurel Translated by Helen Gerard Little ofCities Italy 2 voh. Beautifully Illustrated (For complete description see end of volume) — Little Cities of Italy By MaurelAndré Translated by Helen Gerard "Author of THe Story of tHe XHirteen Colonies" With Portrait and Biographical Sketch of the Jfuthor ——Milan—Pa-via Piacenza—Parma—Modena PesaroBologna Ferrare—Ra-venna—R.imini— — —Spell —Monte-—Urbino—Perugia v\ssisi o Viterbo, etc.falco—Spoleto—Or-vieto^— IVith 40 Illustrations Putnam'sG. P. Sons Ne-w YorK and London JLbe Iknicfterbocfter press 1913 Copyright, 1913 BY G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS Ube Htnfclterbocliec iprese, mew ffîotft