DIY Water Audit (Schools)
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DIY Water Audit (Schools)

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3070 A5 Use Wat Wise schools 26/6/98 3:17 pm Page 1Water InformationUsing Water WiselyWater Audit“DIY”SchoolsOWR 9700 DECEMBER 1997CARETAKER3070 A5 Use Wat Wise schools 26/6/98 3:17 pm Page 2Our job at Dˆwr Cymru WelshWater is to make sure that there DidDid you know? enough water for everyone,whenever they want it, whatever¥ We each use 150 litres of cleanthe weather, whatever the time of treated water every or year. ¥ Over one third of the water we use at home goes down theDw?r Cymru collects, cleans andtoilet - each flush can usedelivers 1,000 million litres of waterbetween 6 and 13 litres of watera day to homes, schools, officesdepending on the size of theand factories across Wales.toilet cistern.This DIY W ater Audit leaflet¥ This increases to two thirds inshows you how to use water moreschools for toilet and urinalwisely both at school and at home. flushing. It is surprising, but with just a little¥ A running tap can use up to more thought it is easy to reduce9 litres of water a minute.the amount of water we use.¥ A dripping tap can waste up toWater is the world s most 30 litres of water a day.common and yet most remarkable¥ A washing machine uses up tosubstance. It covers three-quarters80 litres of water per cycleof the earth s surface and has manywhether its full or not, and aextraordinary properties. Withoutdishwasher between 22 and 35water there is nothing.litres per cycle.¥ A bath uses up to 80 ...



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ap can use up to ater a minute. tap can waste up to water a day. machine uses up to water per cycle full or not, and a between 22 and 35 cle. up to 80 litres of shower 35 litres of
% 100
% 100
In a typical school
Flushing the toilet 43%
Urinal flushing 20%
Washing 27%
Cleaning 1% Canteen use 9%
In a typical home
Flushing the toilet 33%
Taking a bath 13% Taking a shower 4% Using the handbasin 9%
Using the washing machine 21%
Using a dishwasher 1% Using the kitchen sink 16%
Using the outside tap 3%
u have any bright ideas hat could save water at hool?
Use the checklist below, and see if you can spot any ways to save water at your school.
Things that can waste water
tick the box
Do the urinals in the boys toilets flush all the time - even when school is closed?
If yes, ask if this is necessary.
Are any of the taps in the cloakroom dripping or overflows running?
If yes, can the washers be replaced or overflow fixed?
Do you have our “Save water” stickers fixed above the hand
Contact01874 614523if you would like some stickers.