Catalogue Frédérique Constant 2013

Catalogue Frédérique Constant 2013

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La manufacture horlogère Frédérique Constant propose ce très beau catalogue. Ce dernier vous permet de découvrir la marque de montres et aussi l'ensemble de sa collection pour hommes et femmes.



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Publié le 22 janvier 2014
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Contents Introducing.05 True Passion. 06 Geneva. 07 Philosophy & Brand values. 08 Today. 09 Chronology. 10 Manufaure.11 Building. 12 The Birth. 13 Design & Conception. 14 CNC Machine. 15 Prototype. 16 Decoration. 17 Workshops. 20 After Sales Services. 28 A Passion for details. 29 Movements.31 Heart Beat Manufacture. 32 Tourbillon Manufacture Silicium. 36 FC-700 calibres range. 40 In-house movements. 42 Part. 1
Colleions 49. 51.Manufaure Colleion 56 .• Maxime Manufacture 58 .• Slimline Moonphase Manufacture 60 .• Classics Manufacture 62 . Manufacture• Worldtimer 64 . Beat Manufacture Moonphase• Heart 64 .• Heart Beat Manufacture GMT 66 .• Slimline Tourbillon Manufacture 71.Ladies Automatic Colleion 78 .• Ladies Automatic 78 . Automatic Double Heart Beat• Ladies 80 .• Ladies Automatic World Heart Federation 81 .• Ladies Automatic Love Heart Beat 83.Runabout Colleion 88 .• Runabout Automatic 88 . Moonphase• Runabout 90 .• Runabout Chronograph 90 . Manufacture Power Reserve• Runabout 93.Vintage Rally Colleion 98 .• Healey Automatic 98 . Chronograph• Healey 100 . to Paris Chronograph• Peking 103.Classics Colleion 108 .• Art Déco Oval 109 .• Art Déco 110 . Mini• Slimline 112 . Ladies Midsize• Slimline 113 .• Slimline Midsize 114 . Ladies Joaillerie• Slimline 116 . Gents• Slimline 117 .• Slimline Gents - Small Seconds and Date 120 . Automatic• Slimline 124 .• Business Timer 126 . Worldtimer• Index 126 .• Index Automatic ® 130 .• Index Clear Vision 132 . Moontimer• Index 134 .• Ladies Chronograph Quartz 136 .• Gents Chronograph Quartz 137 . Automatic• Classics 139 . Heart Beat• Classics 140 . Ladies• Junior 140 . Carrée• Delight 142 .• Carrée 142 . Carrée• Classics 142 . Heart Beat• Carrée Part. 2
Introducing True Passion . Geneva . Philosophy & Brand values . Today . Chronology 5INTRODUCING
True Passion has always been the result of fine, sensitive processes that happen over time -and not Born from the passion that Aletta and the exploits of some exciting moment. It represents Peter Stas have for fine watches, the family-owned our internal drive, not our daily habits or needs. and still independent brand Frédérique Constant While our habits change, our drive continues to be offers not only, year after year, exceptional time-the result of our character and heritage. Time and pieces of high quality, but also makes them acces-moments pass. The accomplishments of our drive sible to watch lovers and connoisseurs alike. remain over time. This has been the true aspect of Frédérique Constant Genève also lets the passion at all times. enthusiasts who want to see their dream of possessing a beautiful Swiss watch become reality, achieve their dream.
The first people to make use of accurate timepieces were astronomers. To develop Genevaastronomy they needed to develop watchmaking. Reason for which many of the important technological advances made in the world of watchmaking and still Herage in use today - such as a pendulum clock and the balance spring in a mechanical movement - were invented by astronomers two to three centuries ago. As early as the early th Most of the world’s famous watch manufacturers are based here in Geneva. The 18 century, Geneva was known concentration of so many rare skills on the same location, the presence of the as a major center for best suppliers and the exchange and sharing of information, allows independent companies such as Frédérique Constant to remain at the forefront of precision the creation and produion watchmaking - today and tomorrow. Clear reasons for us to be based in Geneva. of fine timepieces. Over the past 300 years, Our watchmakers are our most important assets, because each of our watches the Geneva watchmakers have risen is individually assembled by hand. The world famous watchmaking schools in to unparalleled heights Geneva and La Chaux-de-Fonds have educated most of our watchmakers. Many in the art of horology of them gained experience in the workshops of other renowned brands before joining Frédérique Constant. Yet pure skill alone is only part of the equation. To be successful, a watchmaker at Frédérique Constant must be truly passionate about his or her work. 7INTRODUCING
Philosophy & Brand values Our philosophy is not to restrict the interest in Frédérique Constant Quality: Genève timepieces just to connoisseurs, but deliberately also to reach Each Frédérique Constant watch is hand-assembled and each watch a broader selection of appreciative enthusiasts who want to enjoy high is checked and controlled over a long period of time -by both human quality and timeless yet classical watches at sensible prices. beings as well as special equipment - to ensure optimal quality. The mission of Frédérique Constant is therefore,compromises in terms of quality is a strict priority forMaking no Frédérique Constant. to apply the following three values to the All our watches are produced within our own workshops in Plan-les-development process of ea of our models: Design, Ouates in the Canton of Geneva. All include a Swiss movement, and are Qualy and Innovation. assembled and controlled by highly qualified craftsmen and - women as well as state-of-art equipment. We take the “Swiss Made” label very Design:serious. We pay particular attention to design at Frédérique Constant. We like Innovation: our watches to be classical and traditional whilst remaining timeless. Every timepiece is created with a genuine passion for details. You will Frédérique Constant is continuously innovating and invests massively discover delicate guilloché decoration and refined printings on our in this domain to offer creativity and outstanding technical features dials, while our cases are entirely hand-polished for a luxurious, smooth in its timepieces. Whether it is our way of working on a day-to-day feel and a remarkable shine. basis, or in the tools in which we invest, our methods are always highly innovative. INTRODUCING8
Today “Frédérique Constant entered the ele circle of the Swiss wat brands who develop and produce their own in-house movements.” “Avid to offer the best qualy at an always accessible price” Since its creation... In 2004... Frédérique Constant has come a long way. Still independent, the Frédérique Constant entered the elite circle of Swiss watch brands that company has gradually become an important player within the develop and produce their own in-house movements. Consequently, watchmaking industry. Avid to always offer the best quality and at Frédérique Constant became a “Manufacture”. The successful the same time remain accessible, we haven’t stopped investing in our introduction of the Heart Beat Manufacture movement FC-910 formed production equipment. Besides surrounding ourselves with highly a giant leap for our young and innovative brand. Since then, we have qualified watchmakers, we have developed all our departments to be introduced other notable calibres, entirely conceived and produced in-able to control the various stages of the production of our watches, house. Today, we are proud to manufacture thirteen in-house calibres. from initial conception to the final quality control, including assembly. 9INTRODUCING