Donkey kong

Donkey kong

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Manuel du jeux vidéo nintendo DS Donkey Kong Jungle Climber !



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Story 5 Basic Controls 6 Getting Started 8 Adventure 10 Vs. Battle 18 Manuel en français 26
Story Donkey Kong and his friends decided to take a well-earned vacation on beautiful Sun Sun Beach, located, of course, on tropical Sun Sun Island. After enjoying a splash in the ocean, a hungry DK and his friends saw a massive banana floating atop a mountain. Without a moment’s hesitation, DK up and raced off for the mountaintop. Who knows what kind of adventure he’ll find there!
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ame Isanur ert rhfoirsuo nmmda etndh ueba ylt,  oagp  gsrcereseenc rnbo eoferndtsehr  e Nintendo DS. Game screens withan orange borderare from the Touch Screen.
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Xananab A mysterious alien shaped like…a banana?
Cranky Kong This old-timer’s got a lot of smarts.
Return to the previous screen
Move right Grab with right hand Confirm / Jump / Attack
Funky Kong The CEO, founder, and sole employee of Funky Flights.
Erase dataP. 9 Go to Funky’s AirplaneP. 10 TalkP. 11
King K. Rool The lea deenre mofy  tohe Krenmkeliyn gKso nagn!d sworn f Do
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Starting the Game When you turn on the power on your DS, the rmeeasds tahgee  moen stshaeg rei, gphlte awsilel  tboeu dcihs tplhaey eTdo.u cOhn cSec ryeoeun . Touch the DK: Jungle Climber panel on the DS Menu Screen. If your Nintendo DS is set to Auto Mode, you can skip this step. See your Nintendo DS Instruction Booklet for more information. On the title screen, pre o brin up the Select a File screen. ss t g
Saving Your Game This game saves your progress automatically. In Adventure modeP. 10 your game is saved whenever you complete a sta e. In Challenge mo e, your score saves after you finish a minigameP. 17
Select a File
rtin IgPfar eymsoes,u   swe  al enoct trt  a o    brearosrune ml  ew iatt hog  tashmeel ee,wc tso erald esc lte .tS htIafe r yts oaNvueer web  aGsrtaraeml eyo ga ua b uonsveeewd i t.  last titmoe  tyhoatu  bplayeeld .a nTod  csheee cyko tuhre  ptroopg srecrses eon.n  Yao suallv esde eg admetea,i ljsu st move arr on completion, llivet sa  rbeamrraeiln ianngd,  ncuonmtbineur eo tfo  btahnea nSaelse, cat nad  Mmoodree . screen. Press to se ec
Stage Name
Erasing a File Select a file using , then press to erase it.Be careful. Once you erase a file, it’s gone forever!
Select a Mode in sCehleocot steh eo nme oodfe  tyheosue  wfaonutr  tgoa pmlaey .modes usg   Press  to AdventureP. 10Single-player story mode, in which you play Donkey Kong. ChallengeP. 17Unlock these minigames by playing Adventure mode. ExtrasP. 17Unlock these bonus features by playing Adventure mode. Vs. BattleP. 18to three other players in multiplayer battleCompete against up
Game Screen rself into the aGirr.a bA vooni dt oa npye egns etmo iemsa (kyeo uDlKl  lsopsine  aar loifuen idf  tyhoeum .h iLt eot ngeo),  taon di nhge aydo fuor the Goal Gate! That’s all you really need to know! BananasP. 15collected Map Screen extn anife ra lvereof r 0ab oYllurae JewelsP. 15collected You’ll earn an extr s Select a sta ge tboy  sperleescsti nag  dif f  eorre n t   isolan n d. and press  o begin that stage. yoEun ecmolys nanaecl.ty01ryve eorew j00 1uoy sle.tcellocyat arCraf  ltS  Press on Stage Name ItemsP. 15Pegs DK’s remaining lives tems Stagesowshe  b.rehen ts eht nlliw egayou found iAyni Talk tWhhe emn ayrokue rc toumrnplse tbel a stage, Crystal Stars talk toPress to ue. Cranky or Xananab, the Crystal Stars make DK banana alien.Crystal Star  for a short If yFouu’vnekcoyllesc teAdiarllpthleaonilebarrelsP. 15on an island, Fuitinmnkviyne .KicUoblsneeg  tPch.ae1n3m  wyiysoeluy .to theGoal Gate and the Boss BattleGoal Gate HP Boss’s outeSrtisalatnudsin  Shisc rairepleanngu hhtorG oe to GatGoalthe  .egats a raelc lettbas os b aIn P  storsP sHeoe i n. zer. eicmu dheirt isss ovbt oehtlluyo, toe av h order to defeat him. Preusvse  found otno  evaiecwh  stthaeg Se.tatus screen, where you can see details on what items Pause Menuwrel il dbefeiftner.Depending on them do,et ehf aeut  Press on the Stage screen to display the Pause menu. Select either “Continue” or “Return to Map.”
ngiTemR meiain.e thleasttone buw eh wti uer noy. it wDKl ilroth  rg ot bar, press  o s aorkco  robbmcueh KotneD hW
Press to attack while jumping. While DK is spinning, he can defeat enemies and destroy barrels. Spin Attack Watch out for enemies with spikes! Hit them where there are no spikes to defeat them. Invincibility If you have any Crystal Stars, you can become invincible for a short time by tapping the star on the Touch Screen. While you’re invincible, you can fly through the air! Use and to steer.Crystal Star
Move left/right Jump from the ground Grab the peg Press to move to Press and ess to ra the left, and press  to simultaneously, then Pwrith DKs left  ghanbd ,a  apnedg  ummnoodvveeer  wtwoaht tielhre e a irnsi  gtwhhet.ll .DirK  ocra n release them to jump.apDlrsKeoss  srg irgahbt   whtioat nhgd r.b aoYbto hiu t  hcwaaintndh s . e a You can also move DK with . Spinning Ihfa ynod,u  DkKe ewpi llh osltdairnt gs poinn lntion gka. w piHseoegl, d iawnintgdh   wointhe    spins DK counterc oc holding with spins DK clockwise. Jump from a peg bOuntce DtKo sm haokled ing a peg, release the ton DK jump in whatever directiownh hes aiming: up, down, left, right, erever!
 Action Most of DK’s basic actions use nothing more than and !
Action Using Diddy Kong Press during a spin attack to throw Diddy Kong at fqauri-toe frfe eanche miesh ios r ogwrna.b items DK can’t on ca so help IbDfui tdD dyKyo  gKeotsng h it lnwo hsailele  ahles caursrey icnegr tDaiidn dsy,p eDciidadl yit ewimlls .disappear, u won’t ife.