Endless Ocean

Endless Ocean

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Manuel du jeu Endless Ocean, sur Wii.



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Pointer Point Turn + Control Pad Display Tool menu Scroll through Tool menu (left/right) Close Tool menu (down) Chat (during Nintendo WFC play) Button Swim Walk Cancel Button Enter Zoom mode (while pointing) Button Display map Place fish in aquarium Menu Screen Controls To select a menu or icon on a menu screen, point at it, then press . Cursor This shows where the Wii Remote is pointing.
Table of Contents Controls Getting Started Diving Tool Menu On Board the Boat
7 8 9 12 13
Button Display HOME Menu Button Autoswim Zoom out Button Change view Access detailed camera settings Note:  When diving, quickly flick the Wii Remote up, down, or sideways to perform a fast turn.
Button Choose Tool menu options Check/Use (while pointing) Grab (press together with
Using the Wii Remote
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