Maple Sugar Jacket
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Maple Sugar Jacket


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Maple Sugar Jacket. Materials: Briggs and Little Softspun, 113g. Size. M. L/XL. Red. 6. 7. Off White. 1. 1. Black. 1. 1. Light Green. 1. 1. Brown. 1. 1. Needles: 4mm ...



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 MapleSugar Jacket
Materials:Briggs and Little Softspun, 113g Size ML/XL Red 67 Off White1 1 Black 11 Light Green1 1 Brown 11
Needles:4mm (US 6) double point set, 4mm (US 6) 80cm circular, 5mm (US 8) 40 cm and 80cm circular
Tension:18 sts = 4” on 5mm (US 8) needles over pattern stitch
Finished Measurements: Size M Width 40” Length 22” Sleeve Length18”
L/XL 50” 25” 18.5”
Pattern Stitches Seed Stitch Stripes for Jacket Body Row 1: Knit Row 2: *K1, P3* repeat to last st, K1 Repeat these two rows
Seed Stitch Stripes for Sleeves (in the round) Rnd 1: Knit Rnd 2: K2 *P1, K3* repeatbetween the *'s to the last st, K1
Jacket Bodywhere indicated on the graph. With 4mm (US 6) 80cm circular needles, castWhen last row of Graph 4 has been on 171, (204) sts. Work in K3, P3 rib ascompleted, join into the round and work follows: Graph3 in Fair Isle. Row 1: K3 *P3, K3* repeat between *'s toChange to Red and work in Seed Stitch end. Stripesfor Sleeves. Work 9 rounds. Increase th Row 2: P3 *K3, P3* repeat between *'s toin the next round and every following10 end. rounduntil 70(78) sts.Incorporate new sts Work in rib for 1” ending on a wrong sideinto the pattern stitch as they are made. row, increasing 10 (14) sts evenly on the last row of ribbing. 181 (221) sts.Next round: Cast off 5 sts, work to last 4 sts, Switch to 5mm (US 8) 80cm circular needlesCast off 4 sts.61 (69) sts. Keep these sts on a and work in stocking stitch, work from Graphholder. 1 in Fair Isle, then from Graph 2 in Intarsia and Duplicate Stitch, then from Graph 3 inYoke Fair Isle.When the last row of the graph hasReturn to the sts on hold for the main body of been completed, change to Seed Stitchthe jacket.Keeping pattern stitch correct and Stripes for Jacket Body and work until piecewith wrong side facing as you begin, work measures 14 (16) ending on a wrongside acrossthe sts of the left front. Place a marker. row. Slipthe sts of the left sleeve off of the holder Next row:Keeping pattern stitch correct,and onto the working needle and work work across 46 (54) sts. Cast off 9 sts for rightacross. Place a marker. Work across the sts for armhole. Work across 89 (113) sts. Cast off 9the back. Place a marker.Slip the sts of the sts for left armhole. Work across remainingright sleeve off of the holder and onto the 46 (54)sts. Leave the sts for fronts and backworking needle and work across. Place a on the needle to be worked later.marker. Work across the sts of the right front. Note:Adding the sleeve sts to the body at Sleeves (make 2 alike)the armhole may be a tight squeeze for the With 4mm (US 6) double points, cast on 42first few rows. To help make this easier, allow (46) sts. Divide onto 3 needles and join intoa loop of the circular needle cord to come out the round.Work 5 rounds of K3, P3, placing abetween sts of the body of the jacket and the marker between the first and last st of thesleeve (similar to the Magic Loop technique). round. Aftera few rows, the pieces will fall in place and you can continue to knit normally. Next round: Inc 4 (6) sts evenly across the last round of ribbing. 46 (54) sts.Raglan Shaping: Next row (RS):Keeping pattern stitch correct Change to 5mm (US 8) needles and stockingon all of the sections between the markers as stitch. Work Graph 1 in Fair Isle in the decrease, *work to within 2 sts of next Next Row: Inc 1 st in the first st and workmarker, K2tog, slip marker, SSK*. Repeat from Graph 4 in Intarsia and Duplicate Stitch.between *'s four times. Work the remaining Inc 1 in the last st. Turn and continue to worksts in pattern to end. Graph 4 back and forth (Intarsia cannot beNext row (WS): Work all sts in pattern without worked in the round. The opening createddecreasing at the marked positions. will be sewed shut afterwards ). Make furtherRepeat these 2 rows until133 (159) sts increases at the beginning and end of rowsremain, ending on a wrong side row.
Neckline Shaping: Cast off 10 (14) sts at beginning of next two rows. Continue to decrease for raglan shaping on either side of the markers. AT THE SAME TIME decrease 1 st at each front neck edge on every right side rows until 55 (71) sts remain. End with a wrong side row. Break yarn and leave sts on needle.
ending first row with K2. Begin next row with P2. Work 6 more rows. Cast off in rib. Mark for placement of 8 buttons with the top marker being 1/2” down from foldline of neckband and the bottom marker being 1/2” up from cast on edge of left front. Place 6 more markers spaced evenly between these two.
Neckband ButtonholeBand With Black and 4mm (US 6) needles and rightWork as given for Button Band for 3 rows. side facing, pick up and knit 10 (14) sts alongMake buttonholes to correspond with button the cast off edge of right front neck. Pick upmarkers on Button Band as follows: K2 tog, and knit 7 sts along right front neck edge.yo, continue in rib to next marker. Work 3 Knit across55 (71) sts remaining on needle.more rows of rib. Cast off in rib. Pick up and knit 7 sts of left front neck edge. Pick up and knit 10 (14) sts along the cast offFinishing edge of left front neck.89 (113). Work fromUse duplicate stitch to add leaves and stems Graph 5. When last row of graph has beento the flowers on the bottom border completed, knitall sts of next wrong sidefollowing Graph 2 and on sleeves following row to create a foldline. Work next 6 rows inGraph ,Sew underarm seams. Sew buttons to stocking stitch. Cast off, fold along foldline tomarked positions. the inside neck edge and sew in place.
Button Band With Red and 4mm (US 6) needles, beginning at foldline of neckband and working towards cast on edge of left front, pick up and knit 98 (114) sts along front edge. Work in K2, P2 rib,
Maple Sugar Jacket by Ram Wools Yarn Co-op is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Work Graph 2 in sections, following instructions for your size.
Graph 2 A Work across all sts, once.  Thissection graph represents the right front edge.
Graph 2 B Repeat this graph twice (three  times)
Graph 2 C  Workthis graph once
Graph 2 D Repeat this graph twice (three times)
Graph 2 E Work this graph once.  Thissection represents the left front edge of the jacket.
Graph 4
Graph 3
Graph 5