Simple Gnocchi Scarf
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Simple Gnocchi Scarf


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Simple Gnocchi Scarf. Materials: 3 x 50g balls Lana Grossa Gnocchi. Needles: 7mm (US 10.5). Tension: 5 sts = 4" on 7mm (US 10.5) needles. Tension is not ...



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Simple Gnocchi Scarf
3 x 50g balls Lana Grossa Gnocchi
7mm (US 10.5)
5 sts = 4" on 7mm (US 10.5) needles. Tension is not critical.
Notes before you begin:
To cast on, loop a smooth yarn section around your right index finger, then insert the end of the needle in your
left hand into the loop. Tighten by pulling gently.
To join yarn at the end of a ball to the new ball, trim off the last pompon, saving as much of the smooth yarn
section as possible. Do the same to the new ball. Unravel the smooth yarn section carefully on the new ball until
you have a flossy piece that you can darn into the end of the old ball. Work the end into the pompon and secure
with a couple of back stitches. The join should then be invisible.
Cut 10 pieces that are 10 pompon sections long. Be sure to cut in the middle of the smooth yarn section
between the pompons. Save these sections for fringe. Cast on 8 sts by using the method described in the notes
above. Knit every row, placing a pompon in between knit stitches. When the scarf is approximately 65" long, and
there is enough yarn to work the cast off row, cast off. Attach fringes to ends by looping the sections through a
stitch, carefully coaxing each pompon through the space, and tying a single knot close to the edge of the scarf.