Lookbook Esprit Fall-Winter 2013
17 pages
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Lookbook Esprit Fall-Winter 2013

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17 pages


Lookbook Esprit, de la collection hiver 2013



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Publié le 02 avril 2014
Nombre de lectures 12
Langue English
Poids de l'ouvrage 2 Mo


L O O K B O O KFa l l /Wi n t e r2 0 1 3
E S P R I TO NT H EI S L EO FS KY E P h o t o g r a p h yb yA s t r i dM u ñ o z
For spring, Esprit invited models Dree Hemingway and Liu Wen to travel with them. This fall, the journey continues with model turned photographer Astrid Muñoz. TRAVEL IN STYLE – TRAVEL IN DREAMS For fall/ winterseason, Esprit continues to explore the art of travelling – this time escaping into the realms of the ethereal: places of calm and harmony, breathtaking nature and absolute peace of mind. This fall it is time to travel to a newdimension, to a space of tranquility, where the Esprit woman is free to embrace culture, poetry and the beauty of a landscape – reflecting on them in quiet solitude, contem-plating them in the depths of her mind,reliving them in her dreams.
Who better to embody this one-person narrative than model turned photographer Astrid Muñoz? The Puerto Rican beauty – after gracing the covers of countless inter-national fashion magazines and the runways for some of Europe‘s biggest design houses – now prefers the rugged beauty of her ranch in Patagonia to the world‘s fashion capitals.
Combining her longstanding experience in front of the lens with her skills as a trained photographer, the multi-talent specializes in self-portraits.
As photographer and model of the next Esprit campaign, this new testimonial delivers an aspirational self-portrait of the confident, multitalented, passionate and effortlessly chic Esprit woman.
I n s p i r a t i o n s F R O MB E H I N DT H ES C E N E S
Leather JacketArt. No.093EJ2G006€ 349,00Woven BlouseArt. No.093EJ1F005 € 49,99Tweed PantsArt. No.093EE1B021 € 69,99Outdoor JacketArt. No.093EJ1G015 € 149,99 Leather BootsArt. No.103EK1W039 € 159,99BeanieArt. No.093EA2P003 € 19,99
Stripe CoatArt. No.093EO1G039€ 249,00Boatneck SweaterArt. No.093EE1I026 € 49,99 BlouseArt. No.093EJ1F006 € 49,99Medium Rise Straight (customised)Art. No.093EJ1B042 € 69,99 ScarfArt. No.093EA2Q003 € 25,99
Wool CoatArt. No.093EO1G037€ 249,00BlouseArt. No.093EO1F009 € 59,99 Boxy SweaterArt. No.093EE1I029 € 69,99Medium Rise SkinnyArt. No.093EJ1B015 € 79,99 Leather BootsArt. No.093EK1W019 € 159,99
SweaterArt. No.093EO1I040 € 99,99 Structure BlazerArt. No.093EO1G028€ 129,99Structure PantsArt. No.093EO1B018 € 69,99 Leather JacketArt. No.093EJ1G004 € 299,00SweaterArt. No.093EO1I005 € 39,99 Pleated SkirtArt. No.093EO1D005 € 59,99ShoesArt. No.083EK1W026 € 119,99
Wool CoatArt. No.093EE1G004 € 169,99 Chiffon BlouseArt. No.093EE1F020€ 39,99Medium Rise StraightArt. No.093EJ1B004 € 79,99 Pocket ShirtArt. No.093EE2F017 € 49,99Knit BeanieArt. No.093EA2P005 € 22,99
E X L P O R EM O R EO FO U R FALL / WINTERCOLLECTION P h o t o g r a p h yb yD a nM a r t e n s e n
Flannel ShirtArt. No.093EJ1F005 € 49,99Medium Rise JeggingArt. No.093EJ1B008 € 79,99 SweaterArt. No.093EJ1I004€ 69,99Sweater CardiganArt. No.093EJ1I009€ 59,99 WeekenderArt. No.093EA1O034 € 59,99BeanieArt. No.093EA1P020 € 19,99 Leather BeltArt. No.093EA1S006 € 29,99
Wool CardiganArt. No.093EO1I024 € 149,99SweaterArt. No.093EO1I040 € 99,99 Skinny Boyfriend DenimArt. No.093EJ1B043 € 69,99Sweater DressArt. No.093EE1E020€ 79,99 Denim Smiley ShirtArt. No.093EJ1F009 € 69,99Shoulder Hobo BagArt. No.093EA1O032 € 59,99