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Chicago Initiative for Thriving Youth


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Here's a sample of youth services available: AFTER SCHOOL MATTERS gallery37; science37; sports37; tech37; words37 ...



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Chica oInitiative for ThrivinYouth  More than 990,000 children and youth call Chicago home.  CHICAGO’S PLAN All young people have the right to be safe, healthy and have access to a good education. The Chicago Initiative for Thriving Youth(CITY)is a call Violence claimed more than 500 lives in our city in to every individual and 2008 and nearly half of the victims were young organization in the city to come people between the ages of 10 and 25. together with a heightened sense Violence costs our city an estimated $2.5 Billionof urgency and unprecedented per year, approximately $2500 per household.coordination. Youth violence affects everyone and can haveOur mandate is to work lifelong affects on our children’s success, healthcollaboratively through effective and happiness. Research demonstrates thatprevention, intervention, law childhood exposure to community andenforcement and reentry efforts, neighborhood violence, particularly gun violencein partnership with youth, to stop has been linked with increased depression,the violence and build on our aggression, delinquency, poor schoolmany strengths and assets as a performance and risky sexual behavior. We knowcity. that we cannot arrest or incarcerate our way out of this problem. Chicago’s plan to stop youthCITY calls us to address youth violence will require multi-disciplinaryviolence from a public safety partnerships, balanced approaches and dataAND public health perspective. driven strategies. Every individual, block,We understand that the trauma neighborhood, community, business, faith-based,often experienced from violence philanthropic organization and system plays acan result in a cycle of hurt critical role if we are to succeed…and we MUSTpeople hurting other people. succeed.  Togetherwe can break the cycle and place our children on a healthy life trajectory. Together we can Dr. Martin Luther King told us stop the violence! that the truly free person is one who perceives options. For many AN IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY FOR A young people, violence has UNITED CHICAGO TO STOP THE VIOLENCE! become a norm, one of the few ‘tools in their toolbox’ for At the direction of President Obama, the U.S. expressing emotions and solving Departments of Justice and Education launched problems. CITY will create an The National Forum on Youth Violence opportunity to broaden the range Prevention, inviting Chicago as one of six U.S. of possibilities for protecting cities to share challenges and promising young people, building on such strategies for youth violence prevention while principles as restorative justice, exploring how federal agencies can better support positive youth development and local efforts. The Forum connects us with other trauma-informed services. cities and makes us eligible to receive technical assistance and support from multiple federal Join in the CITY dialogue! agencies, including the U.S. Departments of Justice, Education, Health and Human Services, For more information, contact Christopher Housing and Labor.Mallette, Director of Community Safety Initiatives, Office of the Mayor. 312.744.9515
Chicago enjoys a strong service community of providers who offer positive youth development programs and services across all communities. City Departments working in partnership with neighborhood based agencies dedicate much needed resources on prevention, intervention, re-entry and law enforcement services for high risk youth as well as the general population. Here’s a sample of youth services available:
AFTER SCHOOL MATTERSgallery37; science37; sports37; tech37; words37
CHICAGO ALTERNATIVE POLICING STRATEGY (CAPS) Arts Infusion Program; Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative ge/portal/ClearPath/Get%20Involved/How %20CAPS%20works
COMMISSION ON HUMAN RELATIONS, CHICAGOAdvisory Councils; Reentry Services; Youth Violence Prevention Partnerships ts/cchr.html
CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY Bus Trippers; Youth Development; Youth Violence Prevention Partnerships a description of other City Services for Youth visit http://www.cityofchicago.orgKeywords: Youth Services, Violence Prevention