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Report of the Director to the Board of Trustees for the year ...

168 pages
iimmiiiiilHliiiiiiiii:liSisijif?iiiiiiiliifXI B R.AFIYOF THLU N IVER.SITYor ILLINOIS507F451949-55CENTRAL CIRCULATION BOOKSTACKSThe thisperson material ischarging re-forsponsible its renewal or its return tothe from which itlibrary was borrowedon or before the Latest Date stampedbelow. You bemay acharged minimumfee of for each$75.00 lost book.Iheft, mutilation, and afunderlining bo«lc« ar« rMsensfor ocHon anddlMiplinar/ result Inmay dismbMl fromthe University.TO RENEW CALL TELEPHONE CENTER, 333.4400UNIVEKSITY OF IlLINOIS LIBI8AEY AT UMANA-CHAMPAIGN199511MAYMAY 1 5 1935When renewing by writenewphone, due datebelowprevious due date. L162ANNUALREPORT1954MuseumNaturalHistoryChicagoFabian BachrachALBERT B. DICK, JR.1894-1954Member the Board of Trustees since 1936ofA Vice-President of the Museum from 1942 to 1951Member of the Executive Committee and Finance CommitteeHISTORY MUSEUMNATURALCHICAGOof the DirectorReportto thiTrusteesBoard of1954the yearforILLINOISCHICAGO;THE LIBRARY OF LIE1955iJUW 6 IS55"IVERSITY Cr ILLINOISPRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICABY CHICAGO NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM PRESSContentsPAGEFormer Officers 10Former Members of the Board of Trustees 11and 1954 12Officers, Trustees, Committees,of 1954List 13Staff,Report of the Director 19James Nelson and Anna Louise Foundation 22RaymondN. W. Harris Public School Extension 2629Membershipof 34Department Anthropologyof 42Department Botanyof 49 ...
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ii mm iiiiilH liiiiiiiii: liSisijif? iiiiiiiliif XI B R.AFIY OF THL U N IVER.SITY or ILLINOIS 507 F45 1949-55 CENTRAL CIRCULATION BOOKSTACKS The thisperson material ischarging re- forsponsible its renewal or its return to the from which itlibrary was borrowed on or before the Latest Date stamped below. You bemay acharged minimum fee of for each$75.00 lost book. Iheft, mutilation, and afunderlining bo«lc« ar« rMsens for ocHon anddlMiplinar/ result Inmay dismbMl from the University. TO RENEW CALL TELEPHONE CENTER, 333.4400 UNIVEKSITY OF IlLINOIS LIBI8AEY AT UMANA-CHAMPAIGN 199511MAY MAY 1 5 1935 When renewing by writenewphone, due datebelow previous due date. L162 ANNUAL REPORT 1954 MuseumNatural HistoryChicago