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QUARTERLY ACCOUNTS Expenditure Side Fourth Quarter 2000 Roberto BARCELLAN Growth of GDP, Volume index, 1995=100 in focus 125 ι • · 120 ECONOMY AND 115 FINANCE ·· 110 THEME 2-16/2001 Δ Δ Λ Δ g · u u u Δ Δ 105 Δ Δ ΔΟυ8υυ NATIONAL ACCOUNTS 100 Contents 95 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 Euro-zone, EU15, Member Ο EURO-ZONE EU-15 «US Δ JP States and the main partners of the European Union Eurostat's estimates ( ) concerning the fourth quarter of 2000 show that the Development of GDP and growth of GDP slightly accelerated in the euro-zone (2), reaching 0.7% (+0.6% expenditure components 2 in the third quarter), while remaining stable at 0.6% in the European Union as awhole(EU15). Percentage change over previous period - at constant These results are explained mainly by the speeding up of the exports' growth prices 3 (+1.2 and +1.1 of the GDP variation for the euro-zone and the EU15, respectively), as well as by that of the households' final consumption expenditure (+0.2 of the GDP variation for both areas). The growth of Percentage change overtheinvestments, however, slowed down (+0.1 of the GDP variation for both sameperiod of the previousareas). year-at constant prices 4With regard to the main partners of the EU, the economy of the United States Contribution of components to slackened again in the fourth quarter of 2000, its GDP having recorded a variation in GDP - at constant 0.3% growth, compared to 0.5% in the previous quarter.



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