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Harmonized Indices of Consumer Prices August 2001 •••••••••••••••«««β··«······«·' ··«······*· The rate of inflation for the euro-zone*, as measured by the Monetary Union Index of Consumer Prices (MUICP), was 2.7% comparing August 2001 with August 2000. Statistics Euro-zone data up to end 2000 cover the eleven Member States; with Greece's entry into the euro-zone from the beginning of 2001, they cover the twelve Member States. The euro-zone is treated as an entity regardless of its composition. in focus The annual rate of change for the euro-zone fell from 2.8% in July to 2.7% in August 2001. A year ago, in August 2000, the corresponding rate was 2.3%. The rate of inflation in the EU, as measured by the European Index of ECONOMY AND Consumer Prices (EICP=EU-15), remained stable at 2.6% between FINANCE July and August 2001**. A year ago, in August 2000, the á corresponding rate was 2.0%. EU Member States with the lowest inflation rates in August 2001 were THEME 2 - 34/2001 France (2.0%), Belgium, Denmark and Luxembourg (2.5% each). Highest inflation rates were reported for the Netherlands (5.2%), Greece and Portugal (4.0% each). PRICES AND PURCHASING POWER The annual rate of inflation for the European Economic Area (EEA) as PARITIES a whole remained stable at 2.6% in August 2001. A year ago, in August 2000, the corresponding rate was 2.0%. The August annual rate of change decreased from 1.4% to 1.1% in Switzerland***.



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