Directory of the Commission of the European Communities
140 pages
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Directory of the Commission of the European Communities


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140 pages


Activities of the institutions and bodies



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of the Commission
of the European
SEPTEMBER 1988 Directory
of the Commission
of the European
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Printed in Luxembourg Contents
The Commission 5
Special responsibilities of the Members of the Commission 7
Secretariat-General of the Commission 9
Legal Service 11
Spokesman's Service3
Joint Interpreting and Conference Service7
Statistical Office9
DGI - External Relations 2
DGII — Economic and Financial Affairs
DG III — Internal Market and Industrial Affairs 3
— Task Force: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises4
DGIV - Competition5
DG V — Employment, Social Affairs and Education9
DGVI - Agriculture 43
DGVII - Transport7
DGVIII - Development
DG DC — Personnel and Administration 5
DG X — Information, Communication and Culture
DG XI — Environment, Consumer Protection and Nuclear Safety 61
DG XII — Science, Research and Development 63
— Joint Research Centre
DG XIII — Telecommunications, Information Industries and Innovation 7
DGXrV - Fisheries 75
DG XV — Financial Institutions and Company Law 77
DGXVI - Regional Policy9
DGXVII - Energy 81
3 DG XVIII- Credit and Investments 83
DG XIX - Budgets5
DG XX - Financial Control7
DG XXI — Customs Union and Indirect Taxation9
DG XXII — Coordination of Structural Instruments 91
Euratom Supply Agency 9
Security Office
Office for Official Publications of the European Communities7
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions 9
European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) 10
Annexes 103
Index of names 12The Commission
Tel. 2351111 Rue de la Loi 200, 1049 Bruxelles
Telex 21877 COMEU Β Wetstraat 200, 1049 Brussel
Jacques DELORS President
Pascal LAMY Chef de cabinet
Günter BURGHARDT ' Deputy Chef de cabinet
Adviser Michel JACQUOT r Jean­Charles LEYGUES
Lorenzo NATALI Vice­President
Chef de cabinet Paolo PENSA
Deputy Chef de cabinet Isabella VENTURA
Karl­Heinz NARJES Vice­President
Chef de cabinet ' Johannes DOHMES
Horst REICHENBACH Deputy Chef de cabinet
Frans ANDRIESSEN Vice­President
Johannes P. WIJNMAALEN Chef de cabinet
Sipke BROUWER Deputy Chef de cabinet
Lord Francis Arthur COCKFIELD Vice­President
Adrian FORTESCUE Chef de cabinet
Sebastian BIRCH Deputy Chef de cabinet
Henning CHRISTOPHERSEN Vice­President
Chef de cabinet Bjarne BLADBJERG
Lars KOLTE Deputy Chef de cabinet
Manuel MARÍN Vice­President
Santiago GÓMEZ­REINO LECOQ Chef de cabinet
Carlos MUÑOZ BETEMPS Deputy Chef de cabinet
Claude CHEYSSON Member of the Commission
Daniel BERNARD Chef de cabinet
Deputy Chef de cabinet Jean­Louis GIRAUDY
Grigoris VARFIS Member of the Commission
Chef de cabinet Marios CAMHIS
Anastase BOUGAS Deputy Chef de cabinet
Also a Director in the Secretariat­General. Willy DE CLERCQ Member of the Commission
Chef de cabinet Alexander SCHAUB
Deputy Chef de cabinet Josef KORTLEVEN
Member of the Commission Nicolas MOSAR
Chef de cabinet Fernand THURMES
Deputy Chef de cabinet Camille BECKER
Stanley CLINTON DAVIS Member of the Commission
Chef de cabinet Graham MEADOWS
Deputy Chef de cabinet Anthony BRENTON
Member of the Commission Carlo RIPA DI MEANA
Chef de cabinet Gerardo MOMBELLI
Deputy Chef de cabinet Enrica VARESE
Member of the Commission Peter SUTHERLAND
Chef de cabinet Richard OTOOLE
Deputy Chef de cabinet Colm LARKIN
Member of the Commission Antonio José Baptista CARDOSO E CUNHA
Chef de cabinet Eurico Luis CABRAL DA FONSECA
Deputy Chef de cabinet Pedro Miguel de SAMPAIO NUNES
Member of the Commission Abel MATUTES
Chef de cabinet Juan PRAT
Deputy Chef de cabinet Damián HERNÁNDEZ
Member of the Commission Peter SCHMIDHUBER
Chef de cabinet Thomas HERTZ
Deputy Chef de cabinet Jürgen SCHÜLER Special responsibilities of the Members of the Commission
President Jacques DELORS Secretariat-General
Legal Service
Monetary affairs
Spokesman's Service
Joint Interpreting and
Conference Service
Security Office
Cooperation and development Vice-President Lorenzo NATALI
Vice-President Karl-Heinz NAPJES Industrial affairs
Information technology
Research and science
Joint Research Centre
Frans ANDRIESSEN Agriculture Vice-President
Vice-President Lord Francis Arthur COCKFIELD Internal market
Customs Union Service
Financial institutions
Vice-President Henning CHRISTOPHERSEN Budget
Financial control
Personnel and administration
Manuel MARÍN Social affairs and employment Vice-President
Education and training
Mediterranean policy Member of the Claude CHEYSSON
North-South relations Commission
Member of the Grigoris VARFIS Coordination of
Commission structural instruments
Consumer protection
Member of the Willy DE CLERCQ External relations and
Commission trade policy Member of the Nicolas MOSAR Energy
Euratom Supply Agency Commission
Office for Official Publications
Member of the Stanley CLINTON DAVIS Environment
Commission Nuclear safety
Institutional questions Member of the Carlo RIPA DI MEANA
Problems concerning a Commission
Citizens' Europe
Information and
communication policy
Cultural affairs
Relations with the Member of the Peter SUTHERLAND
European Parliament Commission
Fisheries Member of the Antonio José Baptista
Member of the Abel MATUTES Credit, investments and
Commission financial instruments
Policy on small and
medium-sized enterprises
Member of the Peter SCHMIDHUBER Economic affairs
Commission Regional policy
Statistical Office