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eurostat No. 8/1994 Basic statistics of the Community Comparison with the major partners of the Com­■ munity eurostat 31st edition BASIC STATISTICS OF THE COMMUNITY A pocket­sized booklet which gives all the main statistics on the European Union and provides easier', IDI 'lx; Ci­«' ,L.I .;, comparisons with a number of European coun­31st edition tries (Austria, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, 1994 Switzerland and Turkey) and the major world trading partners (United States of America, Ca­nada, Japan). This handy booklet is invaluable when data need to be found quickly and is illustrated with colour diagrams. It covers general statistics, economy and finance, population and social conditions, manufacturing and service industries, agriculture, t] forestry and fisheries, external trade, services and transport, and the environment. This edition contains a statistical supplement on Liechtenstein. Format Theme Series Pages Price ECU Languages Catalogue Number A4 A 359 9.00 DE CA­82­94­270­DE­C 1 EN CA­82­94­270­EN­C FR CA­82­94­270­FR­C Eurostat - JMO B3/89 - L-2920 Luxembourg - Θ Info: (352) 4301-34567 - Fax (352) 43 64 04 eurostat Other publications from August 1.2. Rapid reports 1. Publications Economy and finance No. 2/94 -The interlinking of economic branches in the 1.1. Periodicals European union Format Theme Series Pages Price ECU A4 2 F 12 0.00 Sigma - The bulletin of European statistics (annua subscription) No.



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