What Your Significant Other Wants to Know About Your Locum Tenens Assignment

What Your Significant Other Wants to Know About Your Locum Tenens Assignment


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https://www.vistastaff.com/job-board - If you’re a locum tenens clinician, accepting a new assignment can be a big decision. Add in a temporary relocation for an extended locum tenens assignment, and the decision can get more complicated. If you’re married or in a serious relationship, you’re not the only one making it!



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What Your Significant Other Wants to Know About Your Locum Tenens Assignment
IfLJou’ƌe a loĐuŵ teŶeŶs ĐliŶiĐiaŶ, aĐĐeptiŶg a Ŷeǁ assigŶŵeŶt ĐaŶ ďe a ďig deĐisioŶ. Add iŶ a teŵpoƌaƌLJ ƌeloĐatioŶ foƌ aŶ edžteŶded loĐuŵ teŶeŶs assigŶŵeŶt, aŶd the deĐisioŶ ĐaŶ get ŵoƌe ĐoŵpliĐated. If LJou’ƌe ŵaƌƌied oƌ iŶ a seƌious ƌelatioŶship, LJou’ƌe Ŷotthe only one making it!
Your significant other probably plays a role in all important decisions in your life, including those with your locum tenens Đaƌeeƌ. Whetheƌ LJou’ƌe ƌeloĐatiŶg togetheƌ foƌ aŶ assigŶŵeŶt oƌ theLJ ƌeŵaiŶ hoŵe ǁhile LJou’ƌe aǁaLJ, tƌaǀeling for ǁoƌk isŶ’t alǁaLJs easLJ ǁheŶ LJou haǀe a faŵilLJ to ĐoŶsideƌ. IŶ ouƌ disĐussioŶs ǁith the ĐliŶiĐiaŶs ǁe help plaĐe, ƋuestioŶs frequently come up from their significant others. Here are some of the most common ones.
3 Questions Your Significant Other Has (and the Answers When You Work with VISTA)
ϭ. ͞Hoǁ iŶǀolǀed aŵ I edžpeĐted to ďe iŶ the proĐess?͟
The short answer is, it depends. If you have children and are considering temporarily relocating your family during your assigŶŵeŶt, LJouƌ paƌtŶeƌ’s iŶǀolǀeŵent could be a lot more critical than, for example, if you were relocating just the two of you.
Especially when it means a long-term assignment or temporary relocation, locum tenens work can come with a lot of conversation with your loved ones. But that doesŶ’t ŵeaŶ LJou haǀe to figuƌe it all out. With VISTA, LJou haǀe aĐĐess to a recruiter and full-time travel department to help with the logistics.
Ϯ. ͞What’s Đoǀered?͟
You and your significant other may both want to understand what expenses are involved in getting started with your next locum tenens assignment. For instance, are you on your own for booking flights and hotels? What about travel from the airport, or car rental services?
Vista Staffing Solutions
VISTA Đoǀeƌs the Đosts aŶd haŶdles the aƌƌaŶgeŵeŶts of a ĐliŶiĐiaŶ’s tƌaǀeland accommodations for all assignments plaĐed thƌough us. Tƌaǀel foƌ additioŶal people suĐh as spouses aŶd sigŶifiĐaŶt otheƌs is Ŷot Đoǀeƌed, ďut ǁe’ƌe heƌe to leŶd ouƌ edžpeƌtise to ŵake suƌe eǀeƌLJoŶe gets ǁheƌe theLJ’ƌe goiŶg ĐoŵfoƌtaďlLJ aŶd safelLJ (iŶĐluding pets!). We take your travel and lodging preferences into consideration, and our full-time travel department is always on-call if issues or questions come up.
3. ͞What's the ĐoŵŵuŶitLJ like?͟
Doing some online research can give you a feel for some thingsaďout the plaĐe LJou’ll ďe ǁoƌkiŶg. What tLJpe of people live in this community? Will you like it there? Are there community activities and events to participate in? A little research up front can start your assignment off on the right foot.
Get more of your questions about locum tenens answeredclick below to download FAQs of first-time locum tenens clinicians. Or, get started by visiting ourjob board.
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