European Commission
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European Commission


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MECUM Jha .MISSIO BOUr ici EUROPEAN COMMISSION Vade-mecum for newly recruited members of staff 1997 This booklet ¡s for the exclusive use of the staff of the institutions of the European Communities. No part of it may be reproduced without the consent of these institutions. Contents Foreword VII 1. Working for the European Communities IX 1.1. The institutions and other bodies of the European Communities IX The European Parliament X The Council XThe Commission XII The Court of JusticeThet of Auditors XIIThe Economic and Social Committee XIIThe Committee of the Regions XIV The European Investment Bank1.2. The Commission XIThe Commission's roleV Membership of the Commission and special responsibilities of its Members XCommission departments XVIII 1.3. Working at the Commission XXI1.3.1. Departments to contact when you take up your appointment XXII 1.3.2. Working conditions XXIIWorking hoursAnnual leaveSick leaveStaff training XXIV Mediator1.3.3. SalariesDates of paymentAdvances payable to newly recruited staff XXIV Information on salaries XXIII 1.3.4. Social security XXV Sickness insuranceEarly-detection screeningAccident insuranceSupplementary insurance1.3.5. Medical Service and social services XXVI Medicale XXVWelfare ServiceHome helps XXVII 1.3.6. Staff information1.3.7. Staff representation, trade unions and pro­fessional organizations XXVIStaff representationTrade unions and professional organizations XXIX 1.3.8.



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