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Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) - FedReg Doc. 06-803 - DPM Extension of Comment Period

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Federal Register/Vol. 71, No. 17/Thursday, January 26, 2006/Proposed Rules 4331 rollover contribution that consisted of ADDRESSES: (1) To submit comments, recognized the USW’s need to devote investment in the contract is includible in please include RIN: 1219–AB29 in the resources to respond to the aftermath of D’s gross income. subject line of the message and send Hurricane Katrina and the impact that Example 3. Assume the facts are the same them to us at either of the following would have on their participation under as in Example 2 except that the distribution addresses. the current timetable. We also received from the designated Roth account is after the Federal e-Rulemaking portal: Go to end of the 5-taxable-year period of a request from the National Stone, Sand http://www.regulations.gov and follow participation used to determine qualified and Gravel Association (NSSGA) for distributions from a designated Roth account. the online instructions for submitting additional time to comment on the If a distribution is made from the Roth IRA comments. proposed rule and for an additional prior to the expiration of the 5-taxable-year E-mail: zzMSHA-comments@dol.gov. public hearing in Arlington, Virginia. period used to determine qualified If you are unable to submit comments distributions from a Roth IRA, the Accordingly, due to requests from the electronically, please identify them by distribution would not be a qualified USW and NSSGA, we published a RIN: ...
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Federal Register / Proposed Rules/ Vol. 71, No. 17 / Thursday, January 26, 2006
rollover contribution that consisted of ADDRESSES: recognized(1) To submit comments, the USWs need to devote investment in the contract is includible inplease include RIN: 1219 to respond to the aftermath ofAB29 in the resources Ds gross income. Example 3.Assume the facts are the samemessthe  of linece tusjbheit eats  utom eht dnes dna egaofr he tol fwilo gntrci rat  thatcapmi eht dna aintrKae anicrrHu as inExample 2except that the distribution from the designated Roth account is after theoi npita rhtnuedrrene cumetat ti eW .elbcer oslaa d veeit esaerddsessF .deral e-Rulemakignp roat:lG  oot phtieo  nhaveuld wo end of the 5-taxable-year period ofe participation used to determine qualified//p:tthgurew.ww.snoital vog qurerfmot ehN taoianl Stone,  Sdannad anroGw  dfleovlalssA aicoontiNS (A)SGor f distributions from a designated Roth account.the online instructions for submitting If a distribution is made from the Roth IRAtimeoncal itioaddnot ne toecnmmmmt.   tos he prior to the expiration of the 5-taxable-yearE-mail:moemtn@szzSMAHc- dol.gov.lerud seporopidda na rof dna ublic hetional pA lrnitgrani gniiain. , onrgVi period used to determine qualified distributions from a Roth IRA, theIf you are unable to submit comments distribution would not be a qualified due to requests from the Accordingly,electronically, please identify them by distribution within the meaning of section eht foRI2y1 9anN: 1W USSGNSd anticea noSept on  eup,Aw eh dlbsi F70R )01ha tebme91 r02 ,( 50blic hearing  thcnaeg dht eupfgniwollouso  temy  ba dnBA92 dhts ne methods. 408A(d)(2), and any amount of the distribution that exceeded the amount rolledFax: 2026939441. 55 8 in is includible in Ds gross income. from September 2005 to January datesMail to: MSHA, Office of Standards, QulbieAtrt,s i5r0m2o3a.   Rdmr,f n. davml.B  nCoassl idWi ou0n0t1s, 1ance5Variand sn ,taoigeluR A gnot,nV p but ehdndexeetlso We a06. 20otcO rebf do mort enripec limmco 14, 2005 Roth IRA be rolled over to a designated 222093939. to January 27, 2006. Public hearings Roth account as defined in A1 of §1.402A1? held on the proposed rule in wereHand delivery or courier to: MSHA, A Arlington, Virginia on January 5, 2006; 1100 Wilson Blvd., Receptionist, 21st5. No. Amounts distributed from a Roth IRA may be rolled over or flo(o2r),  WArel iwnigltlo pn,o sVt Aal l2 2co20m9m no hatU ,ytiC e6;00 29,y3 9a.r9nuJ3a LakSalt11yt he ,  Ka nsas City, Missuoiro  nneaJuon rsat transferred only to another Roth IRA Internet without change, includi n 2006; and Louisville, Kentucky on and are not permitted to be rolled over personal information they may cng tainny.  January 13, 2006. The rulemaking to a designated Roth account under a on a section 401(a) or section 403(b) plan. vYioau t hmea Iyn taecrcneests att hhetrtup:l/e/mwawkiwn.gm sdhoac.kgeotv/record was scheduled to close on The same rule applies even if all the amounts in the Roth IRA are attributableregsinfo.htmor in person at MSHA 27, 2006.s January to a rollover distribution from a public reading room at 1100 WilsonII. Extension of Comment Period designated Roth account in a plan. Blvd., Rm. 2349, Arlington, VA. Recently, the National Mining Q6. When is this§1.408A10FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:Association and the Methane Awareness applicable? Robert F. Stone, Acting Director, Office A6. The rules of§1.408A Group (MARG) Diesel Resource Standards, Regulations and of10 apply for taxable years beginning on or after Variances, at (202) 6930 al 3 na dednnoitiddao4d9ripet teexe .  0b4t ah tht eocmmnelition requestedaoC January 1, 2006.SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: d anuar Mark E. Matthews,I. BackgroundJ ,02 y72daeyonys bof rol w ola60t  pree to timmore rieht erap Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement.  comments. Additionally, we received aOn September 7, 2005, the Mine [FR Doc. E6945 Filed 12506; 8:45 am]Safety and Health Administration request from the National Institute for (MSHA) proposed a rule to phase in the tOhcrceue pwateieokn ealx tSeanfseitoy na. nWd eH heaavlteh  for a BILLING CODE 483001Pfinal DPM limit because we are concerned that there may be feasibility determined that a three week extension DEPARTMENT OF LABORseussimos rof s nemie t ee mtol mihttayaJtib y 20nuar06. , 20liub palontidiad wolla ot tneici t eh tnommne cocothf coe enmmep tdoir si ffus  Mine Safety and Health Administrationngriom ct-osea ha ,ep llrehTrofen ceived otsb  eeremtn sumle. d ruposeprot to ur inteno deton dna doirpen -iseha paryevi-ea f soderppo we gly,rdinAcco 30 CFR Part 57or befl a toon carbl miD MPor mtif f ehlanievnot trg in ctoul rakemesaparetitta e ainicer eht F no droe the orofe oscl .ar ta RIN 1219AB29 Welimit to an elemental carbon limitLiesbtrouf Syu b1j7e,c t2s0i0n630 CFR Par . Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure ofset hearing dates and a deadline for t 57 Underground Metal and Nonmetalreceiving comments on the September 7, MinerseiD lestraporgr dnuenim .sreamMnpadct o htleenalale twdho,eo  ndUm nnudtleeilkcaau ml,eai tMgeen nimsea htftta etlreu, r y e exh th witruletaw  nhttaoieptc desoporp 5002 AGENCY: to phase in the final DPM limit beforeMine Safety and HealthDated: January 24, 2006. Administration (MSHA), Labor. January 20, 2006. ACTION: publication of the September 7, AfterProposed rule; extension ofRobert M. Friend, comment period; close of record. 2005 sptr forpooms etdh er uUlen,i tweed  rSetceeeilv, ePda pa er and .  deHlahtfate ynar Mine SLabor foreec Sntf  orytaytupeD gatsissA ctinA r SUMMARY: , facturin equeThe Mine Safety and Health Administration is extending the period EFnoreersgtyr,y ,A lRliuebdb eIrn, dMusatnriual and Segrvice [BFILRL INDGo cC.O0D6E 4850130 F4i3lePd 12506; 8:45 am] for comment on the proposed rule Workers International Union (USW) for entitled‘‘ moreDiesel Particulate Matter time to comment on the proposed Exposure of Underground Metal and W ex ai Nonmetal Miners (DPM),’’plTh. US ep ruubHl iaschierd  dienn tahturel irhe tad pna hatrine K snoamdn dedalec theFederal Register that would prevent them fromon September 7, resources 2005 (70 FR 53280). participating effectively in the DATES: under the current schedule rulemakingWe must receive your comments by February 17, 2006. for hearings and comments. We
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