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RTD-Results. Community research and development information service

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ORGANISATIONEN MIT REGISTRIERTE NUTZER DER RTD­Results*RTD­Results*RTD­Results*RTD­Results*RTD­Results*RTD­Results*RTD­Results EINTRAGEN AUF RTD-RESULTS RTD-RESULTS-DATENBANK 'I f ind Proteas useful as it allows me to 'Proteas' main benefits include the in­ 'I find the Proteas database very inter­ 'Proteas is ahead of our time. In the keep up to date with current projects in esting. I am particularly impressed next few years we will become increas­Industrie creased integration and coordination of Lehr-/Forschungsorganisationen ingly environmentally aware and more my field of interest. By means of European technological research and with the way that it is structured which AT Österreichisches Forschungszentrum and more alternative technologies will Proteas I have quickly and easily found product development, the avoidance of makes it very easy to identify what you UK BICC Technologies GmbH be created and new ideas spawned. key biomedical researchers and as a duplication of research efforts, and a are looking for.' Mr Finían McCarthy, D Boehringer Mannheim GmbH Β Centre de recherches de l'industrie Proteas would be the vehicle to dis­contributor to the database I find it source of information for finding re­ Marketing Manager, National Micro­F Bull SA belge de la céramique (CRIC) seminate those innovative tech­important to be part of that European search/joint venture partners.
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