French Customs 2013 results
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Results and key figures of the French Customs for 2013



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Serving the public, protecting businesses
e year 2013 was a significant one for French Customs, as it marked the end of the 2012–2013 Performance Contract.
e Contract was proof positive that French Customs was capable of meeting the effectiveness targets it had been set, with better results across the board. is achievement was primarily due to the hard work, commitment and professionalism of every member of the French Customs staff, and showed an ability to adapt to a constantly-changing environment.
2013 was also the twentieth anniversary of the Single Market, a perfect symbol of our ability to change with the times. To meet the challenges of trade security and the development of legitimate commerce in a more competitive borderless zone, Customs has under-gone sweeping transformations.
French Customs today is an organisation of paperless, streamlined procedures, new control methods based on a better understanding of flows, risk analysis and targeting. It is an organisa-tion of up-to-date taxation, and one that is ready to help businesses expand into world markets.
More than ever, we will focus on protecting French territory and its citizens from an ever-growing set of risks. Furthermore, by providing support for businesses abroad and ensuring that tax revenue is collected, French Customs also plays an economic role.
To address all these issues in the coming years, French Customs has, at the request of the minis-ters in charge of the economy, finance, foreign trade and the budget, rolled out a strategic plan.
e plan will help French Customs gradually adapt to its environment and expand its mandate. It ensures that the women and men working for French Customs will be at the centre of any future changes, because it is their daily efforts and unwavering commitment that has made French Customs a proactive, reactive and inventive government department serving its country.
e 2013 results confirm that the remit of French Customs and the work of its customs officers are resolutely at the heart of the key issues faced by our citizens – the protection of our national territory in a globalised economy that offers growth but also new risks; support for businesses to create added value and employment in France and develop productive investment; and fiscal consolidation through secure collection and a stepped-up fight against tax evasion.
Hélène Crocquevieille, Director-General of Customs and Excise
 KeyFigures for 2013
8 Combatting fraud  Fightingmajor smuggling operations
 ProtectingFrench and EU territory
 Combattingfinancial fraud and tax evasion
16 A winning global formula with French Customs  Streamliningand cutting costs
 Supportfor the competitiveness  ofbusinesses abroad
 Acustomised approach to businesses
22 Reforming the duties collected by Customs  Makingcollection more effective
 Streamliningcustoms duties
 efuture of customs duties
26 Making people the heart of tomorrow’s Customs  Astrategic plan to provide French Customs  withfresh momentum26
 Improvingthe workplace and fostering dialogue  betweenlabour and management
 HRmanagement – a qualitative approach
32 Basic facts about French Customs  Organisation
 FrenchCustoms around the world
Narcotics 7.2 tonsof cocaine intercepted (+57%) 86 tonsof cannabisseized (best result in 20 years) 49 tonsof khatseized (10 times more than in 2012)
Smuggled tobacco
430 tonsof tobacco seized (+16%)
Counterfeit goods
7.6 millioncounterfeit itemsseized (+65%)
Weapons 823 weapons seized (twice as many as in 2012)
Consumer protection
7,113citationsfor noncompliance with standards (+16.2%) 3.6 milliontoys inspected
Financial fraud and tax evasion
323min taxes and duties reassessed(+9,8%)
Environment 647violationsconcerning endangered plant and animal species (+20%) 299citationsfor waste (+56,5%)
Average clearance time
91%of customs declarations cleared in under 5 minutes
Paperless procedures
85%of overall customs declarations in 2013 paperless were(84% in 2012)
Effective taxation
68.23bnin revenuecollected by Customs, including740m in environmental tax 45ueorcentsthe cost to French Customs for collecting 100 (47 euro cents in 2012)
Staffing and resources
16,869employees(budgetary posts) as of 31 December 2013
514departments(offices, units, indirect taxes excluding Customs postal facilities)
Service quality and customer relations
90.5%of businesses satisfiedwith French Customs
Custom certification
1,020Authorised Economic (AEO)Operators(831 in 2012) 2,162businesses givenfree adviceon how to expand their presence abroad
62%of wine harvest declarationssubmitted electronically
69.5%of customs revenuecollectedonline
Vocational training
6.4 days of ongoing training per employee per year
6 5 4 3 1 2 FEBRUARY JANUARY Forty-seven years after Marielle Goitschel, Marion Rolland, skiing with the French Customs team, wins a gold medal in the women’s 160 kg of cocaine seized at Le Havre from a container downhill at the World Ski Championships in Austria (3) transporting rice (1) Two large-scale seizures of hashish (6.8 and 2.4 tons) at Le Perthus. France’s Minister of Foreign Trade launches a project e drugs were hidden in a load of oranges (4) to streamline customs procedures A site in Marseille producing counterfeit textiles is broken up MARCH Seizure of an arsenal of 28 handguns, 17 rifles, grenades, More than 43 kg of heroin, weapons and €150,000 in cash mines and ammunition in Moselle (2) seized in Nancy (Metz DNRED) (5) Interception in Toulouse of 270,000 toxic button batteries Breakup of a gang in the south of France with links to organised with excessively high levels of cadmium crime. e group was holding illegal lotteries and laundering the proceeds (€1.5m in unpaid tax) (SNDJ) (6)
9 11 810 7 APRIL Signature of an agreement with the University of Alsace for a Master’s course in “International Purchasing” 7.6 tons of cannabis seized in the Pyrénées-Atlantiquesdépartement, thanks to a portable scanner At Roissy airport, seizure of nearly 100 kg of scales taken from more than 300 pangolins, an endangered anteater (7) MAY JUNE 2.1 tons of hashish worth more than €10 million seized in Tours in a load of carrots coming from Spain (8) First National Counterfeit Destruction Day – at 20 sites, more than 1 million items seized by French Customs Seizure in Le Havre of 1.2 million packets of counterfeit aspirin are destroyed (10) hidden in a load of tea being shipped from China. is represents a record for both France and Europe (9) Presentation of the Beechcraft KA 350, French Customs’ new multipurpose aircraft, at the International Paris More than 400 kg of cocaine seized off the coast of the Antilles Air Show (11) from a vessel spotted by a French Customs aircraft e “Customs 2018” conference is held, attended by French 10,000 packets of counterfeit BN-brand biscuits seized at the port ministers and more than 300 French Customs partners. of Marseille following a targeting operation by the Maritime Unit e goal: drafting a medium-term strategic plan for Customs 6
JULY Signature of a Memorandum of Cooperation with FEFIS (the French Healthcare Industry Federation) with an eye to combating counterfeit healthcare products Fifth Seminar of European Customs Chemists (250 attendees from 37 countries) (12)
AUGUST 20,000 mosquito traps – not in compliance with technical standards and dangerous – intercepted at Le Havre in a container shipped from China (13) At the Channel Tunnel, with the help of the Euroscan system, 435 kg of cannabis detected in a load of shrubs being shipped to the UK
OCTOBER Following a cooperative effort by French and British Customs, 280 kg of cocaine were found in a sloop that was boarded off the coast of the Antilles Attended by the Minister for the Budget, celebration of the 10th anniversary of the National Customs Academy (17) 10,500 counterfeit luncheon vouchers seized at the Basel-Mulhouse Airport (18) Seizure, in the Ile-de-France region, of more than 300,000 Chinese-made toys, soft toys and balloons. e items were not in compliance with European technical standards and were deemed to be dangerous and/or toxic
SEPTEMBER Detection at Le Havre of an 18-km-long trail of maritime pollution coming from a chemical tanker (14) France’s finance ministry hosts an International Experts Conference that brings together more than 300 business leaders around the theme of controlling free-trade agreements in order to encourage exports Discovery of 48 Greek tortoises, an endangered species, in the fairings of a vehicle inspected in the Ile de France region (15) 47.6 kg of cocaine seized in Cayenne (French Guiana). e drugs were hidden inside vegetables being carried by a passenger (16) After being spotted by a French Customs aircraft, a Tanzanian vessel carrying 20 tons of hashish was boarded in the Mediterranean
NOVEMBER Seizure of 11 handguns and ammunition during the inspection of a coach near Tours A record seizure of 815 cartons of cigarettes at Roissy airport being carried by passengers (19) €83,480 in counterfeit banknotes intercepted in Le Perthus
DECEMBER Seizure of 82 kg of smuggled ivory in Poitiers (20) e EMEA Awards 2013: e DNSCE (National Directorate for Foreign Trade Statistics) receives the Innovation in IT Optimisation Award (21) e Cyberdouane unit (Customs Intelligence Directorate) arrests an individual suspected of selling drugs on the “Dark Net” – a first in France
86 tonsof cannabis seized
In 2013, French Customs’ score improved in every sector. Seizures of drugs reached a record high (a twofold increase in terms of value), and seizures of smuggled tobacco and counterfeits also rocketed (+16% and +65%, respectively). Results were also up in other sectors such as consumer protection and the fight against tax evasion.
over 2012 and the best
result in 20 years)
7.2 tonsof cocaine seized
in 2013(+57%)
430 tonsof smuggled tobacco intercepted in 2013 (+16%)
Criminal organisations are taking advantage of the many new forms of trade to expand their illegal activities. At the same time, new forms of fraud are emerging. Individuals are increasingly using the Internet as a vehicle for selling counterfeits and fraudulent activities, and also take risks by purchasing all sorts of products online.
Drug seizures – an excellent year
e results for 2013 reveal atwofold increase in the value of seized drugs (€536m, against €255m in 2012). Seizures of cannabis nearly tripled, and those of cocaine jumped 57%.
e most spectacular increase involved khat – there was a tenfold increase in volumes seized in 2013. is is due to tighter regulations in the Netherlands as of 5 January 2013, and in the UK since 23 July 2013. is shift has altered smuggling routes for khat in Europe, and shipments crossing France have increased sharply.
Seizures of new psychoactive substances (NPS), including cathinones, synthetic cannabinoids, tryptamines and pipera-zines, soared in 2013, with 321 kg and 2,071 doses discovered in express and postal shipments.
2013 also witnessed a change in drug traffickers’modus operandi. In contrast to previous years, the quantities being transported were often smaller than a ton; loads of intercepted cocaine, for example, were often between 150 and 300 kg.
In 2013,several seizures of cocaine were carried out by foreign customs authorities following leads provided by French Customs, including 486 kg seized from a vessel by Spanish customs (DAVA), based on intelligence from the National Directorate for Customs Investigations and Intelligence (DNRED). Moreover, 20 tons of cannabis were seized in the Mediterranean in September 2013, from a Tanzanian commercial vessel travelling between Morocco and the Middle East.
Increased seizures of smuggled tobacco
e good results achieved in previous years continued in 2013. Seizures were up 16% over 2012, for a total of 430 tons. In this respect, land-based seizures represented the lion’s share (40%), but there was also an increase in seizures connected with online purchases by individuals (+6.3%). French Customs is expanding its resources to take action against fraudulent websites with “.fr” domain names, as well as
7,113 citations in the area of consumer
its interception capacities, particularly in terms of cigarette traceability.
Seizures abroad also expanded.Based on information from French Customs, 84 tons of tobacco were intercepted outside of France’s borders.
A significant increase in seizures of weapons
As part of its ongoing mandate to protect French territory, in 2013 French Customs seized 823 combat and defensive weapons (a twofold increase over 2012).
Increasingly globalised trade means a growing risk for consumers with the import of dangerous goods. French Customs’ remit to protect the health and safety of French consumers has become a priority. e number of cases
35 tonsof drugs worth¤202m, were seized abroad based on
intelligence from French Customs
involving consumer protection increased by 16.2%. Half of all inspections carried out in 2013 involved toys.
Despite the effects of the recent Philips/Nokia ruling, there was a marked increase in seizures of counterfeits
In 2013, French Customs seized 7.6 million counterfeit items, compared with 4.6 million in 2012. is activity shows no signs of abating. us, even though the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that customs may no longer seize counterfeit goods transiting through EU territory if they are not intended for the EU market, seizures of counterfeits within France continue to rise.
Under the watchful eye of French Customs, nearly 380,000 noncompliant and dangerous toys were seized in 2013.
823 firearmsseized in 2013 (twiceas many as in 2012)
7.6 million counterfeit items
(including 1.3 million
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