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The Future of Search Engines A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON DATA A balance btw. offer and demand WHAT THE SEARCH ENGINE TRY § To retrieve relevant pieces of information  A document , an extract, an named entity  An author, a date, a figure  A data in a database, a connection between 2 datas n What the users have experienced  Generated data from n datas from several sources § Fluctuating relevance (global, specific) § After having managed an increasing diversity § Changing contents § More and more complex offer Storage formats and media n What the users have done  Data types (text, signal …) § More time navigating  Document types (full-text, composite, original, …) § Less reluctant to do an extra-click  Document categories (corpo, personal, public …) § Prone to low-cost services n What the users demand§ At a high-scale level (volume and freshness) § Content (authority, freshness, volume)  Data collection § Context (local, pro, mobile, language …)  Data indexing and retrieving § Intent (services)1 S.E. designed to achieve various issues E-commerce Web portalSearch on heterogeneus datas Intranet Unstructured data Business Critical Vertical search engine2 Application At a global web scale … 3 … or on a subset of web content 4 3  (     -   +    -  @     $  3        '                  )  56357        *  /