Banque de france  oracle customer snapshot

Banque de france oracle customer snapshot


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Oracle Customer Snapshot
Banque de France Paris, France www.banque
Industry: Financial Services
Employees: 13,000
Oracle Products & Services:
Oracle Advanced Customer  Services Oracle Financials Oracle Procurement Oracle Database Oracle Data Guard Oracle Partitioning
“With Oracle Advanced Customer Services, we have benefited from the assistance of support experts who understand our business constraints and objectives, and who have helped us to implement IT features that improve our business.” – Laurent Delechelle, Database Administrator Manager, Banque de France
Banque de France Deploys Customer Services Solutionto Improve Accounting and Purchasing Created in 1800, Banque de France is a member of Eurosystem, which functions on a decentralized basis and contributes to the implementation of the Euroarea single monetary policy. As a national central bank, Banque de France ensures the smooth circulation of banknotes and coins and monitors financial markets while overseeing payment systems and media, and more generally, financial stability. Challenges Provide ability to host a highperformance, highly available data warehouse for all European central banks Eliminate rising technical risks due to old software versioning, unexpected outages, and delays for system upgrades Deploy advanced IT features—including incident recovery, identity management, and centralized systems supervision—to better support business needs and reduce costs Solution Enhanced Banque de France’s availability and performance through customized support and system optimization recommendations provided by Oracle Advanced Customer Services Worked with the Oracle Advanced Customer Services team to leverage best practices and upgrade 3,000 Oracle EBusiness Suite users and 9,000 Oracle Database users on time and without disruption to the operational business Enabled incident recovery through Oracle Data Guard and reduced data access time and storage costs through Oracle Partitioning, with the help of Oracle Advanced Customer Services’ knowledge transfers and support
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Published April 2009