DC++ Tutorial
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DC++ Tutorial


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14 pages


DC++ and WinMXTutorial By GeaF2004WelcomeFinally, a Step-By-Step guide to DC++by GeaFhours later....Learning To Share4 DC++ Tutorial1 DC++ Help ManualHOW TO..Tutorial for WinMX and DC++By GeaFMy Art Gallery Site..... you know you want to...go see. http://www.geafworks.tkE-mail for extra support at: Paulgeaf@hotmail.com (with DC++HELP! as subject line)============================================================================================================================So you want to download Movies? Music? (gasp!) Software? Legal ones of course..you know,public domain, no copyright ones like erm...well, there must be some? No? Oh well just try tofind some . ;)Its not that common to just find a webpage and click and there you have yourself a movie!(sometimes it is if you know where but that kind of information is classified..hehe 'loose lipssink ships'.)but that isn't the way to find movies. OR Music or Software.This is a tutorial for using two very popular 'Peer 2 Peer' programs which, by the time you haveread and understood this, you will be able to download that game or movie that the person youknow online is always boasting to you that they can get anything they want.....read on...----------------------------------------------------------------Ok, I am assuming you know nothing about Peer to Peer software.That is, programs you can install and use which are for file sharing.The basic premise of these is thus:You run a ...



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DC++ and WinMX Tutorial By GeaF
, a
by GeaF
4 DC++ Tutorial
DC++ Help Manual
HOW TO..Tutorial for WinMX and DC++ B
My Art Gallery Site..... you know you want to...go see.    http://www.geafworks.t E-mail for extra support at:     Paulgeaf@hotmail.com    (with DC++HELP! as subject line) ====================================================================== ====================================================== So you want to download Movies? Music? (gasp!) Software? Legal ones of course..you know, find some . ;)
Its not that common to just find a webpage and click and there you have yourself a movie! (sometimes it is if you know where but that kind of information is classified..hehe 'loose lips sink ships'.)
This is a tutorial for using two very popular 'Peer 2 Peer' programs which, by the time you have read and understood this, you will be able to download that game or movie that the person yo know online is always boasting to you that they can get anything they want.....read on... ----------------------------------------------------------------Ok, I am assuming you know nothing about Peer to Peer software. That is, programs you can install and use which are for file sharing. The basic premise of these is thus: You run a program on your PC. In this, you have selected files in your computer which you don't mind other people seeing and, if they should desire, uploading from you. ( For the very NEW people reading, DO NOT WORRY!! THE FILES ARE ONLY COPIED TO THEM THEY DO NOT LEAVE YOU PC AT ALL!) These are usually any music files and programs or serial-cracked-programs etc. NOT PERSONAL files and never the files of an INSTALLED program...as these are useless to anyone but yourself! Ok. Then this program may do one of a few different things to find others who are also running the same program and they have selected a lot of files to share too. The main thing that makes these programs so good is that they then all connect up together an © 2004 ... www.geafworks.tk
DC++ Help Manual
with each persons small (or large) amount of files they are 'sharing'... the TOTAL amount is added up somewhere and you then have a VAST amount of files to search through. You enter a SEARCH...the program tells others in the chain or the main 'SERVER' which holds all the shared file lists, and Voila! you find that someone somewhere has what you searched for an you can Download it from them. :) That is Peer 2 Peer File sharing. There are lots of different types of these Peer to Peer programs...different ways that they take your file list and get it to the rest of the users....some have a central server which has all the info stored on it. Some even work by just using each persons program and sending a message along to the nearest one..and on and on and on...searching, until it gets to one that replies 'yes found it here!' then it sends the message back along the line until it reaches you and then gets a direct connection to the person it found with the file! ANYWAY!......
I am going to recommend two. the first is for simplicity of use and the second is for shee greatness in the amount of people on it and the EASE of getting ANY movie you desire! The first is Winmx. Some people use nothing other than this. I use it as an added program ONLY when the WinMX is full of young people and as such it can be pretty irritating and the people you see o there can be so childish not to mention SELFISH' I mean for example, you start downloading from someone after waiting in a queue for an hour and then that person just disconnects you. You send them a private message asking them what happened and they hurl insults. This is quite normal on WinMX. There are also Chat rooms on it. I highly recommend (if you value internet Chatting at all) NOT using these rooms. They are everything from Paedophile meeting things like games, types of software, movies etc but in my experience most are just sex under another name. http://www.winmx.co Go there and download the latest version. When you have it, install it..Please note! It gives a minimal tutorial DURING the install process so make sure you READ what it is saying as you Install! When you have set up what files you want to share on Winmx. It is a simple matter of making a SECONDARY (it gives you the option) Connection to the network (where all the others are...just waiting to meet up from one program to another..files going in all directions) When the green light is on, you are connected. Then click on the SEARCH button, type in anything as a test to start you off...maybe bob Marley. you should see a huge list of bob Marley tracks appearing! To download any of these you simply double Click the file you want. There is a lot more to it but If you need more help let us know. I don't even have it installe right now so I cant remember it all!
Ok If I were you Id skip the above and go straight to DC++.....
© 2004 ... www.geafworks.tk
6 DC++ Tutorial
====================================================================== == -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  DC++ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ===============================////////////////////////////======================== ==                                                              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This is a similiar program which is a little more relaxed for one and has chat in it too... The 'network' is a series of so called 'Hubs' which s far as I now are just other computers like yours, running a special program which enables them to receive info and connections from lots of other computers. The Hub is, to us users, the chat channel and in the hub you see: The main window which is just like any other chat room.. On the right you see a list of all the people in the hub. Most people do not chat. They just go into the hub they like as it may be where they like to download files from. you see, there are many hubs and most are specialist...for example they say MP3 in their nam so you know its a good music hub. Or they may be called DIVX+XVIDSuperhub- then yo know you will find good movies there..etc. There is ONE THING that is important to note here! A lot of Hubs have a kind of Entrance level of shared files! That means that they may require that you are sharing at least 1Gigabyte of files (music,games,programs etc) or when you try to connect to their Hub, you will get a message saying Not enough Share, please come back when you have more files. Our limit is 1GiG. Don't worry though..there are now a LOT of hubs that require nothing or very little. then once you have used the program a few times...you WILL have enough to get into the more average Hubs that require you have 5Gigs or 10Gigs. Some even require 100Gigs!!! So to start you need the DC++ program. I prefer a slightly older version . it just seems to be less buggy so I'm linking you to the same version. It means I can also help advise you fro hereon in should you get stuck...go here: Click here for the version I use in this tutorial Click on the 'mirror link' for the country that is nearest to you!
Then install the program
© 2004 ... www.geafworks.tk
DC++ Help Manual
Ok when you start it up, make sure you are online. Because its an older version, the 'NEW VERSION AVAILABLE' box opens up..just close i to get started!
RIGHT. This is for SETTINGS. In here I will try to take you through everything 1 at a time ok? 1. GENERAL settin PERSONAL INFORMATION: NIC Type in a nickname that you wish to be known as. It is also advisable to put your connection speed at the start of your name inside [these My name as a horror fan, on DC++ is this: [DSL]fleshcrawls You see what I mean. Most hubs like to know what connection everyone is and it really helps us...so you know wha speed someone is and can decide whether to download from them or not! EMAIL : I wouldn't put your real email address in here. Infact you can leave this empty, its fine. DESCRIPTION : In here put a short description of your files. 'Apps and MP3s' would do for example  CONNECTION TYPE : Well that speaks for itself I think. make sure it is displaying the nearest to your net connection speed! CONNECTION SETTINGS : Ok just make sure this is set to ACTIVE and don't fill anything else in here. That is it for the General Settings! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Click the left side to move it down to selec 2.'DOWNLOADS' On the right across from DOWNLOADS you see these: Default Download Directory: now, it really is up to you what folder/directory you want your downloaded files to 'land' in! If you are one of these people who cant find a file after downloading it (we all have done this!) then I suggest clicking the BROWSE button and selecting DESKTOP from in there. The rest of these options are unimportant for now. If the part that says 'Public Hublist URL' is different from this: http://dreamland.gotdns.org/PublicHubList.config.bz2 then copy and paste this into it as this gets you a huge list of hubs you can connect to. © 2004 ... www.geafworks.tk
8 DC++ Tutorial
THATS IT FOR THAT SECTION! ============================================= 3.'SHARING' This is where you select which Folders you are going to share with all the other users. Simply hit ADD FOLDER and that's it. You can watch the amount in MB and Gigs on the bottom of the window (Total Size), so yo know when you've reached the right amount to get into your favourite hub. For now, try to get it up to 1 Gig, if you cant just try get it to over 500MB, which you could do Try to share AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE..It will pay off. Ok the other settings can be left for now too. The Share Slots are like - ports you open on your PC to allow downloader's to get a file fro you. So if you have 3 slots in total, ONLY 3 people can download from you at once. Don't set it really high because they kick you out of hubs thinking you are having a laugh. I recommend setting this to 6 or 8 slots. Some hubs ALSO have a requirement to get in, that is..for every hub you are in, they want yo to have a certain amount of Slots open. To ensure you are sharing! The usual amount they require is 2 or 3/per HUB so setting this to 6 slots is fine if you only stay in 2 or 3 hubs. Its not advisable to try to go into as many hubs as possible anyway...it gets slow and you ca find just as much by going in a small amount of hubs. If you don't find the files you want. Leav the hubs you're in and then go in other hubs. Oops I'm rambling! So yes,. set this to 6 or 8 SLOTS ok. AND I am talking about the BOTTOM setting the one called UPLOAD SLOTS. Leave the OTHER ONE ALONE FOR NOW That's this section. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Select on the Left -4. APPEARANCE' ' You can leave most of this as it is, which is good news! You can change the colours here by clicking the colours button -note, you have to restart the app to see the changes-Just leave this or if you are like me and prefer to have nicey nice colours for the backgroun window and a favourite font, then change them! A ' DEFAULT AWAY MESSAGE ' type in something to auto-reply to people if they message you and you are not there. like 'sorry I'm not here, leave me a message. Help yourself to my files. :)' 'I am a loser with no life' or 'My internet addiction has ruined me' Obviously it's up to you! whatever! That's it for this section! ------------------------------------------------------------------------
© 2004 ... www.geafworks.tk
files or slots opened for entry. To enter one, just Double-Click.
DC++ Help Manual
I always tell people. Look at the program. LOOK AT THE MAIN WINDOW AND THE LINE OF BUTTONS ALONG THE TOP Just hover your mouse * * over each of the buttons. you'll get a short description of each one! Familiarise yourself with these names, they will mean something to you as soon as you star downloading and getting used to the feel of DC++. The only one I'm going to tell you of now is the one that says SEARCH when you hover over it. (The only one you want to know about for now anyway right?!)
click SEARCH button and.. ***before I go on, I must explain the options at the bottom of the search area on the left side. where it says 'Only where I am Op' -- LEAVE THIS UNCHECKED ALWAYS! As you enter HUBS, the list here will grow and the new hubs will all have checkmarks next to them. It is basically asking you if you wish to search ALL the HUBS you are in right now or
Let it keep all selected. You needn't worry about this as it does it automatically. Just don't tic the top one about the Op.!
Select which TYPE of file you're looking for (I always leave this to ALL, as some people don' name files correctly and they may have what I want and I miss it!!) Then type in your search. Try to keep it to minimum words. If you were searching for a file with the title ' A Christmas special movie for all the family' fo example, the search term you type in should be: 'Christmas special movie'. If that found nothing then I'd try 'Christmas movie family' and so on. Just don't type in the full long titles of this as you may find you are missing out. People use abbreviations and have their own file naming ways!! Ok once you decide on what you're going to search for..type it in and hit the button! (or RETURN on Keyboard does the same job here). That's it. You should see a list of results on the right, You can click on the tops of this list on the part that says 'Size, Slots,Connection,Hub etc etc which is what I do all the time. When the results are many, if you scroll along to the right little and click on the SLOTS
© 2004 ... www.geafworks.tk