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Follow LeWeb3 live in video : Loic Le Meur Blog
12/12/2006 08:16
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Published on 11 December 2006 at 11:12
The Skunk's Project
Today in France, the number of people w ithout papers in an irregular situation ranks betw een an estimation of 200 000 to 400 000 **.
** estimation made by Dominique Galouzeau de Villepin, currently Prime Minister, w hen he w as still Minister of the Interior, very recently.
Every w eek, w hole families are in danger of being sent aw ay from France, along w ith their children w ho go to school in France and w ere born on the French soil.
26614 w ere turned dow n, i.e. 79,35%
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merci pour le lien du live !! Mais la qualité est vraiment pas terrible . Y'a pas mal de saccades ,le son est vraiment très mauvais surtout quand les intervenants parlent trop près du micro ... Après la video c'est pas le plus important,la qualité est largement sufiisante ;)
Follow LeWeb3 live in video
3 comments On11 December 2006  12:48Jamessaid :
By Loïc Le Meur|Comments (3)|T rackBacks (0)
Le Putois (the Skunk) is a French poprock group w ho made a song denouncing the politics of Nicolas Sarkozy, a rightw ing candidate for the next presidential elections in France. The son of a Hungarian immigrant, his real name actually being Nicolas Sarkozy de Nagy Bocsa, he is currently Minister of the Interior. George W. Bush recently gave hima very w armw elcome in Washington.
(no spam) Ads by Google Here isw ho I am,my conference appearancesandsome press articles. Say No to Amnesty Finally thecommunity(andthe w iki) of this blog No Retreat on Border Security No Surrender Close the Border www.fairus.org
Sent w ith aNokia N93or aPearlw ithOrange.
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6924 w ere regularized, i.e. 20,64 %
* out of 33538 applications :
w w w .flickr.com
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On June 13th 2006, Nicolas Sarkozy de NagyBocas took a decree aiming at regularizing the status of an « undefined » number of immigrants w ithout papers. Most ofthe children of these immigrants w ere born in France, w here they go to school. In France, the right to nationality based on the place of birth can only be claimed over eighteen, under the condition of a sufficient number of childhood years spent on the French soil. Thus, a foreign child born on the French soil w ill not be granted automatic nationality. Many people (33548 adults) volunteered in giving their name and address to the police, in the hope of getting a regularization of their situation. Only 6924 * adults did get it !
On11 December 2006  18:05bobosaid :
This situation is unw orthy of the country of the Human Rights.
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