CORDIS focus 38. 19 May 1995


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ISSN 1022­6559 The «entants ef this bulletin are eased en RTO-News, updated every day, and ether CORDIS databases. teONAKDO VA VIA] CI LauiacKe­d by (Sommissione.^ (Smesso n During a recent visit to Finland, Mrs. Edith Cresson, the LEONARDO DA VINCI to encourage continuous Commissioner responsible for science, research and education. development, and education and training, discussed the The Community will support national activities and will importance of vocational training and the added value of become involved directly only if it can do better than what the LEONARDO DA VINCI programme. is already being done. Without taking responsibility away The programme is designed for students, young people from the Member States, the purpose of this programme is following basic training courses, and workers undergoing to give an extra boost to vocational training in Europe in the continuing training. The programme has a minimum following ways: budget of ECU 620 million for the period 1995­1999 and ■ Supporting a number of projects including several will extend the life of Community vocational training Member States which will enhance the quality of training projects, such as COMETT, PETRA, LINGUA and and improve the systems in operation in all Member FORCE.



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