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Innovation & Technology Transfer. February 1998 Supplement Innovation for Growth and Employment


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Innovation Θ Technology Transfer en SUPPLEMENT t Communication from the Commission Innovation for Growth and Employment mplementation of the First Action Plan for Innovation in Europe INNOVATION PROGRAMME · FEBRUARY 1998 PUBLISHED BY THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION Innovation for Growth Innovation and Employment *"■ Growth and Employment By adopting this report at my initiative, the Commission intends to put down a prominent marker to show that it is fully taking into account the importance of the link between innov­Communication from ation, growth and employment, based notably on the conclus­the Commission ions of the European Councils of Amsterdam and Luxembourg. Continuation of the implementation of the Innovation Action Plan, adopted a year ago, constitutes one of the Commission's priorities, in particular in the areas of protection of intellectual property, access to financing, simplification of administrative CONTENTS procedures, and development of the enterprise spirit. But the economic reality and the dynamic nature of the innovation process also justify some adjustments to the Plan. 1. INTRODUCTION 3 This is why there will be a special effort to increase the Plan's 2. IMPLEMENTATIONOF THE impact, in particular by mobilising the Member States, the ACTION PLANHASCOMMENCED4regions and the actors concerned, in order to create an innov­■ Protection of intellectualproperty 4ation dynamic in Europe.



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