We need to reinvent the way we are marketing to consumers. We need a new model. It does not exist. No one else has one yet. But we need to get going now.”
P&G Chairman/CEOA.G. Lafley ·· November, 2004
Three pillars support One to One interactive’s vision:  ··Marketing science & creative innovation  ··Next generation permission marketing platforms  ··Social enabled media networks and performance  marketingsolutions
Next Generation Digital Marketing Holding Company Established in 1997, One to One Interactive is the first enterprise to assemble a complete solution for brands, agencies, and publishers executing one-to-one marketing strategies. By bringing together one of the nation’s leading digital marketing agencies, the worlds most comprehensive portfolio of permission marketing platforms, unique performance based social
media networks, and cutting edge neuromarketing research techniques, the companies of One to One Interactive build informed and creative customer/ constituent strategies on the belief that digital media’s ability to enable engaging one-to-one dialogues is the future of marketing.
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Complete One-to-One Solutions for Brands, Agencies and Publishers
NextGenerationDigitalMarketingHoldingCompany ThecompaniesofOnetoOneInteractivebuildinformed andcreativecustomer/constituentstrategiesonthe beliefthatdigitalmedia’sabilitytoenableengagingone-to-onedialoguesisthefutureofmarketing.