6 Simple Steps to Motivate Yourself to Exercise And to Improve Your Nutrition
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6 Simple Steps to Motivate Yourself to Exercise And to Improve Your Nutrition


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Everything you Need to Change Your Life in Just 9 Weeks! The BML guide to keeping motivated, healthy and positive during your 9 week challenge!



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Publié le 28 avril 2016
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6 Simple Steps to Motivate Yourself  to Exercise And to Improve  Your Nutrition.
 BYAnt Patrickson
Lifestyle Advisor and BML CoFounderwww.bmlfitness.com
6 Simple Steps to Motivate Yourself to Exercise  and to Improve Your Nutrition.
The BML guide to keeping motivated, healthy and positive during your 9 week challenge!
Welcome to the BML Fitness Free eBook! By reading this,you’vetaken one step already closer to achievinglife the you desire, the bodyyou desire and the mindsetyou need tomake true healthy changes to your life. We hope to see you on the 9 week journey with therest of our happy, healthy members who are actively progressing through their course andimplementing actions into their everyday life.
BML Fitness is here for the longhaul, wedon’t teach you flybynight health tipsprogram is our designed for you to take forth the education and knowledge you learn and adapt it into your presentand future!
The team here at BML Fitness is constructed around industry expertise;
 Matt Williams  the Motivational Guru, humanbehaviour specialist, public speaker and author of Exercise Change will keep you on track
Jessica MouldsBML’sResident Nutritionist is a Registered Dietitian, Master of Dietetics and Sports Dietitian
Paul Stead  your very own Personal Trainer to help you get seriously fit and with 15 years ofexperience in the industry, he certainly knows his stuff!
Ant PatricksonLifestyle Advisor and BML CoFounder
With these experts and your constant flow ofBML content,there’sno reason not to succeed in creating life changing healthy habits!
©BML Fitness. All Rights Reserved.
Here’sa few handy, free tips to get youstarted…there’splenty more where this came from. We hope to see you on the other side!
#1 Audiobooks
Audiobooks are a great way to ingest content whilst remaining activerunning, biking, workingoutlet me tellyou,it’seasier to listen to a book doing those activities than to read a book while doing them! This will superchargeyour motivation! Download the Audible app  the better you get, the faster you can listen/learn, which means a 4hour audio book listened to on x3 speed can be completed in a solid gym sessionyou’llleave that gym beingphysically and mentallypumped…justdon’tforget to bookmark the best points, even ifyou’remidburpee!
The BML teamrecommend a pioneer of motivational audiorecording, Zig Ziglar. His audiobook‘Howto StayMotivated’is recorded before a live audience and the war veteran and former salesman calls upon a lifetime ofaccumulated experiences with a fantastic twist of humour to paint a picture for others to view themselves in adifferent light.
How to Stay Motivated is worth listening to during the Build and Maintain phase of your BML 9 week challenge (andindeed further). One ofZig’squotes aligns perfectly with the BML motivational philosophy, he says;
“Peopleoften say; Zig, whenI’mfeeling down, I pop in one of your tapes to get me feelingbetter.”hisreply is priceless, he says“wellthat’slike waiting for the gastank to hit E before putting any gas inyourcar!”
It’sa strong point which harks at our reactive society, we wait until we hit rock bottom before deciding we need to‘start’changing! Like the gymgoers who need New Years to roll in before‘startingafresh’,they wait for externalgreenlights to change their internal attitude. Be proactive rather than reactive and audiobooks will help along theway.
#2 Mix It Up
Variety is the spice of life and all, so a variety of fruit and veg should spice it up even further. Ifthere’sone type offast food we here at BML recommend,it’ssmoothies;they’rereally fast food!They’resimple to make, they tastegreat and your body and mind will thank you for it. Get creativeyou’reyour smoothies,there’sno right or wrongway to blend good stuff that will end up in your body.Here’sour favourite smoothie recipe for kickstarting yourday;
1 Sliced Banana
Green TeaBrew half a cup andleave for 12 minutes beforepouring into smoothie (remove teabag of course)
1 ½ cups of frozen mixed berries
1 Cup of milk (Almond milk of Soycan be used to preference)
1 tbsp of flaxseed oil (great forOmega 3,6 and 9)
½ cup of wholegrain oats
2 spoons of cottage cheese andnatural yoghurt
Some of our other favourite smoothie ingredients include, grated ginger, squeezed lemon juice,pineapple chunks and spinachwe’llgo through green smoothies another time! Anddon’tget usstarted on soupswe love a good soup.
©BML Fitness. All Rights Reserved.
#3 Morning Routine
Here atBML, we believe a strong foundation is the key to continued success and your morning is your foundationfor your day. A solid morning routine can physically and mentally prepare you to take on the challenges ahead withconfidence and abundant energy. Take care of your physical, mental and nutritional wellbeing and your day will beat your mercy.
Mental  Set your alarm for the week in your smartphone with a url link to aninspiring video, pop yourearphones in, listen to the words and ingest the motivation to kick start your morning routine. YouTube is fullof great motivational videos.
Physical  A recent study of17 topCEO’sshowed that 80% woke up before 5:30amthe latest any CEO wokewas 6am. Rising early creates time for exercise which is a common trait amongst successfulCEO’s;more than70% in the survey included exercise in their morning routine. So, lace up the running shoes and pound thepavement to feel invigorated for your day ahead.
NutritionalStart with a glass of water with a slice of lemon squeezed inthe ultimate metabolismturboboost then continue with a healthy breakfast packed with protein and fruit. Avoid sugary breakfastcereals and just remember; nothing tastes as good as health feels.
#3 Get a SideKick
Two heads are better than one. Many hands make light work. A job done together is a job halved. How many moreclichés do we have to mention to get our point across! Making lifechanging healthy habits can be so much easier ifyou have someone to help you through the hard times and celebrate with you through the good times.
Accountability is important during a‘challenge’scenario. Think of the support group you could have with leadingexperts and close friends or familytogether you will be destined to achieve results.
Here’sa few good reasons to get yourself a workout buddy;
Time goes by faster
You can share rides if going swimming, running or to the gym
Both recognise and comment on progress
You can celebrate with each other
You feel bad for letting the other down if you cancel a workout
Get a friend to join in your BML 9 Week Challenge andyou’llboth be changing for the greater good ofyourselves and health!
“Ajourney shared brings more happiness than one sharedalone”Jeff Lowe
©BML Fitness. All Rights Reserved.
It’sno wonder social media has been a platform for good in the past few years. Look at thesuccess of such campaigns as;
No Makeup SelfieRaised £8million for Cancer Research UK in just 6 days
The Ice Bucket ChallengeRaised over $100million for LouGehrig’sDisease
The Rainbow Profile PictureOver 25 million profile pictures changed to mark thelegalisation of gay marriage in the USA
The internet has become a place for goodwill to be spread and social sites like Facebook have becomea fantastic way to create a tribe of encouraging wellwishers with whom you share a friendship with.The comments of positivity will keep you focused and drive you towards your goal with added tenacityand ferocity. It is of course, completely up to you, some people prefer to succeed in silence but, theysay pressure makes diamonds and once you announce it to your social circlesthey’llbe watching,cheering and hopefully envying/emulating you very soon!
Be sure to like our pageBML Fitnessto find out more tips, tricks and pointers on how to keep yourchallenge and your change goals on track. We believe in the power of community and strength innumbers so, give us a like, send us pictures and talk to us! There will be Facebook content added on aregular basis including interviews and workouts with the BML team of expertssomething youdon’twant to miss!
#6 The Power of 3
Build it  Maintain it  Live it
Our last piece of advice comes from the very name of our program  BML. When our team of expertsgathered to design and develop and healthy habit formation program, there was a general consensusthat building a habit in the regular 21 day recommended periodwasn’tquite enough to embed it intoone’severyday life. Thus, we decided that a habit must first be Built, then Maintained and then Lived forit to truly become habitual.
The 3 arrows on our logo relate to the 3x 3 weekly modules as follows;
©BML Fitness. All Rights Reserved.
Maintain it21 Days (3 Weeks)
Live it21 Days (3 weeks)
It also indicates the 3 vital disciplines needed for success;
A great tip that was actually recommended to us by one of our most dedicated clients was;
“Savethe BML logo and keepit in recognisableplaces. This used to trigger mymind
to recognise the 3 vital disciplines in needed in mylife and it reallykept me focused.
For 9 weeks I had it as the background of myphone,printed out and stuck on(and
in!)myfridge and even on mydesk atwork.”
T. Stewart, 2015
Enjoyed the FREE ebook?
Feel free toemail the PDF to your friends, Like us or comment onFacebookand/or join us for our9 Week Exercise, Nutrition and Motivation Programlifechanging results.
That’sall for now but The BML team look forward to seeing you on the journey that will transform you!
BuildingMaintainingLiving Changes.
Ant Patrickson and The BML Team
©BML Fitness. All Rights Reserved.
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