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Ambulatory monitoring

444 pages
Cardiovascular system and allied applications
Medical and biological research
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Cardiovascular System and
Allied Applications
edited by
Carlo Marchesi
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Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
for the Commission of the European Communities AMBULATORY MONITORING DEVELOPMENTS IN
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Cardiovascular system and allied applications
Proceedings of a workshop held in Pisa, April 11-12, 1983.
Sponsored by the Commission of the European Communities, as advised by
the Committee on Medical and Public Health Research.
edited by
CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology
Pisa, Italy
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Main entry under title:
Ambulatory monitoring.
(Developments in cardiovascular medicine)
1. Electrocardiography, Ambulatory—Congresses.
2. Cardiovascular system—Diseases—Diagnosis—Congresses.
3. Patient monitoring—Congresses. L. Ambulatory medical
care—Congresses. I. Marchesi, Carlo. II. Commission
of the European Communities. Committee on Medical and
Public Health Research. III. Series. CDNLM: 1. Cardio­
vascular diseases—Congresses. 2. Monitoring, Physiologic
—Congresses. 3. Ambulatory care—Congresses.
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Neither the Commission of the European Communities nor any person acting on
behalf of then is responsible for the use which might be made of the
following information.
Ambulatory monitoring of signals, related to cardiovascular system per­
formances, is one of the biomedical technologies of wider interest.
This interest is well documented by the literature, by the number of
instruments available on the market and by the increasing diffusion of
this technique at routine clinical level. The wide distribution of
ambulatory monitoring is however not yet well supported by commonly
accepted criteria of clinical interpretation, by an assessment of the
minimal requirements for instrumentation performances, or by indications
of cost/benefit figures in relation to different situations.
Several European centres have a recognized expertise and are well suited
to the examination of the problem of defining common guidelines and of
making recommendations so as to stimulate an improvement of the clinical
usage and of the performance of the instrumentation.
The Biomedical Engineering Standing Group of the Committee for Medical and
Public Health Research approved the organization of this workshop which
had as its aims the assessment of the state-of-the-art of different
aspects of ambulatory monitoring and the discussion within a group of
experts of the feasibility and interest in promoting the coordination in
Europe of these activities in the framework of a "concerted action".
The workshop was held in Pisa over two full days (April 11-12, 1983). The
participants were physicians and engineers, experts in their fields.
The sessions were organized around four main topics : 34 papers were
presented and discussed and 30 of them are published in this book. A
final session was devoted to discussion of the proposal for a concerted
The opinion of the participants was that coordinated efforts could be
extremely useful in investigating the problems of the effective role of
ambulatory monitoring and of common criteria for minimal requirements for
clinical applications of the instrumentation. My hope is that this book
will be an appropriate reference for future cooperation.
Pisa, November 12, 1983 Carlo Marchesi