Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) - Federal Register Document 06-6857 - Proposed Information
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Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) - Federal Register Document 06-6857 - Proposed Information


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Federal Register/Vol. 71, No. 89/Tuesday, May 9, 2006/Notices 26981 members of the public at each meeting 2134, Arlington, VA 22209–3939. A copy of the proposed information and will be limited to 3–5 minutes. Commenters are encouraged to send collection request can be obtained by their comments on a computer disk, or contacting the employee listed in the (Authority: The Committee was established via Internet e-mail to FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT pursuant to the Department of the Interior’s Rowlett.John@dol.gov, along with an section of this notice, or viewed on the authority to implement the Water Supply, Reliability, and Environmental Improvement original printed copy. Mr. Rowlett can Internet by accessing the MSHA home Act, Pub. L. 108–361; the Fish and Wildlife be reached at (202) 693–9827 (voice), or page (http://www.msha.gov) and then Coordination Act, 16 U.S.C. 661 et seq.; the (202) 693–9801 (facsimile). choosing ‘‘Statutory and Regulatory Endangered Species Act, 16 U.S.C. 1531 et Information’’ and ‘‘Federal Register FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: seq.; and the Reclamation Act of 1902, 43 Documents.’’ Contact the employee listed in the U.S.C. 391 et seq., and the acts amendatory ADDRESSES section of this notice. thereof or supplementary thereto, all III. Current Actions SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: collectively referred to as the Federal 30 CFR 75.1100–3, 75.1103–8, Reclamation laws, and in particular, the I. Background Central Valley Project ...



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Federal Register / Notices / Tuesday, May 9, 2006/ Vol. 71, No. 89
members of the public at each meeting 2134, Arlington, VA 22209 copy of the proposed information3939. A and will be limited to 3 request can be obtained by collection are encouraged to send Commenters5 minutes. (y: AuthoritThe Committee was established the employee listed in thetheir comments on a computer disk, or contacting pursuant to the Department of the InteriorsvRioa Ilnettetr.Jnoehtne-@mdaoill. gtoov along with an s ,FeOcRtiFoUnRoTfHtEhRiIsNnFoOtRicMeA,TIoOrNviCeOwNeTdA CoTn the authority to implement the Water Supply,w Reliability, and Environmental Improvementoriginal printed copy. Mr. Rowlett can by accessing the MSHA home Internet Act, Pub. L. 108361; the Fish and Wildlifebe reached at (202) 6939827 (voice), or a Coordination Act, 16 U.S.C. 661et seq.;the(202) 693( 108o9osich. e)ilimcsfap( eghnttgp:/S/twatwuwto.rmysahna.dg oRvy no ratu tlheeg)nd a Endangered Species Act, 16 U.S.C. 1531et seq.; and the Reclamation Act of 1902, 43FCOoRntFaUcRtTtHhEeReImNFpOloRyMeAeT IliOsNteCdOiNnTtAhCeT :rmfoInD.comnuoniesttaand‘‘Federal Register U.S.C. 391et seq.,and the acts amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto, allADDRESSESsection of this notice.III. Current Actions collectively referred to as the FederalSUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Reclamation laws, and in particular, theI. Background310.1 5073FC115.175, 1.57001 R01 d15.75 71 ,n3a1.30 2 ,805 Central Valley Project Improvement Act, 34 U.S.C. 3401)Under 30 CFR 75.1100 c es3, chemical Dated: April 26, 2006.thd ans thon m 6yreve denimaxe est bsq umiurcsahle rhnegmuiixeitri efer trsbeo xa enemieriftxe ugniehsi; requires opera  dfvhetr ee y  6eoamdtentsoh  rof margorp a hisbltaeso  trstothe Allan Oto,examination recorded on a permanent instruction of all miners in r Special Projects Officer, Mid-Pacific Region, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.t§chta03eaatg 11.57 tdemgrneyco  fnae es ; requira 8ifiequalsrno dep tm suexe tho shuingtiednU .re rna gve dgif nithperefihe tro pehe evtner snit  proceduacuation [FR Doc. 064306 Filed 5806; 8:45 am], xesiuerdannod c tcusrot ot sinamthe aue mato citerifnes  ros  BILLING CODE 4310MNM eht enifieiuqlay lakeewexam to rsond pewarning devie;clsl esqy ertrsemfoi r in  daopera  basis, and must conduct a functional automatic fire sensor and warnin test com lete DEPARTMENT OF LABORed raryeUn. the a  of §1130sys 7.5tpse bd hostede teuirqu 1te,s1t hacheare   each fil tatsaeg de vmieces syetsmn c;n ao deer Mine Safety and Health Administrationhydraestcoi n tofs himeres ntr ehiuqeoba t tuerope ino  toratla niea rtstrheonsi mo fl qri ;erehm set dea  telb  eettsorsief ymuhs tennatr dannad  thcer sdrodna eht  y ar,eat asceon Proposed Information Collection onsibletests shall be kept in an appropriate Request Submitted for Publicperators are to o rednU .noitacolt§k-sh wor the fortaroporeht eb  yedatgnside) (sonsreppser of the identityn7a .d55h1t1 0e ,imen n  oe thiarla nim lsrenla ri os st.ifhe T Comment and Recommendations; Fire Protection (Underground Coal Mines) they ofpons resa dnnesttntii ed fedatgn orrep elbiised nosqureemirnire sfoa yn ed to instruct merriuqpe otora ACTION:rgmeeatcun.iocyenva ednU  ref the prooi  n.eruqonNitseucrittc§ -hsowkrie r fhtchanany and ift hs eht gnirud eg t;ift ehofertro s atle pnsibn beersot fo ytiopser eh tine ngntde ihecah1.57,205 gram o ires SUMMARY: revisionsThe Department of Labor, as to existing fire-fighting and part of its continuing effort to reduce evacuations plans to address ians cal uredseusl ta lol f mai fnire ee, mane regxepnlcoiseiso cnr, eoart ead  paperwork and respondent burden emergencies, and requires training of conducts a pre-clearance consultation miners regarding the mine emergency goaf si nosrt rwuactteiro inn. uTnhdisatsieocnti ionn  trheeq upirroegdr am program to provide the general public evacuation fire fighting plan for all revisions to existing fire-fighting and and Federal agencies with an emergencies created as a result of a fire, evacuations plans to address these opportunity to comment on proposed an explosion, or a gas or water and/or continuing collections of inundation. emergencies, requi reedm etrraienning of miners information in accordance with theII. Desired Focus of Commentsge thnemidrag gniering planre-fighttaoi nifyce avucd an, Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (PRA95) [44 U.S.C. 3506 (c)(2)(A)]. This MSHA is particularly interested in requires that mine operators train program helps to ensure that requested cois stimbuphe terd seporoaulavE htehw etmmennihat:ts ters minfa ssRnoieyvni treoewv:i  reo  te thanplft anr.p vola .MSHxA Efeotsrn oaipoisns data can be provided in the desired collection of information is necessaryType o format, reporting burden (time and financial resources) is minimized, for the proper performance of theAgency:Mine Safety and Health collection instruments are clearly fwuhnectthioern st hoef  itnhfeo argmeanticoy,n  inwcilllu hdianvge  Administrationo. tectionderround understood, and the impact of collection requirements on respondents can be practical utility;Title: g (UnFire Pr properly assessed. ageycnEvte the aaluafot eh ccruca ye fhtoC setamitsee thf  o oenrdbuFOarlMe qM BuienNneusc)ym.:be Orn:Oac2119 . isno0054 Currently, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) is soliciting ipnrcolpuodsiendg  ctholel evcatliiodnit yo f oifn tfhoer mation, prAffiftected Public: sseo roBnisu. c-  forther comments concerning the extension of methodology and assumptions used; o . the information collection related to the 30 CFR 75.11003, 75.11038, 75.1103 Enhance the quality, utility, anddents:634. 11, and 75.1501; Fire Protection ccloalrlietcyt eodf ;t haen di nformation to be uB latoT s:seonspReedrpsnoeR3n2 4H,o5u0r5s.:  51,580 hours. (Underground Coal Mines) and MineMinimize the burden of the Emergency Evacuation. collection of information on those whoTotal Burden Cost (operating/ DATES:Submit comments on or before July 10, 2006. aursee  toof  raepspproonpdr,i iatnec lauudtionmg attherdo, ugh the maCiontmaimneinntgs):  noeserpst  o0$ .miubsn  iedtt ADDRESSES:Send comments to U.S. this notice will be summarized and/or electronic, mechanical, or other Department of Labor, Mine Safety and technological collection techniques or included in the request for Office of Health Administration, John Rowlett, other forms of information technology, Management and Budget approval of the Director, Management Servicese.g. collection request; they will, permitting electronic submissions information Division, 1100 Wilson Boulevard, Room of responses. also become a matter of public record.
VerDate Aug<31>2005 15:42 May 08, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00062 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\09MYN1.SGM 09MYN1
Federal Register May 9, 2006 / Notices / Tuesday, 71, No. 89/ Vol.
Dated at Arlington, Virginia, this 3rd dayulations, and Variances, 1100 of May, 2006.WilsoooR 32 mlB n,.dvtong n,, 50liAreythhi s tint haudiv sla dleidnisonal lifrom perf ro baligteiR;yno saritroopc David L. Meyer,Virginia 22209 that3939. If hand-delivered reason, they raise concerns similar Director, Office of Administration and toin person or by courier, you must stop those which led Congress to enact Management.  Sectionby the 21st floor first to check in with 110(c). [FR Doc. E67001 Filed 5806; 8:45 am] status of LLCs under Section Thethe receptionist. BILLING CODE 451043PDocket: 110(c) has become a significant issueTo access comments electronically, go tohttp://under the Mine Act because, in recent www.msha.gov years,and click on the number of mine operators DEPARTMENT OF LABOR‘‘Comments’’under‘‘ as LLCs has steadily organizedRules and tions.’’All comments received Mine Safety and Health Administrationange at thout chtshoee tN adtiiwli7 82l eobfp  ierwcnrdcoedasAc. gulaRe thisnoerocdr,sotM HS A vitca 782,7 sg in nemie Section 110(c) of the Federal MineWeb address, including any personal operatorsapproximately 10 percent Safety and Health Act of 1977; nowinformation provided. Paper copies of identify themselves as LLCs. The Interpretation R gedr,snaad ftS, ionsulatsaocatluea l  bnvuimbreere dmeaw  yteab s  ehtiffOo ectehc moemtn sam yatregauec berAHSM es lygii niefnaimct ns AGENCY: Variances, 1100 Wilson Blvd., andMine Safety and Health forms do not list identification‘‘LLC’’as Administration (MSHA), Department of Room 2349, Arlington, Virginia. iadne ontpitfiyo tnh aenmds emlvaensy  aLsL LCLs Cms.a yA  nnout mber Labor.FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: ACTION:otceO ,rgnitriD PeaylviAcct,r  WiaSi. alitno,s.sndi t,eRu nIulleve bretiterponNatithe of s large operators are LLCs. SUMMARY: pheT se httel bsupau Bcliletreanwiinets  i mtoe aktnrerhpTtevi euBlglu ertSpptorasene d iaovrff  fItiihcsiees r onIftosliW 0011 ,AHSM, esnciaar Vnd a of n forth a statement of the Secretary of Boulevard, Room 2350, Arlington, VA tahpep lSieccarbeitliatryy t )ci(t0c1eS1  fnoothf  oons net niet satitprer Labor e Ms. Si .s interpretation of Section 110(c) of the Federal Mine Safety and Health 2at2 2Si0l9ve3y.9P3a9tricia@DlvOLy. GcaOnV .b t ppa sLCe LnroeftnI(i lleercaeh dega o ian nhttaoirptetnreary crete Seda ninimi yld anerstg in Act of 1977 (Mine Act), 30 U.S.C. E-mail), (202) 6939440 (voice), or (202) w 820(c), as it relates to agents of Limited 693foen eiMenA crni ghtSecretarct. The csl imsiilsey) g9 4i4n1i t(ficastnemmoc  .eht no rpreInte tive Liability Companies (LLCs). The To subscribe to the MSHA listserve o lletin and will carefully review all Interpretive Bulletin is considered an and receive automatic notification of Bu ived. The Secretary interpretive rule and provides an MSHAFederal Registerpublications, comments rece explanation of the Secretary the site ats visitvog. /http://www.mshabelieves, however, that the position set interpretation of Section 110(c) and thexp .usrcsbitpis/onbssuibcrase.fotn sna rpeerestnI eht ni htr‘‘tive ruinterprinetllBue ivetprreel as that rationale supporting that interpretation. e For the reasons set forth below, theSUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATIONterm is used in the Administrative Secretarys interpretation is that SectionIntroductory StatementProcedure Act, and is therefore not 110(c) of the Mine Act is applicable to The Secretary of Labor is responsiblerceoqmuimreedn tt or ugloe tmharkoiunggh.  Sneoeti -Se.Un a -.dC .5c  agents of LLCs. The effect of the i statute Secretarytate noitni rprests agenhat is tygnpalpand ing pretnteri rofr. More nimdetsi deza otut arihoshs ise §355(10)b1(,(6)13 018A ;)31( ADM.CC.  Cir.v .M1S9H9A3,) 5 992dF.. S o taht of LLCs may be held personally liable specifically, Congress delegated to the under Section 110(c) of the Mine Act if ro the they knowingly authorize, order, or aSuetchreotraitryy ,t oac atidnmg itnhisteurg thh eM SMHinAe,  Act. tchoem Smeecrnettsa rreyc emiavye dc,a trhefe uIlnltye crpornestiidveer  all carry out a violation of any mandatory  v.Excel Minin health or safety standard under the ActSee Secretary of Labor g,Bulletin is scheduled to be put into  or a violation of or failure or refusal totreecSC, LL3a3r4y  Fo.f3Lda1b,o5ro7n  (bD.eCh.a lCfi ro.f  2W00a3m);sleyFefefdeectr a6l0  Rdeagyiss taefr .he t ni dehsilbup s iitr te comply with any order issued under the v.Mutual Mining, Inc.,80 F.3d 110,Limited Liability Companies Act or any order incorporated in a final 11314 (4th Cir. 1996). The LLC is a hybrid business entity The decision issued under certain provisions interpretation and application of first recognized in 1977 by the State of of the Act. statutory terms to particular factual . L DATES: is an on inComments on this Interpretive stances Bulletin are due June 8, 2006. The Pciurbcluicmation of all intergproetigv ep rpoocseitsiso. ns sWigynoifmicianngt pLopCsu ldairidt yn outn attitl a1i9n 8a8n; y Interpretive Bulletin is scheduled to be os put into effect July 10, 2006. ttiamkeens,  bhyo twhee vSeer,c trehtea rSye cisr eitmarpy hsaisb floe;u ant d tShaeoxrewvdie cvaees r a,p nawnrtohnueennr cstehhdie  ptIshn tadete rLsnpLailCt esR etchvoeeuinlr du eb e ADDRESSES: useful as a means of notifying theYou may use mail, facsimile it (fax), or electronic mail to send us your public in general, and interested tchore pIoRrSa taionnn-oluiknec elida ibinl i1t9y 9s7h itehladt.  LWLhCes n comments regarding this Interpretive segments of the public in particular, to could elect pass-through taxation Bulletin. Clearly identify your request publish an Interpretive Bulletin or other without regard to the number of and send it one of the following ways: documents setting forth the Secretarys corporation-like characteristics they (1) Fax: (202) 693 the number of LLCs grew positions with respect to possessed,9441. Include interpretive ‘‘ provisions of statutes sheInterpretive Bulletin regarding Limited particular Liability Companies’’in the subject line administers.Tdreaxtmaatnidc aHlliys.t ory of Section 110(c) of the fax. The question has arisen whether (2) By electronic mail tozzMSHA-Section 110(c) of the Mine Act is Section 110(c) of the Mine Act states comments@dol.gov. Include applicable as to agents of LLCs. The LLC follows: ‘‘Interpretive Bulletin regarding Limited a relatively new business entity isWhenever acorporate operatorviolates a Liability Companies’’ combines the limited liability whichin the subject line of your electronic mail. provided by a corporation with theo anmtoda hrylteastanety  safh ornilgnkwoo  raddrfar  oesatolviy t sesufer ro sli (3) Mail/Hand Delivery/Courier:‘‘pass-through’’tax treatment accordedwith any order issued under this Actcomply MSHA, Office of Standards, to a partnership. LLCs are likeor any order incorporated in a final decision
VerDate Aug<31>2005 15:42 May 08, 2006 Jkt 208001 PO 00000 Frm 00063 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\09MYN1.SGM 09MYN1
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