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A system of physical culture : prepared expressly for public school work

304 pages
UC-NRLF ^ ^ SIE 173B ^%5 Fig. 12. Ready to sit. OFA SYSTEM PHTSICAI CUITTJRE PREPARED EXPRESSLY FOR 1 PUBLIC SCHOOL WORK BY ILiOXJISS ^I^EEOE ANALTSED AND ARRANGED BY LOTJISE OILIMA^J^ KIEHLE INSTRUCTOR IN PHYSICAL CULTURE IN THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA ILLUSTRATED BY ILiOTJISE FREECE WITH ONE HUN'DRED AND EIGHTY ILLUSTRATIONS AND FIFTY CUTS SYRACUSE, N. Y. , • . , C. W. BARDEEN, PUBLISHER 1894 Copyright, by1894, Louise Prkece DEP^^ > ICATION PREFACE. "The demand of teachers and others for the analysis of Physical Culture for Public Schools", by Louise Preece, has led to this work. Every exercise can be taken by the pupils when standing in the aisles beside their seats. The writer has aimed to make the explanations clear, but at the same time as brief as possible, that the directions may be easily followed without wading through ranch abstract matter. Although writtenno work can take the place of a living teacher, it is hoped that this analysis will nevertheless assistance tobe of those who have never before studied Physical Culture, until they may have the instruction of a competent teacher. The directions throughout have been addressed to public school teachers, but the plan workof is adapted to all,—men, women and children, of all ages and conditions. L. G. K. 54 1248 CONTENTS. Pagb------Intkoduction, 9 -Elementary Work, - - - - 17 Advanced -Course, Chorography Work, - 131 -Esthetic Work, - - - - 163.......Gesture, i -Pantomime, - - - - - xvii PHYSICAL CULTURE.
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^ SIE 173B
^%5Fig. 12. Ready to sit.