Biography of Hery Augustus Peirce

Biography of Hery Augustus Peirce

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664 .P39 B5 1;opy Ciic.^^'UyUUH l-Uy'tAc. \ : Gass u. L> A 1 I ( ^ I. W. TABER, Photo- San Francisco. Cal. (Q/eUce.7^ — '// BIOGRAPHY Henry Augustus Peirce, — "•ii^i A. L. Bancrop-t & Co., Printers, 721 Market St., San Francisco, 1S80. I lo vo^ NOTE. The author knowledgeof this biographical memoir derived his of the subject from an autobiography in manuscript, prepared b)' Mr. Peirce, with the intention of having it published, a purpose he subsequently relinquished. San Fkancisco, October i, 1880. HENRY AUGUSTUS PEIRCE. early European ancestors of Mr. Peirce wereTHE doubtless French ; the name in its diverse forms of spelling being early found in prominence in French history. Subsequently the name is foimd in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, associated with matters of state, and in the army of Great Britain. Peirce,John a subject of the British king and a citizen of London, received from the king of tlngland the first patent to Plymouth colony, dated June i, 1621. The Pilgrims had arrived at Plymouth in 1620, but no patent or title to the land had }-et been given. Captain William Peirce, who commanded the ship Lion, of Bristol, and other vessels, brought many of the earliest settlers from England to Plj-mouth. He resided in Boston, and in 1639 wrote the first almanac made in New P^ngland.



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