Butter, its analysis and adulterations;

Butter, its analysis and adulterations;


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REESE LIBRARY } Ml' TRK UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. SEP 12 1893Deceived... ? J~2- St> .Accessions No. Class No.J -a ur- y.-u^-u j BUTTEK ITS ANALYSIS AND ADULTERATIONS BUTTER ANALYSIS AND ADULTEEATIONSITS SPECIALLY TEEATING ON THE DETECTION AND DETERMINATION OF FOREIGN FATS OTTO F.C.S.HEHNER, Public the IsleAnalyst for of Wight AND ARTHUR F.R.M.S.ANGELL, Public theAnalyst for ofCounty Southampton Second andEdition, entirely Re-written, Improved, Augmented LONDON: J. & A. BUELINGTON STREETNEWCHURCHILL, 1877 PKEFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION. WHEN we in the first edition ofpublished, April, 1874, this we were well aware that a for the detec-book, process tion and determination of fats in butter wasforeign urgently and that based soundneeded, any method, upon principles, would be welcomed.warmly We are to state that we were not inhappy disappointed our One chemist after another andexpectations. critically examined our and it was sooncarefully process, adopted, with some modifications in its inexecution, everynearly all over the in which articles of food arelaboratory country examined. Butter in now beenhas, fact,analysis placed as sound a basis as branch of food andupon any analysis, the most difficult of is considered to be solvedproblems by one who has a voice in this matter. A fewevery persons have not been who from or from otherwanting, prejudice, have the of ourcauses, struggled against adoption process, but been overruled.



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